At the bottom lane, Ice and the support, ChildofForest - Londo were oppressing SpyingBlade and Little Ye Tian. Even though it may look like they were oppressing, they were nowhere close to killing them. Due to the Rainbow Mirror Image, they were having a hard time too. They sighed. If duplicating was available, the bottom lane may be the toughest lane. There’s no way we could oppress them so easily like now. 

Little Ye Tian was also struggling. Yet, she smiled when she saw that SpyingBlade did not look dampened because of it instead, he looked excited. Yeap, challenges that are not difficult are boring. It is meaningful only if it is difficult. She then swung her scepter. Rainbow Mirror Image!

Suddenly, Ice backed off to clear the mirror images. Using this opportunity, SpyingBlade tried to get as many last hits as possible in the rain of arrows, trying all possible ways to dodge and attacking the creeps at the same time. Once the mirror images disappeared, he immediately got back into defense, not being greedy.

Verlianna took a look at the situation at the bottom lane. It is hard to kill them. They are good at positioning themselves. Besides, there’s no way we can beat their vision. That little girl is really a pro. Compared to her, Londo seems weak even though she is just an S rank character. People who play the support role must be good at analyzing the overall situation.

Lin Le who had reached level 4 was arrogantly shouting that he wanted to fight many players all at once, with his hands on his hips, head up and taunting. With a glance, Jazz and Marjo who were hiding decided to corporate together. Lin Le’s ahoge suddenly stood upright and pointed at Marjo’s direction. He then laughed. “Only two? Are you guys underestimating me?! This is nonsense! Prepare to die!”

Marjo frowned. How does he know I’m here? This is not logical. Is there anything that he relies on? Because Lin Le was his opponent, Marjo felt weird despite the fact that Lin Le had no weapons on hand and was fully naked. 

“I’ll run!” Lin Le shouted angrily. Immediately, he jumped backwards and Marjo was numb. How can he be filled with so much energy even when shouting that he is about to run away?! Just when Marjo was speechless, Lin Le did not really jump backwards to retreat. Instead, he used his momentum to charge forward. At top speed, he sent a Wyvern Kick at Marjo. Marjo saw that coming, so he had prepared to dodge and counterattack. Yet, when Lin Le passed by the granite, he used that opportunity to stop, hide himself and then throw it. Jazz who was dashing at Lin Le wanted to dodge the incoming granite but failed. Lin Le then hit Marjo with a Shockwave Punch and chased after Jazz. Casually, he knocked Jazz up with Shoryuken, grabbed the granite and smashed it at his head repeatedly. After that, he activated Nude - Madness Step and stepped him to death. With a cold smile, he stared at Marjo who stopped dashing halfway and was about to retreat. Using the 100% increment on all attributes, he sprinted at max speed. In a split second, Lin Le blocked his way and knocked him out with his elbow. With a change of moves, he hit the opponent’s chin with his knee and smashed the head with both fists. Followed up by a 360 degree front flip, he made a axe kick and killed Marjo. Everyone was silent upon seeing such a battle. Brother Zhao was also dumbfounded. These grappling techniques are up to par with Brother Big Diamond! Even though it isn’t as good as Brother Big Diamond in terms of oppression and reflexes, its prediction and instinct are totally a level above! 

“What a flexible grappler. His grappling skills are creepy but straight forward at the same time.” CloudDragon exclaimed as Lin le shouted some vulgar words and his ‘Who’s next?!’ slogan after getting the double kill. The Three Brothers are really incredible. No one could say that they can definitely win against them. Even FlameEmperor could only win one round back after using the legendary character and betting that they aren’t that experienced enough. Yet, he still lost in the end. 

“When battling with him, you must pay full attention to all his actions. It doesn’t matter if he did it intentionally or unintentionally. He is just like an unknown. But no doubt, his strength is very high!” YellowSpring said in a serious manner as he nodded. 

“Most importantly is that he dropped his weapon and took off his shirt. He is at a great advantage in the early game. I bet he used at least seven skills just now. He is without weapons but gained improvement in the other aspects. I personally don’t think it is just a huge advantage in the early game. We will see in the mid game.” VastSea smiled bitterly.

Lin Le used the souls to upgrade his qi and obtained the qi protection. It then eventually upgraded into a qi armor. The armor had no time limit and it would only disappear once it was broken. Every 10 seconds, it would regenerate once. After getting the last hits on one wave of creeps, he reached level 6. He immediately obtained Chops From All Sides and Qi Attack. He even picked qi focus and burst under Nude - Walking Catastrophe. Under the focus status, Lin Le’s speed of qi recovery would be threefold. Meanwhile, for burst, all qi would blast out. Its strength was similar to Qi Execute. It could also be changed into an AoE burst, knocking off all surrounding targets and dealing a certain amount of qi damage. The price of using it was depletion of all qi. 

“Three death stacks and an unknown big move. This isn’t just a little hard to fight against. He is at a huge advantage in the early game. I bet anyone who goes to fight him will end up dying. At least they need more than two people to go against him.” Upon thinking of the money he bet, Brother Zhao was a little depressed. 

“Just wait for his death stack to add up and he will get Qi Shockwave. To be honest, I think this match is...with no weapons at all, I can’t believe a fully naked assault warrior could be this strong. I’m surprised.” Brother Zhong sighed.

Brother Zhao replied with a bitter smile. Some of the audience were scolding that Lin Le is a pervert but some countered that a real man does not need anything.

Verlianna was furious. The bet made her angry but the helplessness in the top lane made it even worse. She knew how good Jazz and Marjo are but never knew Mad Devil Le could be this scary even without his weapon. Upon thinking about it, she sensed chills coming from her side and subconsciously blocked the attack. She managed to block the first hit but the second hit pierced right into her chest. Solid chills spread all over her body and freezed her. She then saw a faint smile. “Sorry, you must die.” 

Verlianna knew this was a freezing effect. It’s ice element! He...he could actually reach the Great Christmas War with just the pure sword element?! He had been hiding the ice element this long! This totally terrifying! She quickly purified the freezing effect and was mind blown as she could not cancel out the stun. Blinding effect! Didn’t the system restrict him from using that skill? What’s that? 

Ye Cang was surprised. This woman’s luck is bad enough. She just finished purifying the freeze effect and immediately got stunned by the hair effect which has just a small probability to trigger at a random time. He gave a few strikes, went to her back and pierced right into her ass. Verlianna gradually fell to the ground and was killed as he pulled out his sword. Meanwhile, Ye Cang just casually left. “I’m sorry. You’re in bad luck. Really. Never thought that it would activate on just one person. *Sigh* I don’t even know what to say anymore…”

Verliana was sent back to the spawn point with much regret. I should have used the King of Protection. But if I had used it and still lost, the entire Union Alliance would fell to rock bottom. This year, the China district is really insane. Even the fighting king, Mad War couldn’t get into the competition. But still, these three bastards are too horrible! They set up the trap on purpose! What limit big moves, no weapons and fight with one hand. It has no difference without the limitations! They even made us let down our guards subconsciously. The sorcerer was sent back to the spawn point by Zhang Zhengxiong. They completely oppress us. That HappyAndCheerful should be the huge advantage they had. We were already wrong for making the first step. Not long after, a nightmare happened as Lin Le dashed to support the bottom lane like the light shot out by Ultraman Taro. Verlianna knew she would probably lose this match as they completely fell into their trap. I shouldn’t have hesitated to use the King of Protection.