"How dare you doubt my Brother Le. Stop trying to get yourself embarrassed." China district supporters said.

Facing against the Three Brother's fan club, the spirit of Europe's Union Alliance has dampened due to the advance notice of the one sword kill and Verlianna's decision to abandon the match. Yet, they still shouted back. "Don't get so cocky! Three Idiots fan club! Good at one-on-one combat doesn't mean you can win the competition. Teamwork and good chemistry are the key factors. Hmph."

"Still struggling. Since when do the Three Brothers lack teamwork? Flame Dragon and Mad War, the clubs who trashed you guys. In the end, the Three Brothers still beat their ass up."

"Well, that… it is hard to say especially when it comes to teamwork. The Three Brothers are too reckless. Throughout the journey, they emphasize on acting more than teamwork and victory."

"Bro, which district is this? Let me see, damn it. It is the China district. It is obvious that Flame idiot is going to win. Stop bullshiting."

"Don't bother about them. Brothers, slogan!"

"Shout the slogan my ass. Isn't it just FlameEmperor? Without VastSea, FlameEmperor is nothing. If it was us, the Union Alliance could win that match too."

Those who originally wanted to taunt at the Three Brothers fan club suddenly changed their target. The argument outside of the stadium was intense. Meanwhile, in the stadium, Ye Cang smiled at Verlianna along with his group battle teammates. “Lady, your loss is already a fact. You may not embarrass yourself again if you give up now.”

“How dare you! Even FlameEmperor doesn’t dare to make such a statement!” PoisionKing shouted.

“God damn it! My brother is kind and that’s why he asked you guys to surrender. But you don’t bother and still want to waste our time.” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted back.

“That’s right. That’s right. How dare a fella who just got killed instantly argue back at my brother! I’ll forgive you if you strangle yourself to death.” Lin Le scolded while adjusting his bib pants.

“Don’t bother talking to them. Their taunting skills are at max.” Verlianna blocked those people who wanted to argue back. “That’s their strategy. We have seen how they use these bullshits to make us do mistakes. They are good at this.”

Verlianna’s words calmed them down and with a ‘hmph’ sound, they went to prepare for battle.

Verlianna’s words reminded Brother Zhao of BracesGirl who was from League of Tyrants, the one who got insane because of Brother Hero’s tongue twister. All kinds of Mandarin learning and chicken soup.

“Since you guys don’t believe me, I guess there’s no point saying anymore. Actually, I sympathized with you. What a pity.” Ye Cang said as he pressed his top hat. He then led the others to the arena. The circle shaped arena fixed the landscape as there were no obstacles. ThornyRose stared at the stage. This match is important. It determines whether we could advance into the semi-finals. If we win this match, a lost in the hero mode would mean nothing as we would be even for entertainment mode.

“Rose, do you think they can win?” FrozenBlood asked with her arms crossed.

“If we use that skill, it is a guaranteed victory.” ThornyRose smiled faintly. Upon hearing that, MistyVeil raised his eyebrows. That skill? Is it the achievement skill? To be honest, when it was used for the first time, I couldn’t see through it. She then smiled.

However, ThornyRose sighed. If it is used here, then it means it can’t be used in the hero mode. That skill can be only used once in every competition. Even though it doesn’t deal any damage, its control is totally...

Upon getting on the stage, Verlianna saw that the five of them immediately rushed at them. She felt something wrong as she saw Ye Cang’s swaying white hair. In a split second, she lost consciousness.

“Player HappyAndCheerful got a pentakill!”

Verlianna who was sent out of the battlefield was still in shock. What just happened? The remaining four members were also mind-blown.

To the people outside of the stage, they only saw the five of them standing there like dummies and getting killed by Lin Le. Yet, Brother Hero was just jogging around.

“What a crazy crowd control skill! It is impossible to fight!” Brother Zhao was shocked.

“There should be a strict rule governing it but what it is, we still don’t know. Unless we have Brother Hero’s complete database.” Brother Zhao was stunned for a moment as he frowned.

Everyone cheered. Lin Le rushed in and swung his sword in total madness, separating the corpse in various ways. Nude - Walking Catastrophe. Blade engulfed with qi. Chops From All Sides. Giant Heavy Strike. Giant Assault. All activated at once. He completely killed all enemies.

“The whiners cheated again!” The island nation fans started to shout.

“F*ck off, you island nation dogs. This proves my Big Brother Hero’s and Big Brother Le’s real strength.”

“Condemn! I condemn that Brother Hero used some unknown bug. The game developers must strictly debug that skill!”

“So now you’re using a bug as the excuse. Are you brainless? It’s obvious that you’re just jealous.”

“Stop arguing! This bug belongs to us the Korean Federation.”

“F*ck off!”

“Hah.” ThornyRose sighed. Judging from her sigh, MistyVeil roughly knew that it should be a one time skill. Even so, she was shocked by it. This skill is a little overpowered, isn’t it? But, what’s its weakness? Usually, this type of skill has conditions. She then mumbled. “It is wise to use it here. No matter in terms of the spirit or the situation. Even if you wipe out the enemies in the hero mode, the enemy still has a chance to make a comeback. But it is different here. Well, even if you lose the hero mode, you just have to play the entertainment mode.”

“I know. But he used it in front of everyone. Most of them should have guessed how the skill operates. The more you use it, the easier it is to find the solution to counter the skill.” ThornyRose knew MistyVeil could easily see through it.

“Idiot. It is better for them to use these kinds of skill way earlier than later. When they are facing it, the pressure would be formed subconsciously. It is just like an antimatter weapon. When you didn’t use it, the opponent will keep thinking about it. It just scares people out, especially when in team fights. As long as you don’t use the skill, the pressure is then subconsciously formed.” Little Ye Tian rolled her eyes at ThornyRose.

“The little girl is right. Letting people know the true power and terror of this skill would form a kind of pressure on the opponents.” MistyVeil nodded at Little Ye Tian but deep down inside, she sighed. This little girl’s analyzing skill is insane. It looks like there isn’t anything that can be hidden from her calculations and analyzation.

ThornyRose was frustrated but she couldn’t scold her. This was because Little Ye Tian was treated highly at home. The company’s accounts, future plans, and even her father’s tips for gambling on racing horses were governed by her. She then sighed and kept quiet. FrozenBlood switched the screen and Father Qin saw that his personal savings had increased a little. He immediately gave her a thumbs up and looked at ThornyRose with a big smile. “Zhen’er. It is never wrong to believe her when it comes to gambling!”