Ye Cang signaled everyone to back off from the base. ThornyRose facepalmed. Can you just push all the way and win the championship? It is already the end and you still want to act.

Zhang Zhengxiong led everyone out of the place as if he was a tour guide.

“The Undead Bird has spawned. Shall we go kill it?” SpyingBlade suggested after estimating the time. 

“Let’s go! Let’s go! I want to try my ‘cannon’! The opponent is just too weak.” Lin Le’s taunt gave people a feeling like he was about to go for a field trip, except for the fact that he was going naked. 

“Sounds like a good idea since we have nothing to do. I have never battled the Undead Bird. This map is unlike the previous ones, there were no frogs or alligator.” Zhang Zhengxiong led them to the Undead Bird’s territory.

ThornyRose was speechless. Do you guys come here for sightseeing or something?! She had no choice but to follow them. “The finals map is very special. The four spots refresh at a different time and its difficulty is higher.”

On the other hand, the members of Knights of Round Table who were blocked by Ye Cang were frustrated.

“Leader, this is totally bullying.” ExtremeSpike and DemonHunter were upset as they had already died in Ye Cang’s hand more than ten times. What made it worse was that they died without seeing Ye Cang. It was basically giving souls to him from miles away. 

“Let’s go out. He has reached level 11. Let’s see what new skills he has. Collect more intel so that we can defend it better next time.” Cadone heaved out a deep sighed. It is hopeless this time. 

Once the six people stepped out of the spawn point, Ye Cang activated Light Travel. It was as if he was using blink. Unleashing Sudden Ambush, he turned into a beam of light which passed through Cadone’s body and then bounced to another. He broke through all the blocks. It looked like he was connecting dots. As he succeeded, he broke out from the light beam and kept his sword back into the scabbard. 


Blood burst out from the hearts and throats of all six of them. They fell to the ground together.

“Player PaleSnow got a hexakill!”

“What the f*ck?! The Flash of Life has an AOE version?! With that kind of speed, the light-armored players are basically useless!” Brother Zhao stood up as he shouted. 

“The Undead Bird was defeated!”

“The Undead Demon was defeated!”

“Mario and Luigi were defeated!”

“Congratulations for defeating the uncommons! Thorns and Roses have received a club’s decoration item - a set of mushroom bolster.”

ThornyRose smiled bitterly. Upon receiving the message of Ye Cang’s hexakill, she knew this match was meaningless. Would we get a technical foul for torturing people? She then stared at the corpse of Mario and Luigi. These things are truly hard to fight. We almost died. 

“It has refreshed at the bottom area! It is the boss! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Lin Le gazed afar from the high grounds. 

Everyone was speechless. Do you guys treat this as an RPG?

Lastly, Thorns and Roses won despite being cursed by the Knights of Round Table. They even obtained some rare club’s decoration item.

Petals of roses poured from the sky and the entire ultimate stage was decorated with roses and thorns. All the members of Thorns and Roses were surrounded by it. Looking at the sky filled with roses and the ‘Champion - Thorns and Roses’ sign, tears rolled down ThornyRose’s cheek. 

“Congratulations.” MistyVeil was emotional too because Misty Rain House had not obtained such glory for quite some time.

“You guys deserve it.” Verlianna sighed. She turned around but Ye Cang was nowhere to be found. She then noticed that everyone was looking at her in a weird way. No way. Just when she turned her head, Ye Cang’s voice came across. “Don’t move. It will be very fast. I’ll count to three for you to get prepared.”

Verlianna was struggling inside. Is he serious about it?! This is the ultimate stage! The entire globe is watching! She then took a deep breath. Can’t complain when you lose a bet!

“One.” Ye Cang took the cane and immediately pierced it. 

Verlianna felt a sense of pain from the butt. You motherf*cker! I thought you said on a count of three?! Damn it! You never say the truth! After the pain, she felt the thing was still not pulled out. “Hey, pull it out already!”

“About that, it only counts if I pull it out.” Verlianna was dumbfounded upon hearing what Ye Cang said. She turned to see Ye Cang’s faint smile and chills immediately went down her spine. This fella is an inborn pervert!

“......” Everyone was shocked too. They then shouted together. “Damn!” 

ThornyRose felt horrible. She stared at Ye Cang and complained in her heart. With a leap, she pulled out Ye Cang’s cane. “I beg you. Please maintain the club’s manners.”

“Real rose, if you want to blame someone, blame this fake rose. She is the one who asked me to do so. I’m sorry. I actually didn’t want to do such bad things.” With much apologies, Ye Cang smiled faintly and helped Verlianna to get up. 

“Just wait and see! I swear I’ll get my revenge on you! I definitely will!” Verlianna glanced at Ye Cang and ThornyRose and finally hobbled out of the Thorns and Roses place.

Knowing that no matter what she said she would still have to hold the responsibility, ThornyRose smiled bitterly. This pathetic lowlife.

A pathway was then opened in the sea of roses and thorns. An old man, wearing formal clothes, walked out with a golden Santa figure. “Congratulations to y’all, Thorns and Roses.”

ThornyRose’s heart was pounding fast. Eric Tess! The CEO of the World Gamer Alliance! Seeing that he was about to hand over the golden figure, she wanted to go forward and receive it. Yet, Lin Le snatched it away. “It’s mine.”

“Haha. Champions of the day. The night belongs to all of you!” Tess laughed as he saw ThornyRose forcing Lin Le to hand over the golden figure.

“ThornyRose, regarding the next session. You do know it right? Whether or not to take on the challenge, think wisely.” Upon finishing his sentence, Tess walked away. However, his words left ThornyRose stunned. Challenge or not?

“Challenge what?” Ye Cang asked.

“Legendary.” ThornyRose replied.

“Speak human.” Ye Cang said softly.

“......” ThornyRose felt like punching him.

“Father, in the upcoming session, there will be two options. Group challenge or individual challenge. If you choose the group challenge, it will be a 5v5 arena battle. Meanwhile, if you choose the individual challenge, it will be a 1v1. However, your opponents will be the legendary players throughout the game history. It may even be Chrysanthemum Emperor’s character and Angelite.” Little Ye Tian’s explanation gave Ye Cang a rough overview. He then smiled. “Let’s challenge then. Group challenge. Who knows one of us might end up being a new legend.”

“Brother, we definitely can!” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

“That’s right! That’s right! We are the new legends!” Lin Le hugged the golden figure tight.

“Legendary? It is interesting.” SpyingBlade smiled with his arms crossed. 

“You guys.” ThornyRose was astonished but then she smirked. “Understood.”

“Activate the final challenge! Group battle mode!” ThornyRose shouted as adrenaline rushed through her. She finally felt how it was like to act.

“They aren’t challenging individually?! This means! Group challenge!” Brother Zhao once again slammed the table and shouted.

“It suits the Three Brothers’ temper. If you want to act, just put up a big one. There’s nothing to be surprised of.” Brother Zhong smiled.