“Honorable achievement! I can’t believe it is an honorable achievement!” Brother Zhao exclaimed as he slammed the table.

“I remember the last time an honorable achievement appeared was 100 years ago…” Brother Zhong came back to his senses after being shocked for a moment and smiled bitterly.

“What the f*ck…” (Audience)

“I guess they are the only people who would stubbornly want to upgrade their hairstyle to the ultimate form in the Great Christmas War.” CloudDragon shook his head and laughed bitterly. He knew that when he faced Ye Cang the next time, Ye Cang would be a more troublesome monster due to the increment of attributes. Originally, his speed was already incredible but now, with a 10% increment on all attributes and a 15% increment on speed, it would definitely bring major changes to his character. Upon thinking about it, he had no choice but to smile.

“Gaining such an achievement when acting…” ElegantFragrance was shocked.

“Indeed, I rate this act ten out of ten,” FrozenBlood said.

“We can no longer stop the team leader from acting already…” FrozenCloud wiped her cold sweat.

Gaining back her senses from the shock, ThornyRose did not know what to say. That...that… At last, she could only facepalm and laugh. God damn it... honorable achievement.

Everyone cheered. Meanwhile, Ye Cang who was standing in front of the middle lane’s tower swung his beautiful hair. With a little sorrow, he said. “Now, surrender. Stop the unnecessary struggling. You do know my hairstyle is already in its ultimate form.”

Upon hearing what he said, RedMoon felt weird. Yes, your hairstyle in its ultimate form may have increased some of your attributes but compared to a weapon in its ultimate form, this increment is nothing. It is basically useless.

“Looks like I have to use my hidden skills.” Ye Cang looked serious and his hair started to sway. It was shining as if there was stardust coming out from it. Everyone was mesmerized by this. His hair looked like it had grown up to a maximum point. The glimmering effect then spread around and benefited the surrounding allies. DemonSpirit was surprised. It has a team buff effect! It regenerates 1% of health and mana every second! Zhang Zhengxiong also felt that it was recovering half of his motion points that he lost. That’s my brother! What an incredible hair!

Knowing that now was the chance, Little Ye Tian rubbed her eyes and looked at him with a pair of sparkling eyes. Just then, a black shadow blocked her. “Brother Lil’White! Your hair is amazing! My qi points are about to explode!”

Damn it! It’s Lele again! Little Ye Tian was angry as she kept on kicking Lin Le’s leg from behind. Without feeling even a little bit of pain, Lin Le said in a lower tone. “Trying to win against me in complimenting? You’re not qualified yet, Little Tian…”

“What the f*ck.” SpyingBlade exclaimed.

Satisfied with everyone’s compliments, Ye Cang stroked his gentle hair and said softly. “Let me show you guys another hidden skill!”

Aota Hikoishi frowned. There isn’t a single person who has ever upgraded the hairstyle to its ultimate form in the Great Christmas War. Not even to the second level. And this is the ultimate form! Looks like we better be on guard. It seems that the first effect has something to do with the recovery effect.

“That idiot…” ThornyRose was truly speechless. Hidden skill? Hidden my ass! What’s the point of showing it to everyone! MistyVeil who was laying on the sofa looked at her with envy. “You should be grateful.”

ThornyRose only then realized it. I’ll just leave it to them. All I can do is look after them and be a good coach. Upon thinking about it, she seemed to remember something. With that little girl, my chance of being a coach is slim. Luckily she doesn’t have much EQ.

Ye Cang’s hair started to swing in madness. Suddenly, it shined real bright. Ye Cang looked as if he was a god. Everyone gazed in awe. As the light slowly faded, Ye Cang’s hair returned to its gentle look. “Shocking right?”

Cautiously, Aota Hikoishi looked around and realized that none of his teammates received any damage. “What did you do?”

“Let the hair shine.” Ye Cang said proudly.

“What’s the purpose?” RedMoon asked.

“No purpose.” Ye Cang exclaimed.

“Incredible!” Lin Le immediately clapped.

“Brother, I think the shine is similar to a big move’s effects.” Zhang Zhengxiong nodded.

“All hail team leader!” DemonSpirit joined the fun.

“Father, you’re so handsome!” Little Ye Tian shouted.

Not saying anything, SpyingBlade gave him a thumbs up instead.

“Can you see now? If you surrender now, there is still a chance for you guys.” Playing with his hair, Ye Cang sighed.

“......” The members of the Black Dragon Union were speechless. How is it possible to be oppressed by this idiot?

“Wait for those two to come back and we will defend their next wave of attack. Just abandon the middle lane’s first tower. The four of us are not enough to defend it. Let’s just retreat to the second tower.” Aota Hikoishi sighed and retreated with his teammates.

“Can you see that? Although they didn’t surrender, they are scared of my aura.” Looking at the audience, Ye Cang tied up his hair. “Lele, come with me. Little Tian, you’ll lead the others to attack and delay them.”

Little Ye Tian did not understand Ye Cang’s intention of doing so. Is he going to fight the remaining monsters? Should be it, but why? Is he going to upgrade his weapon? No, that’s not it. We could easily kill them in one shot now. But since it is father’s decision, it should be meaningful. “Got it!”

“Brother, what do you want to do?” Zhang Zhengxiong questioned.

“There’s something I want to test out.” Ye Cang smiled.

Under Little Ye Tian’s command, they successfully oppressed the Black Dragon Union to their second tower. On the other side, Ye Cang and Lin Le killed the Skeleton Demon and the Extremely Poisonous Toad Spirit, greatly increasing the souls collected. The Black Dragon Union had already given up as they had to deal with the attacks non-stop. Aota knew they would definitely lose but these whiners were detestable. Surrender? No way!

After gaining all the resources, Ye Cang joined the team. With no pressure and Little Ye Tian’s sacrifice, they forcefully killed all six of them and then continued to kill all the monsters for resources. The audience, Brother Zhao and even Aota were wondering what he was up to. It is obvious that he wants all the key resources. But if he continues to push, this match would have ended way earlier. Even though I have obtained Illusion Art - Reality at level 11, he is already at level 17! Not to mention there is a level 16 Mechanical Street Fighter who can oppress me easily. This is getting troublesome. There’s no way we could win this. Not by any chance.

“The entertainment mode has ended long ago on Flame Dragon’s side. But we’re still here... *sigh* Won’t the Three Brothers feel boring?” Brother Zhao sighed.

“Nope, I have a feeling Brother Hero is planning something. He has 2000 souls but he didn’t use them. Hs weapon still looks the same to me.” Brother Zhong shook his head.

As the competition went on, Ye Cang continued to kill the enemies and monsters to gain as many resources as possible. The audience and the other clubs who had finished their battle also wondered. Staring at the 6000 souls, they were shocked that they were still unused. The Black Dragon Union finally had some power to resist them as Aota had obtained his ultimate move Illusion Art - Dancing Swallow at level 16. Even though Little Ye Tian and DemonSpirit were killed by him, Zhang Zhengxiong finished him off with Meteor Piledriver. Lin Le and SpyingBlade were like some cleaner, killing anyone easily. The time continued to pass.

“Brother Hero, stop acting like you’ve already surrendered, even though it is impossible. But…”

“You think too much. In this situation, even if Brother Hero doesn’t join the team fight, it is hard for the opponent to win.”

“Hmph, shameless whiners. No sport spirit! I despise you guys!”

“That’s our Korean Foundation’s Golden Group. Rest in peace, island nation.”

Both sides started to taunt at each other.

“......” The people from China district.

Upon reaching 8887 souls, Ye Cang sighed. Ultimate form is indeed ultimate form. It’s time to end this competition. As he killed the last creep, his souls accumulated to 8895.

Ye Cang then saw that an unknown option popped up beyond the ultimate hairstyle, costing 8888. He then smiled and pressed it without hesitation.