Ye Cang’s changes were not obvious. It was just that there was an additional hourglass sign on the back of his windbreaker.

Ye Cang then checked his character’s profile and his new skills.

Player: PaleSnow
Character: Piercing Thorn
Strength: X
Speed: GX
Fighting Power: X
Mana: X
Will: X
Exclusive X Ultimate: Thousands of Lights, Thorns Planting, Sudden Ambush, Light Travel
Exclusive X Limit Break Ultimate: Time Control (Sealed. Conditions aren’t achieved)

As he turned around, Ye Cang changed back to his tuxedo suit. With a cane in his hand, he casually walked down the thorns-like stairs as the blood-red petals of roses once again fell from the sky. At that instant, cheers filled the stadium. Brother Hero’s name was everywhere to be heard, including ‘God of Acting’ and ‘Act Emperor’. 

Upon getting back to his place, Ye Cang turned back and looked at the arena in the sky. He said faintly. “If his speed was faster, that little gap might be delayed and it might not be that easy for me to defeat him. What a pity.”


“It has appeared! Preaching at people after killing them!”

“Nice to meet you, goodbye and taunting. That’s my Big Brother Hero! Killing the SSS+ ranked BlackDemon and giving advice casually.”

“Looks like it is going to be hard for Knights of Round Table.”

With a glimpse of apology, Ye Cang said to the members from Knights of Round Table. “I’m sorry to keep y’all waiting. Oh yeah, you guys can surrender now.”

“That’s right. I still have a replay to watch! Quickly hand out the Santa golden figure!” Ye Cang sneered at them.

“Let’s start.” Cadone sighed. Three X ranks and a Sakura Martial Artist. It is definitely an unbeatable match. Even so, any one of them is more troublesome than FlameEmperor. Does the China district specialize in producing insane players? 

“Unnecessary struggles.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked.

“It is a guarantee that the Three Brothers would win. Whether or not they are going to take on the final challenge is the only thing that we are waiting for.” Brother Zhao stared at the Three Brothers, SpyingBlade, Sakura Martial Artist and Little Ye Tian. No point battling this lineup. The Knights of Round Table would still lose even if they use King of Wind.

“Cadone has just bad luck. This year, he finally defeated Flame Dragon but then ended up being haunted by the underdog from China district. Even worse, it is in the finals.” Looking at Cadone, Brother Zhong felt pity for him. 

“Of course.” Zuo Yiyi interrupted them.

“Oh! You’re here. How many character stock did you get?” Seeing Zuo Yiyi coming back, Brother Zhao asked with a smirk.

“It’s a secret.” Zuo Yiyi smiled.

“Then…let’s make a bet.” Not waiting for Brother Zhong to finish his sentence, both of them shouted. “F*ck off!”

*Cough* “The dueling has started. The first one is Brother Big Diamond. has ended. ExtremeSpike was killed by Sudden Hell Kill. The SS rank’s ultimate and X rank’s are two completely different things.” Brother Zhong went back to the main topic. Upon getting on the stage, Zhang Zhengxiong leaped forward and the lights in the arena went off. Then, some fighting sounds were heard. Suddenly, a bright red ‘sky’ word appeared and there was a female corpse on the floor. 

With ease, Zhang Zhengxiong won the entire dueling. Even Cadone could not escape his Explosion of Aura of Madness and was killed by it. Cadone’s light bullets were knocked off by Zhang Zhengxiong’s shockwave and all he could do was smiling bitterly, looking at the explosive Shockwave Punch. 

As for the group battle, the members from Knights of Round Table were killed instantly as Ye Cang swung his hair and Lin Le fired his Shattering Sky Shot. 

Everyone was speechless. It was completely torturing for the opponent. The scene was horrible to watch too.

“Looks like the rules are going to change next year. If not, the competition is completely ruined. I guess there should be some changes in the use of legendary characters.” Brother Zhao said as he saw the three X- ranks torturing people miserably. 

“Of course.” Brother Zhong slowly nodded.

“It is finally the Hero mode. This lineup is completely...Three X- ranks, GX ranked Sakura Martial Artist, SpyingBlade and Little Ye Tian.” Zuo Yiyi also felt horrible for them. On the opposite side, there was only the King of Wind facing against them. It looked so pitiful.

“Teamfight at level 1. Well, this Mad Devil Le is completely insane. 4 kills already! What’s the point of battling anyway? His d*ck has upgraded to level 2. When he gets back to the lane, he could finish off BloodKnight with one shot.” Brother Zhao saw Lin Le changed to the shotgun mode. With that attacking power and coverage, Lin Le could kill all the creeps in one short and aim at the opponent with his second shot.

“I’m more curious about the chilling seed that Brother Hero planted into the ground. It looks like he changes his element attribute to ice. By looking from the front, you could obviously tell that he has the ability to change elements ability.” Upon finishing his sentence, Brother Zhong saw ExtremenSpike entering into the bushes where she did not find anything different. Just when she stepped in, tens of icy thorns captured her. As the poison from the icy thorns entered into her body, she immediately lost three bars of her health points. Due to the continuous damage from the poison, she quickly lost six bars of her health points and entered into entangled status. Even so, it reduced her movement speed. Little Ye Tian as the vision genius saw what happened and immediately swung her scepter, unleashing a rainbow shot with which she killed her.

Everyone was shocked by the effect of the seed. When Ye Cang’s cooldown was refreshed, he quickly planted the seed at the most hidden spot in the jungle. It could not be detected at all. Within only 30 minutes, the entire jungle was filled with seeds. It completely shut down the opposite junglers.

“I’m a jungler too, it is common for us to die. This skill is just too overpowered. It can be used at level 1, has a short cooldown, can stay there for quite a long period of time and cannot be detected by any anti-invisibility skill. Most importantly, the seed’s damage is extremely high. It also has a controlling and slowing effect. As Brother Hero leveled up, the damage of the seed had obviously increased a lot according to the attributes.” VastSea was speechless as he saw the DemonHunter - Zac dieing countless times just because he accidentally stepped on a seed. 

CloudDragon sighed as it was unknown. Everyone was a stranger to their skills and did not know exactly how their skills work. He knew how important intel was. Hence, it was scary to go against unknown opponents as you did not know what they have up their sleeves.

Everyone pitied the Knights of Round Table as their opponent camped at the spawn point and they were taunted endlessly. As Cadone’s King of Wind was holding the sword tight, he was not resigned. He then dashed out and a hurricane was formed. “Sword of Storm!”

“Shattering Sky Shot!” Lin Le immediately counterattacked. 

“Change of Moon - Flash of Heaven and Earth!” ThornyRose’s Sakura Martial Artist was radiating a blood aura and a two-meter samurai sword swung. A blood-red Scar of Sky flashed.

“Thousands of Lights.” Ye Cang drew  his sword and hundred of white lights flashed at an instant. 

“Explosive Aura of Madness!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s palms blasted out super strong shockwaves.

“Shadow Riot!” With LIttle Ye Tian’s help, SpyingBlade’s shadow duplicated into a large amount. He dashed.

Cadone’s Sword of Storm was knocked away by five different attacks. Ye Cang continued to taunt at them and planted the seeds at the spawn point. “Come out. I’ll face you guys all by myself. I swear.”