“Your character...that new skill...can I have a look?” ThornyRose asked Ye Cang to show her the new skill of Piercing Thorn. She was astonished. This is totally insane. The Godlike Hair is crazy. 3 seconds. Can’t be purified. Area of damage is large, as long as the target can see his hair. Even though it can only be used once in a match, once will be enough at a crucial time. The Emperor’s New Hair may not be consistent but the negative effect can be activated at any time without notice. Who knows that one may be stunned or confused all of a sudden. The most interesting one is God’s Hair Root. According to the literal meaning, it can change the element of Piercing Thorn and give it a new skill. With these three skills, it may catch the opponent off guard.

Looking at the brand new Piercing Thorn and that beautiful white hair, ThornyRose felt inferior. It was too cool. “Do you plan to challenge SSS rank?”

“Anything. I don’t mind.” Ye Cang yawned.

“......” ThornyRose was speechless. Can this fella be serious for once? Now, the Piercing Thorn can be said the strongest character in the current league. Without activating any skill, its movement speed is already that incredible. It could activate the limit break ultimate at level 6 and has been conferred the honorable and noble achievements. There were also the three visual skills under the Beyond Ultimate Hair.

ThornyRose sighed. Piercing Thorn’s character stock was rising like a rocket, doubling again and again. With it in Thorns and Rose, the club’s stock price had also increased by god-who-knows-how-many-folds. Under everyone’s hard work, the dream of participating in the Great Christmas War had finally been realized. Upon thinking about it, she looked at Ye Cang with a smile. “PaleSnow, thank you.”

Staring at ThornyRose’s smiling face, Ye Cang tilted his head and smiled. “You’re welcome, crazy woman.”

ThornyRose rolled her eyes. No time to waste with him. Just not gonna think about it at the moment. Looking at Ye Cang's smile, she recalled the first day they met. It was the same old smile, faint and bitchy at the same time. Always talks bullshits with righteousness. Never thought that we would actually become friends. She stopped thinking at that point and then stared at Ye Cang’s back. She mumbled. “Friends?”

She then shook her head.

“Congratulations.” With a smile, MistyVeil reached out her hands and congratulated Ye Cang.

“Where’s the present? It’s just not sincere without it. *sigh* Ungrateful people. Society nowadays.” Ye Cang did not want to shake hands with her.

“......” MistyVeil was frustrated. This fella. “What kind of present do you want? I…”

Not waiting for her to finish the sentence, Ye Cang put his hands on her big ass. He then nodded and said. “This present. Okay, I can feel your sincere now, Aunt Perky.”

MistyVeil blushed. She quickly pulled off Ye Cang’s hand and shouted. “I’m not Aunty Perky!”

Everyone was calm towards Ye Cang’s behavior because it was not the first time Ye Cang acted in this way. ThornyRose facepalmed. Can he not act idiotic and do weird things for once?

On the other hand, FrozenCloud sighed. It’s useless. It’s really useless. The team leader and the other two fellas are stubborn when it comes to nicknames. They would stick with it forever. Not even when you put a blade at their throats would they think about changing it. She then recalled her parents giving her a nickname, Lil’Dino when they called through the phone. Her parents did not even know why they would call her Lil’Dino. She shook her head as she smiled bitterly.

“Lil’Dino, get ready. Who knows you might be up for the next match.” FrozenBlood reminded her.

“By the way, sister, how long has it been since the last time you called me FrozenCloud?” FrozenCloud was curious.

“You’re ForzenCloud? Since when? Aren’t you, my sister, Su Lil’Dino?” FrozenBlood was shocked.

Seeing FrozenBlood’s exaggerate expression, FrozenCloud looked at her with a poker face.

FrozenBlood sighed. “Check your own ID.”

Upon checking her China’s ID, the name ‘Su FrozenCloud’ was not there but instead, it was written ‘Su Lil’Dino’. FrozenCloud was shocked.

“Mother thinks that this name brings you luck. So, she ordered me to find a fortune teller to have a look. You know what? It isn’t just some normal good luck. It brings you luck in terms of career, relationship, and financially. Hehe. Well, it was just a few days ago, she went to change it for you. Not letting you know yet because we wanted to surprise you. Next time when you go home and mom talks about this, please pretend to be surprised, okay?” FrozenBlood’s words were like a sniper giving her a headshot and FrozenCloud did not know how to react. Looking at FrozenBlood’s kind smile, it was as if she saw a familiar person. My name! No! My name! You this wicked b*tch! Give me back my name! I want my Su FrozenCloud back! I don’t want to be named Su Lil’Dino! No! Is this the punishment I got for being a spy? God, please give me one more chance. I swear I’ll run away if I see them again! No, wait, changing my sister is better!

Seeing ForzenCloud being sad about it, FrozenBlood went on to prepare for battle happily.

ElegantFragrance saw FrozenCloud’s sorrowful face. Hehe. Icey does treat her sister well.

“What’s wrong over there. Why does Lil’Dino look so sad as if her husband died.” As she walked over, ThornyRose saw FrozenCloud’s face.

“Aunt Su changed her name to Su Lil’Dino.” Elegant Fragrance laughed.

“That’s her original name, isn’t it?” MistyVeil glared at Ye Cang and asked as she heard what they were talking about. Upon hearing that tone, FrozenCloud wanted to bang herself at a wall.

“......” Once again, ThornyRose facepalmed. Can things get any weirder? It’s obvious that this is FrozenBlood’s idea. Just how evil is she? She then sighed. “Okay, stop fooling around. Our next opponent is strong. The Union Alliance is the club that has the highest possibility of winning the entire competition. They have a lot of legendary characters including Angelite. Their current president, the Rose of Versaille - Verlianna is also one of the top players.”

“Why do I feel like her nickname is way better than yours…” ThornyRose was pissed as she heard what Lin Le said. Is that all you paid attention to?

“Even though both are roses, that Versaille one is way better than ours in terms of appearance and background. Don’t glare at me, Rose. I’m just saying the truth.” FrozenBlood agreed to Lin Le and ThornyRose swore that someday she would tear her mouth apart.

*Dang* Ye Cang slammed the scepter on the ground. “Silent!”

FrozenBlood and the others kept quiet.

“We have a strong opponent to face. How can you guys behave like this? Where are your manners?” Holding the scepter, Ye Cang said in a serious tone. ThornyRose and the others were confused. Anyone could say this but if it’s from him, it just doesn’t feel right.

“That’s right. That’s right. Where are your manners?” Lin Le nodded and crossed his arms.

“Little Tian, can we change to the opponent's club now? That girl looks much better.” Ye Cang asked. Before he got the answer, Ye Cang felt pain surging through his face.

“My face! You didn’t eat your medicine, did you? I’ll kill you!”

“......” Everyone was speechless.