Verlianna looked at her dampened teammates. “Even though it might be the end here, we still have to give it our all so that we won’t be guilty in the name of the War God! Don’t give me these bullshit expressions! Show them what we, the Union Alliance can do!”

Although the Union Alliance was battling very well due to Verlianna’s commands and motivation speech, they still could not block the damage dealt by Lin Le’s qi burst. With the qi recovering at such fast speed, Lin Le’s health points were still at full. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong was like a sweeping machine, killing any incoming enemies with one swipe. As for Ye Cang, his random stun completely shut down the Union Alliance. SpyingBlade had also reached the limit of duplicating shadows. With the help of Little Ye Tian, they managed to defeat Marjo and Ice to get a double kill. This battle engraved in everyone’s mind that he was the new shadow king.

At last, with much sorrow, Brother Zhao looked at Ye Cang and the others as they maintained their ‘good’ tradition of camping the spawn point. “Even the judges have been familiar with them camping at the spawn point. *Sigh* ”

“Brother Hero hasn’t shown his hidden skill. How did that elemental attribute appear? It is only a sneak peek of it. He was mostly watching them battle and only helped them a little with some slashes. What I can think of is that it has something to do with the color of his hair.” Brother Zhong nodded and asked Brother Zhao with a little sarcasm. “How much did you lose?”

With a bitter smile, Brother Zhao shook his head. “That’s a sad story.”

“Told you that it is okay to gamble just a little. Treat it as entertainment. You sure bet a lot…” Brother Zhong advised him.

“Oh bullshits! Compared to your idea of betting with Piercing Thorn’s character stock, this is really a small gamble! F*ck off man!” Brother Zhao growled.

“I’m saying this for your own good. If you keep gambling big, you would have to find ways to wean it off. But if you gamble small, you would get addicted.” Brother Zhong educated him with much sincerity. 

“Bastard.” Brother Zhong started to grind his teeth. 

Verlianna was pissed as she saw Ye Cang smiling at her while holding his sword, with his head tilted at the outside of the spawn point. She then shouted angrily. “Charge! Just kill whoever we can kill!”

Kane then summoned a tank creature - Iron Warrior and rushed out with the others. Lin Le took a deep breath. He opened his arms wide, dropped low and drew a circle from left to right with his left hand. He then pushed it and shouted. “Nude - Cannon Shot!”

In a split second, the Iron Warrior was turned into ashes by Lin Le’s qi. Seeing Ice being the lead, Ye Cang slightly swung his sword with his right hand. Suddenly, Ice felt that it was freezing cold under her feet. He looked down and saw the ground was covered with ice. She knew something was wrong. Just when she was about to back off, a giant ice hand broke out from the surface, grabbed her and tossed her to Ye Cang. With a reversed grip on the sword, Ye Cang slashed her throat and pierced right into her heart, leaving a lifeless ice sculpture. He then slowly put his sword back to the scabbard. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong pointed his giant hand at the entrance of the spawn point. The machine started to charge and shot. The blue flame of Crescent Slice flew out like bullets, knocking a few people back. Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian could cast her Rainbow Fantasy at the entrance anytime. The Union Alliance members were frustrated as Ye Cang and the others did not seem to have the intention of destroying the towers and nexus. Instead, they just wanted to waste the time by camping at the spawn point.

“These fellas really went overboard. No sportsmanship at all.” Marjo said as he saw Ye Cang ordering the remaining people to group up and start taunting them. He held the dagger real tight and ground his teeth. His eyes were filled with hatred. He felt sorry when he turned to see Verlianna frowning and sighing. “Leader…”

“Leader, we....” Londo lowered his head. 

“The arena has always been like this. You’ll never know what kind of monsters you will face next year. There’s nothing much to say anymore. Lose means lose. We, the Union Alliance could stay for centuries because we have nothing to lose. We gain wisdom and important lessons from those losses.” Verlianna smirked.

“Leader…” Everyone looked at Verlianna apologetically.

“Indeed, that’s the real rose…” FrozenBlood mumbled with her arms crossed as she was impressed by Verlianna’s mentality.

“Hey…” Just when ThornyRose was about to argue, ElegantFagrance’s words interrupted her. “I’m more concerned about the bet. That insane team leader would definitely do it.”

“......” MistyVeil smiled bitterly as she recalled what happened in Qin family’s house.

“Oh yeah. Tomorrow afternoon before training, I hope you guys would be ready with an egg. One from each of you.” Verlianna once again smiled at Marjo and the rest.

“......” Everyone felt chills at their crotch.

“Brother, Lele, the atmosphere inside is creepy.” Zhang Zhengxiong said as he noticed the tension.

“I think they got crazy because they just got beaten up by us.” Lin Le analyzed.

“Lele has a point there. Let’s change to another pose and continue to sneer at them.” Pinching his chin, Ye Cang slightly raised his head and ordered them to change position.

“......” FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, ThornyRose and the others were speechless.

In the end, Union Alliance had officially lost the match. There was no point playing the entertainment mode, so it was skipped. 

Upon getting out of the arena, Ye Cang saw Verlianna. He rolled up his sleeves and said softly. “Come on.”

Verlianna sighed and walked towards him, ignoring everyone’s dissuasion. “Enough. I’ll keep the promise. Those who can’t accept their loss are scums. Since the bet is set this way, they had placed their chips and I must also pay the price of losing.”

Everyone sighed and glared at Ye Cang with hatred. They swore to themselves that next year, they must make the Three Brothers pay for their actions.

“You’re a woman that deserves to be respected.” Ye Cang said with much respect as Verlianna came over and faced him with her back.

“I’m just…” Verlianna had not finished her sentence and she felt a sensation at her butt. “Keeping promises…”

The audience was already shouting crazily. “Welfare!”

As she finished her sentence, Verlianna was waiting for Ye Cang’s ‘One Thousand Years of Death’ so she could quickly end this and leave. However, the hand did not seem to be leaving. She frowned and turned to look at Ye Cang. “I know what you want to say but the definition of touch for a while is that it is considered a while only if I take my hand off. And I don’t plan to take my hand off yet.”

“You bastard!” Marjo marched to him angrily as he shouted. The rest also followed as if they were about to have a fight.

“Judges, there are people disturbing the bet.” Little Ye Tian raised her hand.

Verlianna ground her teeth as she stared at Ye Cang. “Marjo, you guys go back and train! Don’t embarrass me anymore!”

“But! Leader! This bastard is too…” Ice stared at Ye Cang’s right hand.

“No buts! Marjo, take them away for me! Now!” Verlianna shouted majestically. Marjo hesitated for a second but then led the others to leave the Great Christmas War venue. He then turned back to glare at Ye Cang, ThornyRose and the others resentfully and shouted. “Thorns and Roses, we are forever enemies!”

ThornyRose smiled bitterly. What does it have to do with me? I got blamed again…

“Cheh, you have the spirit but not the talent.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked casually.

“How dare you be so arrogant after getting beaten up by me like an idiot?!” Lin Le made the Ultraman shooting laser pose.