As Hussein saw Ye Cang and the others were walking towards him, he laughed. “Brother Hero, this is our first time meeting each other and also the first time battling each other…”

Ye Cang’s cane tapped the ground. *Dang* It interrupted his words. Ye Cang was calm but his eyes were filled with chills and seriousness. “There are two routes for you to choose from. First, surrender. You won’t look so horrible for losing. Second...let me think...Argh, forget about it. There isn’t a second route. The second route is too cruel for you guys.”

*Sigh* “Brother, you are still too kind.” Zhang Zhengxiong sighed as he looked at Hussein and the others. “My brother has given you lots of respect. Surrender so that you won’t need to endure unnecessary pain.”

“That’s right! Quickly surrender so that we can enter the top 8!” Lin Le shouted.

“About that...we are now in the semifinals and about to enter finals. The quarters were done long ago.” GreenDew told him.

“I’m just joking. Can’t you tell? Stupid.” Lin Le pouted. “Wait, who are you? Brother Lil’White and Sister Rose, I found a spy mixed into our team!”

“......” ThornyRose sighed and FrozenBlood cheered GreenDew up by patting her shoulders. “It is just because you look average. It is normal. Don’t be bothered by it so much.”

Damn it! Do you cheer people up like this?! I was the most beautiful one in our batch! GreenDew was frustrated but she did not argue back at FrozenBlood. This was because she knew that woman was black-hearted. You can tell by observing how she treated ThornyRose and Lil’Dino.

“Haha! Haha!” Hussein laughed out loud after being stunned for a second and pointed at Verlianna. “Then, I must definitely choose the second route since you treated my fiancée so nice.”

Everyone was surprised. The rose of Versailles is the Extreme Execution Knight’s fiancée?! Why did no one hear of it?

“This is shocking news!” Brother Zhong laughed. Meanwhile, Brother Zhao did not respond. Instead, he nodded as he zoomed in on Ye Cang’s hand that was still sticking to Verlianna’s butt. 

“Who the f*ck is your fiancée! All I did was just pressing a like on your post ‘Lonely person, need another half.’!” Verlianna stepped forward and shouted. I’m already pissed and this fella is this thick-skinned. I gave this single dog a like because I respect his strength after losing to him. 

“Silent!” Ye Cang shouted and pulled Verlianna’s butt back. “Red-haired, if you give up. I’ll give you the chance to do the One Thousand Year Death. Consider it.”

“Leader, look at the overall situation. Don’t be blinded by mere greed!” Being the advisor, Sky Crow - Wences saw Hussein started considering and hesitating while looking at Verlianna's butt. He was speechless and quickly reminded Hussein. The leader is good in all ways but it is just that he is kind of a pervert. 

Verlianna stared at Ye Cang unbelievably. This fella is inhuman!

“Even though your offer is tempting, I’m the representative of everyone and the entire Glory Hall. I’m sorry, my fiancée.” Hussein sighed.

“I am not your fiancée!” Verlianna once again stepped forward.

“Yuu…” Ye Cang made a horse rider’s sound and pulled Verlianna’s butt back. “Chill. Chill.” 

Verlianna looked at Ye Cang’s smile while her body was trembling. I swear I’ll get my revenge in the future.

“See you on the battlefield.” Hussein said with a little anger and jealousness. “Lil’Ver, I will…”

“F*ck off! Don’t push me!” Verlianna ground her teeth.

Hussein touched his nose and turned around to enter the preparation area, ignoring Lin Le’s, FrozenBlood’s, Zhang Zhengxiong’s, and the others’ taunt.

“The opponent would definitely use one of their legendary characters, CaptainAmerica, King of Nightmare Knights or Kristina - the Queen of Dancing Sword. We must be careful. This fella isn’t like the rose of Versailles. He can even fight against FlameEmperor alone with his strength.” ThornyRose thought for a moment and decided to ban the Queen of Dancing Swords. Hussein smiled faintly. They ban Kristina? He then banned Ye Cang’s Piercing Thorn. Ye Cang who saw that his own character Piercing Thorn had been sealed, calmly grabbed Verlianna’s butt and sat beside MistyVeil on the sofa. He decided to watch the match. Unexpectedly with a friendly tone, he said to Verlianna. “Have a seat. Don’t be shy.”

“......” Verlianna, MistyVeil, Little Jade, GreenDew, DyedLily, and the others were speechless. 

For the dueling, ThornyRose picked Zhang Zhengxiong to be the first one. On the other hand, Hussein represented his team as the first one.

“Last time, going against Hussein, to be honest, you won against him by luck.” VastSea smiled. 

“Hmph.” CloudDragon did not argue back. Indeed, that guy is really strong. He almost managed to restrain me. I almost lost to him. That win was really lucky. I bet it is harder to go against him this year.

Hussein took out a 2-meter heavy sword from his back. He pointed at Zhang Zhengxiong with that maroon fish hook. “You are as insane as LordAsked but I don’t hate you because you have the talent.” 

“LordAsked? Oh, you meant the fella who got beaten up by Flame Dragon.” Zhang Zhengxiong looked up and thought. Just then, he turned his head and glared at Hussein. Zhang Zhengxiong looked like a devil who would eat a human up. That oppressing aura of his made Hussein grabbing his hilt. 

“Save the talk. Come on.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked. 

Verlianna saw Hussein actions just now. She knew the feeling of standing in front of Zhang Zhengxiong. That imposing manner of his was totally different from what you see on the screen. It was as if the one standing in front of you was not a player but a fierce looking Wisdom King.

Hussein turned into a blood-red flash and dashed towards him. Zhang Zhengxiong used his hands as a hammer and smashed. The red flash stopped. Yet, the impact made Zhang Zhengxiong stumble backwards. He looked at Hussein who was holding the sword and smirked. “You are a little interesting.”

Hussein’s fast red flash and Zhang Zhengxiong’s powerful counterattack were moving at fast speed due to the pace. What people saw was a battle between two top fighters. CloudDragon saw Zhang Zhengxiong’s smile in the intense battle. That super confident smirk. Suddenly, CloudDragon put on a smile as he felt like going up there and battle too.

"There's always a chance. You better prepare yourself mentally. These three monsters plus SpyingBlade and Little Ye Tian. Even Flame Dragon at its prime a few years back could not really win against this line up. With Brother Hero's great increment in strength and that disgusting control, you could say that it is like an SSS rank character fighting an SS rank. If you battle with him now, you would probably be oppressed if you don't use a legendary hero." VastSea said. CloudDragon raised his eyebrows and smiled." That's what makes it interesting."

"Die. Die. Lose. Lose." Only God knew how many Lin Le doll BlackIce had used to curse. 

"......" The ones around her were speechless.