“You’ll pay for your words and for underestimating us. You definitely will.” Verlianna said coldly.

“What if I don’t” Ye Cang tipped his top hat and smiled faintly. “Why don’t we make a bet? According to the conditions mentioned, if we win, you’ll let me touch your butt for a while.”

“You guys went overboard! No manners at all! What kind of bullshit is this?” PoisonKing shouted.

“Short-legged chicken, can you shut the f*ck up? My brother is not even talking to you. I can get you out of the battlefield any time if you want to. Just one hand will do.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked. 

“F*ck you! I…” Not waiting for PoisonKing to finish his sentence, Verlianna shouted. “Stop arguing already! I accept the bet. But what if you lose?”

“We will say sorry to you guys and give up on the entertainment mode. You do know your chance of winning in the entertainment mode is very small. You guys are no match for us. Heh, I did do some research.” Ye Cang looked at the analytic board that Little Ye Tian gave him.

After giving Ye Cang the board, Little Ye Tian immediately stepped aside. As her father looked at her proudly, she held her chin up in the direction of Lin Le. Lin Le pouted and then smiled evilly. “Brother Lil’White! Just a touch at the butt is not enough! At least you need to add ‘One Thousand Years of Death’!”

Ye Cnag clapped his hands and touched Lin Le’s head. “Good idea. Lele always has many ideas. Add ‘One Thousand Years of Death’! No bargain anymore!”

Lin Le looked at Little Ye Tian, feeling smug. On the other hand, Little Ye Tian clenched her fist tightly. Bad Lele! Stupid Lele! Always fight with me for father’s attention. Urgh!

Verlianna hesitated for a second. Indeed, they are really strong in entertainment mode. Their win rate is 100%. That’s the entertainment mode we are talking about, even Flame Dragon often loses points on that. Looks like the winner of this match will be decided in entertainment mode. Even if we win the hero mode, we will both enter the entertainment mode with even points. God knows who will win if that’s the case. We are really in a disadvantage. That little girl on their side is better than BrilliantZhuge in terms of calculations. She can even counter MistyVeil when it comes to strategy. In entertainment mode, the opponent is indeed stronger. What should I do now? If I agree, we will decide the winner in hero mode. If not, it will be in the entertainment mode. She took a deep breath and stared at Ye Cang calmly, not bothering about her teammates who were already impatient. With a serious tone, she said. “I agree.” 

“An agreement is achieved. Thorns and Roses successfully made a promise about the restraint on players.” The system sent in a message.

“Leader!” Ice and the other teammates shouted. However, they knew very well that the situation right now had more benefits than drawbacks. Knowing that Verlianna used her own butt and the ‘One Thousand Years of Death’ as the betting stake, they ground their teeth. We must give it our all! The leader has already done her best! They then stared at Ye Cang and the others with much hatred. 

“If you guys make me lose, prepare your balls to be smashed.” Verlianna glared at her teammates and said. Ice, PoisonKing, and the others swallowed. 

“Rose. Just let the team leader play in this way. Don’t be too worried. He must have his own thoughts. This bet is surely interesting.” FrozenBlood looked at ThornyRose who dropped her jaw.

What came to FrozenBlood’s surprise was that ThornyRose did not make a big fuss about it, instead, she just smiled. “Maybe you’re right.”

Seeing Ye Cang walking towards her, ThornyRose asked. “Are you confident?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. 

“Then why?” ThornyRose was speechless.

“Because it is fun.” Ye Cang said softly and entered the hero mode along with his teammates.

“Because it is fun.” Staring at their backs, ThornyRose mumbled. Yeap, because it is fun. I joined this career because I also think it is fun. But is it really fun? 

Wu Na stopped plucking the strings and stared at Ye Cang’s back. His back looks distant and near at the same time. It is as if there is a membrane covering its warmth. But...no one is more reliable than him.

“It’s about to start. The betters outside are nuts. They would have to pay so much if they lost. This is unbearable! Brother Hero is really too arrogant! I bet on Union Alliance!” Brother Zhao shouted as he pressed his sleeping cap.

“Then, I’ll bet on Thorns and Roses. How about making another bet with me? The conditions are the same as I mentioned last time. Piercing Thorn’s character stock…” Brother Zhong shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 

“Go away!” Brother Zhao was pissed. The players slowly got on the battlefield. Just then, he saw Zhang Zhengxiong took off the mechanical parts on one hand and combined them with the parts on his right hand. The parts started to connect and eventually a giant hand which can squeeze one entire human being appeared. He then put his left hand behind his back like the martial art master, Wong Feihung. Upon seeing that, Brother Zhao was soaked in cold sweat. It can’t be.

“A combined giant hand mode. Even though the damage is increased, its flexibility will be reduced. Yet, in this situation, this is the best choice. If it is going against CloudDragon and FlameEmperor, it might not have the expected outcome.” ThornyRose mumbled as she saw Zhang Zhengxiong’s extremely giant hand.

CloudDragon raised his eyebrows. Increasing strength and reducing flexibility.

Lin Le stabbed his blade on the floor of the spawn point and made an Ultraman-fighting-monsters pose. He then ran to the top lane. Meanwhile, Ye Cang got into the jungle with a faint smile.

“Lil’Dino, come help me and fight the ice slime! And then, you can do what you’re supposed to do!” Running like an Ultraman, Lin Le shouted.

“......” FrozenCloud wiped her cold sweat. Must you shout this loud? Can’t you lower down your volume? Don’t you know the enemies would come to you since you are just a warrior without his weapon?! She sighed and jogged over there. 

“Brother SpyingBlade, you are restraint from duplicating shadows but it doesn’t apply to my Rainbow Fantasy. Later, I will use this skill effectively to create shadows for you.” SpyingBlade nodded at Little Ye Tian’s words. Indeed, many of my shadow attacks are restrained but Little Tian’s Fantasy can help me duplicate more shadows for me to use. So, it doesn’t count as me duplicating. 

Both of them together are the golden partners and their chemistry is very good. They walked to the bottom lane while chit-chatting. 

When FrozenCloud came to the jungle at the top lane where the ice slime was located at, she was shocked. This was because Lin Le suddenly got naked as he took off his bib pants and shoes. There was left only his private part which was covered in mosaics. He was naked with his hands on his hips, staring angrily at the sky/ With a ‘hmph’ sound, he grumbled. “A true warrior doesn’t need anything! He is still this strong!” 

As a teammate, FrozenCloud saw there was a buff effect of Nude - Walking Catastrophe Lin Le. Isn’t that his limit break ultimate?! Or it is permanent?

ThornyRose frowned. A hidden effect? Because that’s the character he upgraded himself, there are some things I don’t know about. So, does this mean that the condition for activation of that effect is to be without any weapons and clothes? A permanent Nude - Walking Catastrophe? Even though it can’t replace the damage received when he is without a weapon, he can fight anyone alone in the early game. Well, the 100% increment on all attributes is not there for decoration but is the real deal.