"Little Tian, how's the next match going to be? The No.13 horse seems to be..." Father Qin immediately turned and questioned. Not waiting for him to finish the sentence, Little Ye Tian shook her head. "Indeed No. 13 has been winning all the matches but it might be different this time. Everyone would buy No. 13 so there is a high chance that someone might play some dirty tricks. Yet, this doesn't mean we should ignore it. We can bet on multiple horses. For No. 13, bet a little and place most of the bet on No. 3 and 9. The probability of them winning is high. Since gambling is 90% of losing and 10% of winning, the banker is going to make a move."

Upon seeing FrozenBlood, ElgantFregarance, Little Wang and the others were jotting down the tips as if they were jotting notes on the bible, ThornyRose facepalmed. It is true that this little girl seldom loses money. The worst is just breaking even or earning a little. The probability of her losing is very low. She once again took a deep breath and then sighed. She also took out a notebook and started writing. Better earn some money for the club. 

"......" FrozenCloud was speechless but she still followed them to jot it down. 

With much satisfaction, Father Qin left. Before leaving, he happily looked at Little Ye Tian but sighed at ThornyRose as if he despised her. ThornyRose ground her teeth. This is not my father!

 As she gradually sat down, Little Ye Tian started to think and calculate all the possibilities. How can I win against that bastard in Ludo? Upon thinking about this, she frowned, looking frustrated.

As Ye Cang came out from the stage, he looked at Verlianna with an apologetic smile.

“Brother Lil’White has already asked you guys to surrender and this is what happens when you don’t want to.” Upon saying it, Lin Le seemed to remember something. Ah, I forgot to shout! Just when Verlianna wanted to say something, she was interrupted by Lin Le’s roar in Saiyan angry manner. “Urgh, I forgot to shout my lines when I killed you guys! God damn it, who’s next?!”


Verlianna did not know whether to laugh or cry. I guess I can’t talk to them properly. But just now, that skill was indeed troublesome. We have lost completely. You can’t purify it. Losing consciousness completely. We must counter it in the hero mode. She then frowned. How to counter? We have no idea on how it is activated and how to dodge it. But it must have something to do with his hair. Wait, hair? It reminds me of a Greek mythical creature, Medusa. Her hair was made out of snakes. If she made eye contact with someone else, that person would turn into stone immediately. I think it can be deduced that it is sight activation. At the same time, we also have to be cautious about Mad Devil Le’s extreme executing power. She then gathered the people and discussed the strategy.

“Union Alliance is discussing their strategy carefully. We can see that everyone looks serious.” Brother Zhao said as he looked at Union Alliance’s side.

“Well, of course. It’s because the hero mode is important to them. It is the deciding factor which determines the winner.” Brother Zhong nodded. As he looked at Ye Cang’s side, they were trash-talking, asking the opponent to surrender with a bull horn, dancing in a silly way and taunting them and they even gave the international hand sign. What was unbelievable was that it was from FrozenBlood. This is obviously a technical foul, I bet the judges have been waiting for this long enough. 

Even though Verlianna reminded them eagerly not to bother, Ice could not withstand it anymore. “Can you stop bullshiting?! Is it useful for talking so many craps?!”

Ye Cang stopped for a moment and sighed. “They don’t understand my intention…”

“Brother, don’t be sad. You just wanted to save more time so that we can defeat the upcoming team faster and not letting these idiots lose horribly. It is just that they don’t understand you…” Zhang Zhengxiong patted on Ye Cang’s shoulder and cheered him up.

“That’s right, Brother Lil’White. Since they don’t bother about it and still fantasize about winning, let’s just give them what they deserve.” Lin Le felt pity for Ye Cang and he also patted Ye Cang’s shoulders on the other side. 

“Father, you’re too kind.” In a second, Little Ye Tian stopped thinking about strategy and put on her shining-eyes face.

As she saw Ye Cang looking at her, she immediately glared at the opponent and shouted. “We have given you guys a chance but you guys don’t appreciate it. So, don’t blame us for anything!”

Ye Cang then nodded with satisfactory. Yet, again, he sighed. “But we better go easy on them so they won’t lose so horribly since the true rose is on the other side. Why not we make it this way. Lele, you can’t use your weapon; A’Xiong, you can only use one hand and I won’t use that skill or the Flash of Life and any big moves on you guys. SpyingBlade, say something too.”

SpyingBlade was shocked for a second. Are we really going to play like this? In quarters? And against Union Alliance? Interesting! He slowly put his mask on and his eyes shined red. “I’ll not use multiple shadows.”

“Haha! These fellas!” CloudDragon laughed so loud. 

“This mocking level is indeed godlike.” VastSea shook his head. 

“Mad Devil Le not using a weapon...” YellowSpring frowned. “I think he is still not weak tho. Even though he did not use much of grappling skills as he specializes in one blade kill, I’m still no match to him when it comes to close range combat. His grappling skill is almost up to par with Brother Big Diamond’s.”

“YellowSpring is right. This HappyAndCheerful is strong. If you do watch his battle with FlameEmperor carefully, you can tell that he is flexible and his moves are random but effective.” CloudDragon nodded. “That white-haired fella, even without the Flash of Life, he is still troublesome because of his incredible speed and battle sense. I hate to admit this but his battle sense is above mine and FlameEmperor’s. I can hardly use the same skill continuously in front of him. As for ShakingBear, oh well, he could still capture people with just one hand. It may not be that convenient for him, that’s all.”

Once again, everyone cheered. Ever since the Three Brother’s fan club got up the stage numerous times, the audience in the stadium was hyped. Even they had started to worry that they might go too far. But then, when they thought that even if they lose they still have a chance in the entertainment mode, they continued to sneer at the Union Alliance. The Union Alliance fans also taunted back.

Mentally, ThornyRose had started to break down. MistyVeil who sat to the side started to mumble. “It must be some strategy. They aren't serious about it. Yeap, that’s right, it must be a strategy. These fellas have always been acting like this.”

Upon hearing it, ThornyRose nodded. I’m sure this is some tricking-the-enemy strategy. Well, our club has been regarded as ‘Total Insane’ anyways. 

“The team leader won’t be serious about that right?” Little Jade asked FrozenCloud in a low voice. 

“I think so...uhh...It’s hard to confirm. Those fellas could do anything when they feel like it, especially the team leader and Lele.” FrozenBlood hesitated for a second and shook her head with a bitter smile.

“Don’t you think Brother Hero has gone too far? Does he know there might be a possibility that the opponent has the King of Defence? They still say this is a strategy so that the opponent would believe it and not send in the King of Protection. If it is said by others, it can’t be real. But now we are talking about the Three Brothers, the most confusing beings in the world. Who knows they might be real or they are just fooling you around.” Brother Zhao was unsure about it.

“That’s right. Look at the Union Alliance’s expression especially Verlianna’s laugh. It looks like she is really angry. Hehe. That’s what the max mocking level does. Even people who are as calm as her could be pissed off and Ice was totally frustrated.” Brother Zhong smiled bitterly.