“Congratulations Player PaleSnow, Piercing Thorn received the noble achievement (one and only one) - The Beyond Ultimate Hair! All attributes increase by 25% permanently and speed increases by 30% permanently. It can be stacked with other achievements. The buff effect would be summed up. Spiritual energy is activated. Received the visual skill - Emperor’s New Hair, God’s Hair Root, and Godlike Hair. The player can control the hair’s texture, smoothness, hairstyle, the way it swings and its look anytime. The effect will be permanently applied for the character.” The visual world system notice popped up.

If the previous scene was shocking, then now it was speechless. Even FrozenBlood and the others were dumbfounded. It is a 25% increment on attributes and 30% increment on speed! Adding up the previous increment, it is a total of 35% and 45%! This...this is…

“He finally has the qualification to challenge the SSS rank.” VastSea mumbled.

“Yeap.” CloudDragon nodded as his fist clenched. Upon recalling that this character was previously his club’s S ranked Blade Demoness, he sighed.

“Noble achievement. The one that comes after honorable achievement. This is truly…” Brother Zhao saw that the noble achievement logo was on Piercing Thorn. The character stock is about to soar up high. This is even more thrilling than riding a roller coaster.

As a melodious song played while the dawn sent shimmering rays over the battlefield. Under the holy light, Ye Cang’s hair started to transform. The spiritual energy was strong and it only faded after being spread far away. It turned into a silvery flame attached to the hair then into electric current buzzing. Moments later, it shined with holy light and changed into various elements. Lastly, it got back into normal spiritual energy.

Ye Cang examined the new skills he obtained.

The Emperor’s New Hair: If your hair is visible to the enemy, there is a possibility of getting stunned and confused every 10 seconds. (It can only be used once in every match)

God’s Hair Root: You can change the hair’s element and will then receive the skill from the same element according to the character’s level. Using the skill will cost spiritual energy. It can only change once every match.

Godlike Hair: Casting the holy light can blind the people whom your hair is visible to. The effect will always trigger. Once successful, the target will enter into a 3-second stun and confusion. Such effect could not be purified and will last until it ends. (It can only be used once in every match)

As the holy light faded, Aota Hikoishi stared at Ye Cang’s mesmerizing hair. He even felt terrified. Everyone then was on guard as they locked their eyes on Ye Cang’s hair.

Ye Cang smiled faintly and swung his hair. “Godlike Hair.”

Suddenly, the Black Dragon Union members felt something weird as a ray of light shined in front of them. Then, all they saw was just a white scene as if their vision was stolen. They were stunned and entered the confusion state. No skill could cancel the effect. Not long after, they each received their death messages. They were totally helpless.

Within only 3 seconds, Ye Cang was able to completely kill off all six of them with Flash of Life. Brother Zhao only saw Ye Cang dashing in as he swung his hair. It was a smooth and clean motion, as fast as lightning. He killed the six of them one after the other like killing dummies. Brother Zhao was shocked and confused. “What was that just now?”

“Some special skill I think. Activation effect? Lock on? I have no idea.” Brother Zhong frowned as he saw how Ye Cang pulled his sword out from Aota’s heart. Ye Cang looked so calm. Just now, Aota Hikoishi’s and Red Moon’s purifying skills were ready but it didn’t cancel out the effect. So this means that this effect is inevitable. This is so scary. A monster was just born. Brother Zhong smiled bitterly. Can’t believe this monster is born through upgrading his hairstyle. He facepalmed as he did not know what expression he should have. “......”

MistyVeil laughed as she saw how ThornyRose once again dropped her jaw. This girl was surprised by the people she recruited herself.

“Rose.” FrozenBlood mumbled.

“What.” ThornyRose said without changing her expression.

“That...does team leader has it? I suddenly realized that I actually don’t mind.” Upon hearing FrozenBlood’s words, ThornyRose did not know what to reply. “......”

“My brother is already inevitable.” Zhang Zhengxiong wiped his cold sweat.

“Brother Lil’White, Lele knows you are the best! But Little Tian was doubting you just now!” Lin Le immediately said. Little Ye Tian was surprised as her mouth opened wide. This fella framed me! “No father, of course you’re the best! Lele he...he…”

“Call me Brother Le! See you’re humming and hawing. You must be lying!” Lin Le turned and knocked her on the forehead. As Ye Cang turned to look at her with disappointment, Little Ye Tian was furious and glared at Lin Le. It’s you again! You! You! You! Stupid Lele, I’ll crush you one day!

“Let’s get to the base. There’s no meaning to continue already.” SpyingBlade reminded them. Ye Cang then led the rest of them and destroyed all the remaining towers. At last, they started to do the Really New Village’s thing - Camping at the spawn point.

“Come out, I’ll swear I won’t kill you.” Ye Cang said seriously but Lin Le was prepared to dash at them with sword qi shockwave somewhere nearby.

Aota stared at Ye Cang and the others. “You this whiner. You have gone overboard. Why is his luck so good?”

RedMoon shook her head. That’s not luck. Would you use ten thousand souls to upgrade your hairstyle? In the middle the Great Christmas War?

ThornyRose saw that the other clubs were already done with their battles. It’s just us left. And these fellas are still camping at the spawn point. The judges were also impatient and decided the winner. The entertainment mode was free sparring and Zhang Zhengxiong went for it. Without any difficulties, he snapped Aota’s neck and won the battle. Everyone knew the assassins from the island nation were useless once they did not have their swords with them.

“Like I said, you won’t get a single point.” Ye Cang changed back to his tuxedo and brushed his sleeves.”

“You this white whiner. You!” Just when Nagasawa was about to go at him, Aota frowned and blocked her. “Stop embarrassing yourself. Hmph. We’ll definitely defeat you next time.”

Upon finishing the sentence, they left.

“Well, they run away quite fast.” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled coldly.

“Tidy up and get some rest. We need to prepare for the next match.” ThornyRose clapped and shouted. She then signaled Ye Cang to follow her. “Lowlife, come with me for a moment.”

“Okay, b*tch.” Ye Cang nodded.

ThornyRose was pissed but she just sighed upon thinking that they were in the middle of the Great Christmas War.

“The last team has been decided. The remaining ones are Flame Dragon and Thorns and Roses from China district, Knights of the Round Table and Union Alliance from Europe, Light of Siberia from Russia, Nyemar from South America, Glory Hall from America, and Hands of Crane from the Middle East. Through crossovers, Union Alliance is Thorns and Roses next opponent. They are the strongest team from back then and are one of Flame Dragon’s biggest rivals. They have a lot of famous superstars and they are financially strong. Their president is the Rose of Versailles - Verlianna, top five among the players worldwide and a place below CloudDragon. She ranked second in the Most Beautiful Female Players leaderboard. Her servants among others are the HeavenMarksman who ranked 11th, PoisonKing who ranked 13th. Thorns and Roses needs to be careful in this match. Union Alliance is on another level compared to the Black Dragon Union, at least for now.” Brother Zhao looked at the screen as the battle plan had been released.

“I think the Union Alliance would definitely use its legendary characters. Just now, the scene of Brother Hero killing six people all by himself is still fresh in my mind. This sounds interesting. The Rose of Versailles and Thorns and Roses. Let’s see which rose would stand out.” Brother Zhao took a look at Verlianna’s barbie face, long eyelashes, and tall sexy body. He also looked at the Thorns and Roses as their arrogant personalities were indeed hard for people to get close to.