The scene was slightly calm.

With the cane, Ye Cang once again knocked it against the ground, stared at ThornyRose and said seriously. “The competition is about to start. Let’s stop fooling around.”

ThornyRose felt as if her chest was being hit and all she wanted to do was to tear his face apart. ForzenBlood who got her butt pierced for the first time slowly got up and reassured herself. “Dream. Dream. Calm down. Calm down.”

ThornyRose took a deep breath. “Let’s start. For dueling, idiot you better take a break from it. Lele, you’ll go first. SpyingBlade, you’re next and ShakingBear, you’ll be the general.”

“People say that they want to challenge me.” Ye Cang complained. Upon saying that, he noticed ThornyRose’s adrenaline increasing. He shrugged his shoulders, returned to the sofa and sat beside MistyVeil. “Aunt Perky, about the suggestion I gave you last time. What’s your decision?”

MistyVeil stunned for a second. What suggestion? She then recalled the bathroom incident. Her face turned red and pale. In a low tone, she shouted. “F*ck off.”

Ye Cang sighed. “Actually you didn’t lose anything.”

MistyVeil then trembled upon thinking about how on earth ThornyRose had discovered such freak.

Wearing the bib pants, Lin Le pulled out his giant blade and put it on his shoulders. He then roared and jumped on the stage. With his back against the opponent, he looked up at the Wall of Fame. He saw the No.1 Chrysanthemum Emperor and was filled with excitement. Suddenly, his ahoge rose up. He slowly turned around, put his giant blade on his back and dropped low. With a drawing-sword stand, he stared at the members of Union Alliance who had not gotten up to the stage. “You guys can only withstand one slash so it will be the same no matter who comes up. Be quick. If you die fast, we can end fast. I still want to watch the sister’s Christmas  special episode’s replay.”

“This Mad Devil Le, so arrogant! Does he think they are like the Black Dragon Union that second rate team?”

“The China district may be strong but this stupid Devil Le is too arrogant! Even Flame Dragon doesn’t dare to make such a statement!” The fans of Union Alliance were as furious as a cat whose tail got stepped on.

“My big Brother Le said one slash so it will be one slash. At most it would only be two slashes! You these Europe’s sissies, how dare you doubt my Brother Le?! Brothers, shout it out for Brother Le!”

“Mad Devil Le! Kill all with one blade! Heavy weapons rule the world!”

“Guard the world! Protect the future! Honorable War God! Union Alliance!”

“Never too much basic. Still stick with Angelite’s honorable glory? Outdated idiots!”

“F*ck you! At least we are better than you China district using the Chrysanthemum Emperor as a comeback.”

“That... correction please. Chrysanthemum Emperor belongs to the Korean Federation.”

“God damn it, you shameless Koreans.”

The chaos outside the stadium made Brother Zhao speechless. This Mad Devil Le does have a similar kind of aura as Angelite. He could definitely one hit K.O. the enemy. Yet, that aura also reminded him of the legendary Chrysanthemum Emperor. Can’t guess. Can’t see through it. Unpredictable. “Old Zhong, what do you think about the preannouncement of drawing sword kill?”

Brother Zhong shook his head. “Mad Devil Le’s words, actions, and thoughts can’t be predicted. He could even suddenly act idiotic and let the opponent kill him. The betters are afraid of him the most. There are a few matches, for example, the group battle when going against the League of Tyrants. In the early match, everyone saw hope in them. But then, when he got into the group battle arena, he dashed at the enemies alone recklessly and started killing without activating any skills. Do you know how much the betters had to pay back? If people were to put their money on him, it is basically gambling. So, preannouncement or not, nobody will believe. But it doesn’t mean no one will not believe too. If you bet on him, it is one hell of suffering since him defeating the LeftHandedSwordSaint is a fact. So, players who are similar to Chrysanthemum Emperor’s crazy blade are always unpredictable.”

Upon saying that, Brother Zhong laughed.

The scene went back to the stage.

Lin Le’s first opponent is the PoisonKing - Marjo, one of the top assassins in the world. He specialized in poisoning, poisonous blade, and all kinds of poison techniques. At the moment, Marjo saw Lin Le’s pouted face and frowned. Cautiously, he jumped backwards and turned invisible, hoping to find an opportunity. Meanwhile, Lin Le remained in his position, both hands holding the giant blade. His ahoge was swaying accordingly.

From a middle-far range, Marjo was calculating the distance. He planned to sneak behind him and kill him. With the black fluid on the black dagger, he walked towards him carefully.

Lin Le’s ahoge then slowly leaned towards the opponent’s location. He then suddenly acted like he was freaked out. He looked left and right as if he was trying to say ‘Where? Where’s the enemy?’ Instantly, he turned to his right and glared as if he was saying ‘This [email protected]$$hole is here!’. Seeing Lin Le was about to draw out his blade, Marjo smirked. With a jab, he attacked Lin Le’s back.

When Marjo was going to attack with the poisonous dagger, Verlianna frowned. No, something isn’t right. If he pulled out his blade in advance, he could definitely slash the area by turning around quickly. But it is impossible to detect where Marjo is. Seeing that Marjo was about to dash, Verlianna did not feel right as if she missed something. Just when Marjo dashed out, Lin Le drew out his blade. She pondered. Shit! He knows the location accurately! Is it because of a skill? It is hard to detect Marjo’s invisibility skill! It is completely soundless! Where did we go wrong?!

FrozenBlood smiled bitterly. To him, invisibility is merely a decoration. Can’t believe up until now, there isn’t a single person in the league who knows how he knows the location of invisible people. Instinct? By just instinct, it is hard to predict the location so accurately until that extent. It is as if someone points the location to him. The probability of him making a mistake is so small. He is basically a radar detector.


Everyone could only see poison, a dagger, a body which was split in two halves and that long moonlight flash.

The quarrel outside the stadium stopped.

Ye Cang smiled faintly. Lele undid his gene lock and obtained the talent belonging to him, the mental strength - Sixth Sense. There were many people who had a sixth sense but those who had their sixth sense originating from their own abilities were one out of a million. It could determine the good and bad. Moreover, Lele’s mental strength was already incredible. His senses were super strong. You can’t ambush Lele unless you can surpass him in intelligence. If not, it is impossible. But of course, when he is proud, he would shut off these incredible senses.

Once again, cheers, doubts, and taunts filled the stadium.

With that one blade, Lin Le shocked many people. Looking at Lin Le who increased his death stack, Verlianna knew the second match would be harder than the first. No, from the moment he received the first death stack, this dueling was already over. She sighed and sent HeavenMarksman - Ice for the battle. However, the outcome she got was being chased around like a chick running for its life. At last, Ice was killed with one slash. As for the third match, she thought it was meaningless to go for it because she would be killed easily if she went up. It was going to be embarrassing. His attributes were already enhanced by above 100%. She then reached out her hand to surrender and chose the group battle.