Lin Le obtained the skill, Shoryuken through the grappling system. Because of the permanent Nude- Walking Catastrophe, he also had an exclusive qi bar and the grappling techniques, Nude - Shockwave Punch and Heavy Throw.

Brother Zhao’s heart sank for a moment. Looks like he is about to troll but luckily he is doing that without his weapon. 

Just when PoisonKing - Marja and LightSwordsman - Jazz came to a place nearby, they saw Lin Le holding a four-meter squared big rock high and throwing it at FrozenCloud and the ice slime. They were immediately soaked in cold sweat. Are you guys really teammates? And why do you have to be fully naked? This isn’t Mad Devil. This is a complete pervert. 

FrozenCloud who was holding the ice slime suddenly saw a black shadow above her head. God damn it! She quickly rolled aside and with a leap, Lin Le dashed at the ice slime and hit it with Shoryuken. The giant ice slime was knocked to mid-air. Not long after, both of them killed it. Lin Le obtained the ice slime buff and his qi was recovering very fast. 

“Now is our chance! Don’t let them run away.” Marjo and Jazz quickly went over to surround them. Lin Le’s ahoge stood up. “Assassins!”

Upon hearing that, FrozenCloud who wanted to enter into the jungle immediately stopped and returned to Lin Le’s side with a backflip. She trusted Lin Le’s creepy detecting ability because she had seen many times how accurate it is. 

Looking at both of the ambushers, left and right, Lin Le took a deep breath. His veins were all visible and he was boiled up. He then roared. “You seek this yourself! Don’t blame me for it!”

Swiftly, Lin Le posed like he was about to unleash his big move. Together with the ice slime buff, he is very intimidating with just level 1. The two of them quickly stopped since they were not sure what the situation was like. On the other hand, Lin Le was already in the Shockwave Punch’s stand. Marjo then shouted. “Not good! Run!”

They immediately turned around and run for their lives, climbing the walls and obstacles. FrozenCloud thought there would be a fight but she herself got scared too after hearing Lin Le’s roar. She quickly got a hold of herself and used this opportunity to escape to the surrounding area safely.

Marjo and Jazz glanced at each other. Both grounded their teeth. That fella…

Jazz sighed. He then returned to the top lane and fought against Lin Le. Meanwhile, FrozenCloud was cautiously farming the jungle monsters, keeping herself alert because PoisonKing is one of the top assassins in the world. It is hard for me to win if I go against him. Even my sister is no match for him. 

Marjo had already decided to only attack FrozenCloud because attacking Brother Hero was too risky. Although that fella had no integrity, he was indeed strong. However, what came to his surprise was that FrozenCloud used her souls in the early game to enlarge her vision and she even bought dust of appearance which was used for anti-ambush. She already noticed me. *Sigh* Guess that I’m going to let her go this time. 

“First blood! Player HappyAndCheerful killed Player Jazz!”

Marjo was stunned. So fast?! He doesn’t have a weapon, does he? He quickly rushed to the top lane. Just when he entered the bushes, he sensed something was wrong and swiftly blocked an attack. The sound of weapons clinging was heard. A gorgeous white hair then popped out from the bushes and he saw a faint smile which seemed to be acknowledging him. His heart sank for a moment and he jumped backwards as he pushed Ye Cang away. Even though both of them were assassins, he knew very well the huge gap between his speed and Ye Cang’s speed, especially their movement speeds.

Marjo raised his eyebrows and counterattacked. Ye Cang maintained his smile and activated Blade Edge Blink, blocking an incoming slash from nowhere. Staring at the barbie-like eyelashes and diamond-like eyes, Ye Cang knocked away Marjo’s poison dagger. With a bend over, he slipped away. The water from the river splashed and they could only see a spiritual energy rich white hair going away. Without turning his head, Ye Cang said softly. “I’ll give you a chance. Letting you guys go temporarily. You should thank me.”

“......” Everyone was speechless. It is so obvious that you run away because you have no confidence in fighting both of them. Do you have to make like people thank you for not killing them? 

Verlianna sighed at his incredible movement speed. There’s no way one can catch up with him. At least we need some displacement skill to do that. He is too fast. “Marjo, you pay attention to Mad Devil Le and the jungle monsters on their jungle. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Got it.” Marjo quickly went to the top lane to gain some experience. He stared at Lin Le beating the creeps non-stop and the big granite nearby Lin Le. How did Jazz die? He was filled with doubts and did not dare to get too close to Lin Le.

Brother Zhong saw Brother Zhao’s face crumpling. “Heh, you underestimated Brother Mad Devil Le’s battle sense huh? It was so obvious that it was a battle of wits just now.”

“Never thought that he could be that sneaky. When coming out from the jungle, he picked up a big granite and quickly got back to the lane. Seeing the opponent hadn’t gotten to the lane, he hid it in the bushes and pretended to get the last hits cautiously. When Jazz was about to get close, he acted like he was scared and jumped into the bushes. The series of action was repeated for a few times and Jazz finally could not resist but to get in the bushes too. In the end, he was smashed by a 3-meter tall granite. Then, there came the Shoryuken. I bet that wasn't some normal Shoryuken because a normal one wouldn’t send one flying up so high. Lastly, he ended it with what seemed to be a Shockwave Punch. Can’t believe Assault Warrior can be played in such a way. This is totally… *Sigh* But he could not upgrade his weapon but only his qi. This would be a huge disadvantage for him.”

“I wouldn’t say so. Haven’t you notice that he already has at least 5 skills at level 2?” Brother Zhao frowned upon hearing what Brother Zhong said. If that’s the case, then this means he has an advantage in the early game. I hope the opponent notices that. If he is well-farmed, it is impossible to win. How can you fight an opponent that has 10 plus skills with just 3 skills? The weakness of not having a weapon can be covered by purchasing strengthen runes to upgrade your foundation, with a huge amount of souls. Brother Zhao suddenly seemed to have much respect for Lin Le who was completely naked. 

Brother Zhong then saw Ye Cang’s blade radiating some chills and his hair was also shining in blue color. What’s this? He should be a character which has no elemental attribute. A pure swordsman or assassin. Is it something new? These three people always bring us surprises and make us speechless. 

Ye Cang changed his hair into ice element and pondered. “I haven’t used this before and I can only change once in every competition. Ice element it is then. Oh wow...I have additional skills. The effect of Blade Edge Blink has also changed. It can now freeze the target. Seems not bad. *Sigh* I should have changed it earlier so that I could have killed that one who uses poison and that rose.”

With one giant hand, Zhang Zhengxiong could get last hits easily. At some point, he would say some vulgar words to trigger the darkness sorcerer - Kane. Kane was also having a hard time going against him because any summoned creatures seemed to be useless under his giant hand. His giant hand’s energy could even deal fixed damage on the elemental creatures. Zhang Zhengxiong was getting last hits casually while standing slightly behind. On the other hand, Kane was farming carefully while hearing the taunts from him such as ‘Are you a man?’ and ‘Where are your balls?’. Jazz death had made Kane even more cautious.