Everyone in the stadium was speechless and dumbfounded. It just happened like that?

The Three Brother’s fan club then broke the silence in the stadium.

“Brother Le is so manly! What a big cannon!”

“Kill all with one shot, d*ck for the win!”

“Shoot at me! Shoot at me! Aim at my mosaic part! Ah!” A random crazy girl.


Lin Le got down the stage arrogantly. With his chin and ‘cannon’ both facing up the sky at 45 degrees, he shouted. “God damn it! Who’s next?!”

Wences who got defeated wanted to quit. I just got instantly killed by the thing shot out by that piece of shit? I...

After the roar, Lin Le put on the windbreaker. As he swung the windbreaker, he looked like a general.

“Hey hey, what’s the difference of you wearing this and not wearing anything at all?” ThornyRose reminded him as she saw Lin Le’s private part was not in mosaic anymore.

“Don’t bother too much. Just be casual.” Lin Le nodded and pleased Ye Cang. “Brother Lil’White, is Lele strong?”

“Very strong. But you can’t be arrogant. Next time when you shoot, aim for the opponent’s critical part with just one shot!” Ye Cang nodded with a smile.

The others at the side felt weird. His words don’t sound right. 

“Got it!” Lin Le said in a serious manner. He then turned around and sneered at Little Ye Tian. 

Little Ye Tian was trembling. That Lele should die! Argh! It pissed me off! I must show some results too! In father’s heart, my marks and Lin Le’s are different. No, I must think of something…

 Little Ye Tian once again entered into deep thoughts.

“Timeout.” Knowing that they were about to get prepare for the group battle, ThornyRose signaled the judges to stop the time. “Shaking Bear, Lele, you two come with me for a second.”

ThornyRose brought them to aside. “Character’s rank is?”

“Let me see...there is a cross and a minus sign” Lin Le scratched his head.

“Mine too.” Zhang Zhengxiong shrugged his shoulders.

ThornyRose was shocked. A cross...does that mean X?! The X rank above SSS rank?! A minus sign...X-? Does that mean it is pre-X? I think they must take on the real challenge in order to get rid of the minus sign. Yet, the system has admitted that they exceed the SSS rank without challenging. This is unbelievable. ThornyRose’s heart couldn't take it. She didn’t dare to imagine the difference between S rank and X- rank. She then took a look at the attributes and main skills of their characters. At an instant, she understood that the difference between S rank and X- rank is that if the conditions allow it, no matter how many S rank go against it, they would die.

Player: HeavenShakingMight
Character: Mad Grappler (Exclusive)
Rank: X- (to be upgraded)
Strength : X+
Speed: X+
Fighting Power: EX
Mana: S
Will: X+
Exclusive X Ultimate: Sudden Hell Kill, Rising Dragon Explosion, Return of Souls, Explosive Aura of Madness
Exclusive X Limit Break Ultimate: Real - Sudden Hell Kill (Sealed. Conditions aren’t achieved)

Player: HappyAndCheerful
Character: Godly Army Warrior
Strength: EX
Speed: X
Fighting Power: EX
Mana: SS
Will: X
Exclusive X Ultimate: Shattering Sky Shot, Whipping Tail of Giant Dragon, Armstrong’s Spiral Turning Shot, Burning of Battle Spirit
Exclusive X Limit Break Ultimate: God’s Prosthesis (Sealed. Conditions aren’t achieved)

ThornyRose felt bad for the opponents as she screened through the effects of their big moves and she smiled bitterly. Their normal skills can even block my killing move. These two are independent exclusives. The Mechanical Street Fighter and Assault Warrior are temporarily out. FrozenBlood, FrozenCloud and I can be substitutions. Even though the King of Nightmare Knights is an X rank, it can’t beat a two X- rank alone. If that lowlife’s Piercing Thorn was not banned, then the noble achievement’s skill could be used. It would be an instant win for group battle. 

“Brother Zhong, what do you think their ranks will be?” Brother Zhao questioned as the ranking was not announced yet and there was not enough data about them. By the time it was announced, this match would have ended. 

“In my expectation, it would be above SSS rank but below X rank.” Upon hearing Brother Zhong words, Brother Zhao rolled his eyes. “Duh.”

“Let go of me already. It is meaningless to continue.” Verlianna sighed as she looked at Ye Cang.

“No. There is still a thing undone. One Thousand Years of Death.” Ye Cang grinned.

“......” Verlianna heaved out a deep sigh and stared at Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le. This club is slowly building up. A new generation of iconic people has appeared. FlameEmperor’s generation has become a past.

“Let me arrange the people for group battle. Lowlife, can you play Assault Warrior?” ThornyRose looked at Ye Cang. 

“Busy. Not free.” Ye Cang replied seriously.

ThornyRose was speechless. God damn it! How long are you going to play with that butt?! She sighed. Nevermind. “You three have to go for sure. So it leaves two spots. I’ll use the Assault Warrior and FrozenBlood, you’ll use the Mechanical Street Fighter. FrozenCloud, you’ll be the sixth man under the war banner.”

Upon finished saying, she then led the team up to the stage. 

“Are you really not going up? You sure it won’t be a problem?” Verlianna calmly sat on Ye Cang’s hand and asked. 

“There are A’Xiong and Lele. It is enough.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and said.

How can he be so calm when facing an X rank King of Nightmare Knights? Does that mean that the other two self-realization characters are…?! Verlianna did not continue to ask instead, she decided to watch. 

MistyVeil had the urge to remind him. Are you guys sure this position is good? It seems like your hand costs 25 Million federal dollars.

Snow covered the entire valley. ThornyRose led the others to high ground and stared at the white snow far away. The effect of the King of Nightmare Knights was very obvious. Just when she was about to give the ambush order, Lin Le’s cannon faced the ground and he shouted. “Hold me tight. I’m about to fly! Armstrong Lele Spiral Flying Shot! Activate! The sky is calling me! Heeyah!”

Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed Lin Le’s left hand and SpyingBlade grabbed another hesitatingly. Meanwhile, FrozenBlood jumped on to hug Lin Le from behind and ThornyRose had no choice but to hug him from the front. Even though her mind was filled with question marks, she knew it must be some big move as the thing was charging up.

Brother Zhao, Brother Zhong, and the others were soaked in cold sweat as they saw their awkward posture. These fellas just have to do weird things.


A large noise was heard.

Upon seeing the snow bursting off on the top of the hill far away, Hussein shouted. “Alert!”

ThornyRose felt that she was soaring to the sky. All of a sudden, they were a few hundred meters above sea level. Not long after, they passed through the clouds. Just how high will this shot take us to?!

“Omg! My Brother Le doesn’t only use his d*ck to kill players instantly but it can also make his teammates fly! Truly the God of D*ck! When is the federal going to release this character? It is so meaningful!”

“Yes indeed. Use d*ck to fetch people.”

“He is just a pervert.”

“Boo at him! How dare you doubt our Big D*ck Brother Le?!”

“Hey, the Three Brother’s fan club, let us, the Crazy Woman Alliance lend you a hand!”

“Retreat! Scatter!” Wences felt the pressure coming from the clouds above.


An unknown object suddenly fell from the sky and the snow splattered. BlackBow - Gais was crushed into a meat patty by Lin Le. The great impact knocked the others away.