“That...fake rose, don’t put me in the next dueling and group battle. If the opponent isn’t that strong, I don’t even want to go for the hero mode.” Ye Cang remained with his graceful pose and said to ThornyRose seriously. 

ThornyRose was pissed. What do you mean by fake rose?! How can you categorize people in this way?! She then saw Verlianna looking at her with a sharp look. How dare this bitch to stare at me?! I never liked this bitch who shares the same name as me! She shrugged her shoulders. “Sure but it still depends on the situation.”

Wu Na who was looking at the screen made a facepalm. This fella has no limits when it comes to these things. Are all artificial humans this ill-mannered? Just then, she recalled Little Ye Tian could even take off her pants and pee in public as Little Ye Tian thought that going to the toilet for convenience was a waste of time. Idiotic actions of ineffective humans.

“Brother Hero does not feel the hatred of Europe players against him. Didn’t he look at how they are reacting outside? It’s complete chaos.” Brother Zhao saw Ye Cang touching Verlianna’s butt while he chatted with her casually.

“Even though the Europe district is filled with resentment, the China district did not back off, especially the slogan shouted by the Three Brother’s fan club. Let me see. ‘Hero’s hands, an ass I got.’...” Brother Zhong was soaked in cold sweat as it was completely chaotic outside. “The names of the last four teams are out. Both Flame Dragon and Thorns and Roses from the China district, Knights of the Round Table from the Europe district and Glory Hall from the American district. Thorns and Roses is at a disadvantage now.”

“Yes, that’s right. Staring from the semi-finals, each team can ban a character. Thorns and Roses doesn’t have many strong characters. Hence, they might be targeted.’ Brother Zhao slowly recovered from his sorrow of losing money.

In the stadium, ThornyRose gathered everyone to discuss the strategy.

“We have to be careful about the upcoming match, no matter which team we are facing. The opponent will definitely ban one of the characters among the three of you. Most probably it would be yours, idiot.” Upon saying that, ThornyRose looked at Ye Cang.

Ye Cang pinched his chin and thought for a moment. “We’ll see when the time comes. Don’t we have a borrowed character? It looks like it can only be used once in one competition?” 

“Yes, but you aren’t familiar with this character. We’ll see later. The worst case scenario would just be me going in the battle and you’ll use an S rank character as a replacement.” ThornyRose saw how Ye Cang talked casually just now while his hand was still touching Verlianna’s butt as if he had suckers on his hand. This fella really doesn’t have the intention of letting go. She then thought of the situation outside. I better not look since it won’t be anything good anyways. 

“I have an idea…” MistyVeil said as she stared at Ye Cang’s ass-touching hand.

“Christmas Special Promise?” Verlianna words shocked ThornyRose and the others. MistyVeil nodded. Yet, seeing Verlianna being so calm, she asked. “Won’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“I did in the beginning but I’m getting used to it by now.” Verlianna shook her butt, yet Ye Cang’s hand still stuck to it. She then sighed.

“......” (Everyone and those who are outside of the stadium.)

ThornyRose pondered. This woman can talk to MistyVeil calmly. Indeed, there are many things in which I’m not as good as her. Especially that incredible tolerance.

“Brother, can we change another person to do that? You look tired. Let me help you out by sticking to your hand as you let go.” Zheng Zhengxiong made a silly smile. OldWang and AV then also stepped out and said. “We can also help! Boss, we can’t always let you shoulder such a hard job all by yourself.”

“Actually, leader, if you don’t mind…” Once SpyingBlade said that he quickly backed off due to the chills coming from behind. He then touched Little Ye Tian’s head and sighed.

“Shut up! I’m a person who keeps his promises! If we change people for doing this, does it still consider as a promise?!” Ye Cang shouted with righteousness.

ThornyRose and MistyVeil saw Verlianna looking at her own image on the Hall of Fame and sighing. Both of them pitied her. 

“Brother! I…” Just when Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to keep a stand at his idea, FrozenCloud quickly interrupted. “Do we really need the Christmas Special Promise?”

Zhang Zhengxiong sighed as he knew there was no point saying anything anymore. “What’s that?”

“Upgrading in the Great Christmas War but each club can only arrange one person to do so. You must also need the qualification to do so. Once upgraded successfully, that character cannot be banned in this Great Christmas War.” Little Ye Tian explained.

“What do you mean?” ThornyRose asked in a serious manner as she looked at Ye Cang.

“This is not important now. We still have a handful of things to settle. Let’s see who our opponent is first.” Ye Cang pushed Verlianna’s butt as he turned around and looked at the lot. “Glory Hall?”

“America’s No. 1 Club. One of the richest clubs in the world. Their current leader is the Extreme Execution Knight - Hussein. Don’t underestimate him just because he debuted only three years ago. He has made his way up to the fourth place on the leaderboard.” ThornyRose rolled her eyes because of Ye Cang’s ‘handful of things that waited to be settled’ as she explained. When Glory Hall reached the arena, she then pointed at a red-haired guy who seemed to be filled with passion. He also looked quite handsome as his five senses were fine. He gave people a feeling of flaming hot feel, looking heroic.

“Strategy A…” Ye Cang whispered. Everyone nodded. His hand was still on Verlianna’s butt as he talked. He then led everyone to confront their opponent, the Glory Hall. ThornyRose recalled strategy A, B, and C mentioned. Strategy A - Taunt at the opponent. Strategy B - Embarrass the opponent. Strategy C - Taunt at them and embarrass them at the same time. Final strategy - Immediately retreat after taunting at the opponent.

With everyone staring at him, Ye Cang walked gracefully with a hand on Verlianna’s butt as if she was his wife and another holding the cane.

“This idiotic style. It is just so gentleman like!”

“Of course! We don’t need you to say that! That’s my Big Brother Hero! The head of the Three Brothers!”

“Shameless people! The three would be punished by God!”

“Cheh! Union Alliance’s bitch! I didn’t see any God punishment but I saw a butt punishment! Come on, brothers! Another wave of the slogan!”

“Hero’s hand! An ass I got!” 

“Come on and shout! Continue to shout the honorable War God slogan, won’t ya?!”

“Bastards! The Three Brother’s fan club is worse than animals!”

“Whiners are like that.”

“Friend, that’s not right sneering at the Three Brother’s fan club under the Korean Federation. This is the betting that you guys played. That you guys got embarrassed is your own fault. Be more careful next time so that you won’t get tricked again so easily.”

“You motherf*cker!”

Verlianna went from embarrassment to speechlessness, to angriness to speechlessness again and then numbness. She sighed. This fella is totally an inborn devil who looked kind on the outside. She stared at Ye Cang emotionless eyes. This guy is too weird.