MistyVeil was watching Zhang Zhengxiong battling Hussein in madness. He is truly an incredible warrior. She turned around to see GreenDew, ThornyRose, and the others were fired up through their eyes. This was also where the fighting spirit came from. Shen sighed. Indeed, how can you not be fired up when he is in the team? That reflexes and imposing manner.

The longer Hussein battled, the scarier he was. He isn’t just strong but also supple. I don’t know where to attack. In terms of attacking, from negating attacks to charging and counter-attacking, he seems to be doing all of them at the same time. This is super flexible! Feeling the pressure coming from Hussein’s Storm of Rapid Chops, Zhang Zhengxiong smiled coldly. Finally, someone that can actually fight. After blocking an attack, Zhang Zhengxiong used the aftershock as an opportunity and grabbed Hussein’s sword with one hand. As he pulled, he stepped forward and the other hand immediately went in for the capture.

Hussein immediately used flash to dodge the attack and teleported himself behind Zhang Zhengxiong, holding his long sword high. Zhang Zhengxiong felt the sword disappearing and sensed chills coming from behind. He did not step forward to dodge it. Instead, he used the momentum of pulling the sword to get close to Hussein. His elbow accurately predicted the execution trajectory and negated it. Even though his back was slashed, he used the split second when the power of execution and his elbow’s momentum met to make a 360-degree turn. In a smooth motion, he grabbed Hussein’s face. Hussein was shocked and immediately used his ultimate - The Red Qi to knock Zhang Zhengxiong away. As Zhang Zhengxiong landed, he used his hands to steady himself. Seeing Hussein’s body was radiating with qi, he once again smirked. He turned his motion system to maximum and both of his hands were overloaded. One red and one blue. Light shined from the mechanical parts on his arms. The parts were humming as if it was signaling that an explosion was about to happen.

ThornyRose frowned. He doesn’t plan to battle the next match? The super overload indeed can increase the motion massively to strengthen the skills or even level up. Yet, the weakness is that this super overload doesn’t last long. It depletes the motion rapidly, just like an ebb tide. Once it is over, it is the same as suiciding. The mechanics will enter into a hibernate mode. 

“Brother Big Diamond has entered into super overload mode. The duration of this status is short but the destruction caused in such a short period of time can be said as one of the highest in the current league.” Brother Zhao stared at the humming hands.

“But Hussein also strengthen his status with the ultimate. The real battle is about to start. Win or lose, it all depends on this.” Brother Zhong nodded. 

Zhang Zhengxiong dashed out like a bullet with both red and blue flames shooting out, leaving a stream of stardust behind. On the other hand, Hussein activated his limit break ultimate, pointed at Zhang Zhengxiong and held his sword high above his head. Zhang Zhengxiong activated Dark Crescent Slice and Crescent Slash on each hand. In that split second, the Red Qi and red blue flames clashed together and exploded. Both of them were covered by the explosion energy and disappeared in everyone’s eyes. 

Everyone was waiting for the energy to disperse. 

Ye Cang smiled faintly. “A’Xiong won.”

While crossing his arms, CloudDragon’s hands grabbed tight. “What an amazing change of moves and choice.”

VastSea smiled bitterly. You guys have the instinct and ability to capture moments so that you can play the scene in your mind in super slow motion. Zhang Zhengxiong blocked the Slashing Star Chop with both arms by putting his right hand before his left. In that split second, his right hand got out from the mechanical gauntlet and grabbed Hussein’s shirt. He sacrificed his left hand, letting it be chopped. With a leap, he flew up the sky with one hand capturing Hussein. So many actions and yet, they were done in that split second. This is totally…

LordAsked glanced and made a ‘hmph’. “Hussein, that guy loses miserably.”

“Brother, how did you know he has lost? Don’t tell me it was a mere guess.” LordGrinned was still waiting for the energy mist to fade away.

“Don’t hit my face, brother! I’m sorry!” LordGrinned screamed. 

The mist had not faded away. 

“Player HeavenShakingMight defeated player Hussein.” The system’s message fired up the entire stadium. They roughly saw the energy wave being knocked away by a meteor spiraling energy. They could not see it clearly. All they could do was waiting for the summary screen to replay what happened in the mist.

The energy slowly faded away due to the spiraling shockwave. Everyone saw Zhang Zhengxiong who lost his left arm getting up from the large pit. His upper body was bare as he had taken off the mechanical arms equipment. Meanwhile, there was only a corpse who got his head exploded in the pit.

“Roar!” Zhang Zhengxiong yelled. That extremely scary uproar shocked everyone. 

“Roar!” Lin Le immediately imitated him. Because he was too cute and innocent, ElegantFragrance quickly pulled him over and hugged him. Song Xin who was not in the stadium had blacklisted ElegantFragrance into the I-will-tear-her-face-once-I-see-her list.

“This person is too scary. I even think that ordinary players don’t even have the guts to stand in front of him.” Verlianna was numb as she felt the pressure from the roar. He was indeed a demon.

Ye Cang then recalled the treasures in Zhang Zhengxiong’s gene lock. One of them was extremely rare in-born intimidation as if the blood running in his body was dragon’s blood. This intimidation is super strong. If he reaches the maximum, he could definitely dominate the area of imposing manner. Unlike other warriors who could only hope to reach the level by a miracle. He had in-born conditions and unlocked this talent. A’Xiong, I could only help you reach this level. You are on your own after this. Everyone’s treasure is different. Ye Cang sighed and then pinched Verlianna’s butt. “This elasticity is indeed the best.”

What Ye Cang desired was a one-shot kill, a pure instant kill. Speed and strength expanded to their maximum. 

Upon getting out of the arena, Hussein was stunned for a moment and laughed. “Hahaha! That’s so great! Even though I have lost, I can already feel the excitement of defeating you, HeavenShakingMight!”

“Idiot, come. I’ll just kill you again.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked and pointed a middle finger with his one remaining arm. 

“The Strongest of All! Diamond Attack!” The Three Brother’s fan club’s cheer covered the other districts

ThornyRose was also shocked by Zhang Zhengxiong’s intimidating back. She came back to her senses and signaled him with her eyes. “Shaking Bear, come back.”

“I can continue. That’s not necessary.” Zhang Zhengxiong kept away the useless mechanical arms and looked at Glory Hall’s second fighter. One-Eyed Pirate - HaiWei. With one hand, he signaled him. “Your turn, come on.”

Brother Zhao repeated the scene again and again. He exclaimed. “That’s truly wonderful! It can be jotted into the legendary textbook. Counterattacking and negating. That split second reaction. That fast-thinking. Even FlameEmperor could not do that.”

Although Brother Zhong was not resigned, he chose to keep quiet. This Brother Big Diamond’s improvement and speed are incredible. He got better and better, one match after another. I hate to admit it but he might be the next FlameEmperor. Or even...This is hard to say…

“Be careful, you are dead once you get captured. Don’t be greedy. This fella can be said as the top 1 for countering moves in the current league.” Hussein said in a serious manner.

“Without the mechanical arms, I bet his strength has dropped to S rank but his speed...Your awareness has to be at least SS rank or above to keep up with it.” Wences reminded him as he looked at the one-armed Shaking Bear standing on the stage.

HaiWei drew his twin swords, one red and one blue. He then nodded as he got up the stage. “Understood.”