Verlianna blinked with her Barbie-like eyelashes as she scanned the Three Brothers. Then, her eyes laid on Ye Cang for a long time. So, this is the weird guy who led Thorns and Roses to defeat the unbeatable Flame Dragon and Mad War? Wearing that suit makes him look like an old-school gentleman but his personality isn’t like that.

Ye Cang had noticed Verlianna was staring at him. He then took off his top hat and bowed with an arm on his chest while still holding the cane. Verlianna smiled and bowed back by lifting a little of her long dress. Their interactions had caused another wave of uproar.

“I feel like I saw a gentleman inviting a lady for a dance.” Expert audience A.

“It is indeed a dance. A sword dance.” A random disqualified player.

“Teach her a life lesson with chicken soup for the soul! The world of Hero! Mountains and rivers crumpled upon his roar! Diamond’s attack! Kill all with one blade! Mad Devil’s slaughter!”

“The stars have died! The Three Brothers rule! In this dynasty! The world will be at peace!”

“1, 2, 3, 4! One more time! Shout it out, brothers!” The Three Brother’s fan club shouted.

“The spirit of the Three Brother’s fan club’s support team is truly…”

“Urgh...brainless fans are like that.”

“Motherf*cker! Brothers, there’s an @$$hole over there! Boo at him! How dare the island nation discriminates us the Three Brother’s fan club!”

“That’s right. That’s the Three Brother’s fan club under the descendants of the Korean Federation. They do have our race’s spirit.”

Millions of sentences consisting of the word ‘f*ck’ appeared on the screen. The fan club was truly amazing. In a short period of time, there would be no other fan clubs who can surpass them. Even the Flame Dragon and Mad War fans chose to be low-profile and not to join the fight. That horrible fight.

Brother Zhao took a look at the situation outside the stadium and sighed deeply. “The Three Brother’s fan club’s support team that formed not long ago is indeed crazy. The members really could not tolerate anything, could they?”

“I think this has something to do with the performance of the players they support. Think about it. The Three Brothers have been winning all the battles and each match was exciting. The spectators love it. All the unexpected moves, the weird ones, crazy ones, stupid ones, and even their technical fouls. The leader, Brother Hero could be said as the king of oppression. He gave the audience a feeling that he could lose the match but he must put up an act. After seeing so many matches, he definitely deserves the title of the best assassin in the current league. None other than him. Moreover, he has the honorable and noble achievements now. It is hard to imagine his performance in the future. Meanwhile, the second Brother, Brother Big Diamond has the combination of strong and gentle. He himself has incredible reflexes and monstrous strength. He is super flexible. No matter in the middle of the chaos, while going against gravity or while in mid-air, he could easily counterattack with a series of moves. Especially the imposing manner of his, surging all over his body, it is terrifying. I heard rumors which said that his roar alone could knock you into the sky. As for the third Brother, Innocent Killing God. He seems to have no fixed actions and his actions are hard to be explained. But he created his own combat moves, the one blade stream. He is the role model for all the unpopular heavy weapon players. The outcome of him facing Aota Hikoishi head-on explains it all. It put the LeftHandedSwordSaint to shame.” Everyone, in and out of the stadium gradually nodded, agreeing with Brother Zhong’s long explanation.

In the stadium, Thorns and Roses confronted Union Alliance.

“Brother, if that Verlianna is also this beautiful in real life...Hehe...that deep V is really something…” Zhang Zhengxiong whispered in Ye Cang’s ears.

“A’Xiong, when you look at women, you shouldn’t only focus on that. You must look for their inner beauty as well. For example, their butts and so on. You see, that big fat ass which doesn’t fit her body. I guarantee that she will be good at giving birth and that texture of the butt must be shockingly good.” Ye Cang smacked Zhang Zhengxiong’s head with his cane and stopped for a while before saying in a serious tone.

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’Xiong, there’s still one more thing. Her legs are long, connecting to her slim waist. She doesn’t look like a thin bamboo. According to my radar scanning, this is godlike.” Lin Le then put on the old folk expression. All that was left to complete the image would be a cigarette in his mouth. ElegantFragrance who was beside Lin Le was angry when she heard what he said. She pondered. Oh, you’re dead. You’re so dead…

Little Ye Tian compared herself to Verlianna and for some reason, she was angry too. Biting her fingernails, she pondered madly. This b*tch must die.

“......” ThornyRose and the others did not know whether to laugh or cry about their habits. Can’t you guys whisper in a lower volume? People are just standing right in front of you.

Verlianna smirked. “So that’s the Three Brothers. Indeed interesting.”

Suddenly, she glared at them. “Brother Hero, you’re the one I wanted to challenge.”

Ye Cang sighed and then put on a faint smile. “I guess I have no choice since you asked for it.”

“Ha! There’s no difference between brothers. If you wanted to challenge my brother, that means you are challenging me too! I accept your challenge!” With an imposing manner, Zhang Zhengxiong stood out and blocked Ye Cang. Verlianna frowned as she felt that demon’s terror. Feeling Big Diamond’s aura at such close distance is really different from the screen.

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’Xiong, the story of Kong Rong Shares the Pear tells me that you guys should let me have the big pear.” Lin Le jumped out with hands on his hips and his ahoge standing upright.

*cough* “Actually I…” SpyingBlade walked to Lin Le’s side. Suddenly, he felt chills surging through his body. He turned to see Gongsun Qian smiling at him. Immediately, he broke out in cold sweat. “Actually I to you guys.”

“Now, now. I say what’s wrong with the both of you. She said it clearly that she wants to challenge me.” With a small step, Ye Cang stood in front of Verlianna and said with a calm look while holding the cane.

“Embarrassing with those stupid actions.” The HeavenMarksman - Ice made a ‘hmph’ sound.

The three of them glanced at Ice and chose to ignore her. They then continued to discuss the procedures of joining their club and the money they should get. Upon hearing that, ThornyRose’s face was getting pale. FrozenBlood then pulled Ye Cang’s arm and said. “Team leader, if you really do join their club, won’t you feel sorry? No need to feel sorry.”

Ye Cang was stunned.

“At least bring me, your second wife, with you, team leader.” FrozenBlood said with much emotion and fell into Ye Cang’s embrace. Her words had caused much criticism.

“Both lesbians have fallen.”

“Trying so hard to make him straight.”

“This is Brother Hero’s charming personality.”

“Idiotic personality you meant.”


Ye Cang was stunned for a second and asked in confusion. “Who is the main wife then?”

Everyone pointed at ThornyRose who was at the verge of bursting her anger out like a volcano.

Ye Cang blinked at ThornyRose and then looked back at FrozenBlood. Gracefully, he pulled FrozenBlood’s chin up. “Kill her and you’ll be the main. Best is chop her head off. Don’t disappoint me okay? Icey.”

Everyone who was in this ethical play facepalmed together. Even Verlianna could not take any more of this and smiled bitterly. She then left with her speechless team members. “See you on the battlefield, Thorns and Roses.”

“You son of a b*tch! You @$$hole!” ThornyRose said in a terrifying low tone. Ye Cang and FrozenBlood were scared.

“My face!”

Ye Cang was relieved because it was FrozenBlood who got hit. He then pondered. What a good distraction. Looks like her illness has gotten worse.

Beyond the stadium, Mother Qin wrote something on a small notebook and sighed. “Zhen’er, you have another opponent now. Why is getting you married harder than building Little Tian’s macromolecular collusion machine? *sigh*”