“What does the peripheral gambling say?” Zuo Yiyi was concerned.

“They estimated that the odd is high.” Brother Zhong was looking at the fluctuating data.

“Then, I better bet on teacher’s team.” After much hesitation, Zuo Yiyi placed quite a large amount to bet.

“Me too.” Brother Zhong smiled.

“Well...I’ll follow. It is better to follow the majority. I’ve lost all my bets this year.” Brother Zhao also hesitated for a second.

Despite everyone was shouting, cheering and teasing, they were actually curious what the Three Brothers would face.

Five cards were spinning non-stop in mid-air. Finally, they stopped. 

The five cards were then flipped.

“ManlyGodDragon, Angelite, Black Widow, Sakura Martial Artist, and God of Hunters.” Brother Zhao could not help but exclaim. Thorns and Roses luck is just so bad. These heroes are all insane.

“Let’s see who the sixth person will be.” Brother Zhao frowned.

“If I’m not mistaken, for the group challenge, both sides could have a random legendary character or heroic spirit as their sixth person.” Zuo Yiyi started to worry about the team since she bet quite a large amount. Chills went down her spine as she looked at the lineup of the challenged team. 

First, it was the host’s turn to flip the card.

“Whose glabella was painted with the mountains? Whose fingernails were painted with the heavy makeup?”

Wu Zetian!” Zuo Yiyi saw the outcome. 

“It is Thorns and Roses turn.” Brother Zhao was clenching his fist tightly.

“Routes are created by human itself. Fame and glory are insignificant.” 

A white-haired skinny man appeared. Wearing a dopo, he looked kind.

“Zhang Shanfeng!” Brother Zhong shouted.

ThornyRose was uneasy as she knew how strong the opponents were. No one had ever won the challenge for almost 70 years. Even though there was a glimpse of hope in her heart, she knew the probability was small. She then took a deep breath. At least it isn’t zero! “I’m counting on you guys!”

“Don’t worry.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked as he stared at the heroic spirit which was already waiting at the circular arena.

“Be quick! Be quick! Lele still needs to rush back home and watch the replay!” Lin Le threw the windbreaker away and exposed his naked body.

“I also want to go back and try a new creative dish that I thought of recently.” Upon hearing Ye Cang’s words, everyone had goosebumps.

The stadium was filled with all kinds of gossips. “ManlyGodDragon, War God, and even God of Hunters are out. Looks like the Three Brothers have not much hope in winning.”

“So what?! It is still a glory for my Three Brothers! If they can’t make it this time, they will try again next time!”

“Stop arguing! It has started!”

Ye Cang and the other five people frowned as they looked at the opponents. As the leader, Angelite was gigantic in size, holding a cracked hammer which shined in red. It was intimidating. On the other hand, ManlyGodDragon was wearing karate clothes. ManlyGodDragon, Lin Le. and Zhang Zhengxiong were standing in such a way that it looked like a divine trigram. BlackWidow wore a light mage armor and her scepter was radiating with black magic. Meanwhile, Sakura Martial Artist slowly pulled out a two-meter-long sword. She looked as if she was eager to kill. Lastly, God of Hunters was carrying three different colored types of javelins on her back and a heavy crossbow in her hand, filled with chills. Her eyes gave out a hunter feel.

“Father, in terms of strategy…” Just when Little Ye Tian was about to say something, Ye Cang interrupted her. “We don’t need any strategy. Just do your best for this match.”

“Got it.” Little Ye Tian was stunned for a second and nodded, gripping her scepter hard.

“Begin!” The judge shouted.

“Roar!” Angelite let out a battle roar.

“Roar your mother!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted back.

Both teams rushed at each other.

Numerous skills clashed together. It was truly exciting to watch. Yet, it was obvious that Ye Cang’s team was at a disadvantage. Going against Angelite’s big hammer, Zhang Zhengxiong did not back off, instead, he went all out. Their battle was the clash between two top strength players. On the other hand, Ye Cang was battling ManlyGodDragon. What came to the audience’s surprise was that both of them were at the same level. Even though ManlyGodDragon’s attacks were coming from all directions at top speed, they were useless against Ye Cang’s speed and dodges. Yet, Ye Cang’s counterattacks were more deadly.

BlackWidow then summoned a black ball. However, Little Ye Tian’s vision delay affected BlackWidow’s accuracy by a little. This was just enough for SpyingBlade and Ye Cang to escape. SpyingBlade was having a hard time resisting Sakura Martial Artist. It was so tough that he might be killed anytime. Despite the difference between SS rank and GX rank was obvious, SpyingBlade gave a feeling as if he still has a chance and would not be defeated so easily. The tougher the situation is, the scarier the person will be. As for the God of Hunters, she was restrained by Lin Le. They were having a battle between d*ck and javelin and crossbow.

“It is definitely the greatest battle in these hundreds of years.” Brother Zhao praised.

“Get away!” Angelite whose eyes shined in red knocked Zhang Zhengxiong away and went for Lin Le.

“Get away too!” Lin Le did not back off but swung his d*ck. It turned into Whipping Tail of Giant Dragon and knocked Angelite 10 meters away.

“My turn!” From behind, Zhang Zhengxiong activated Sudden Hell Kill. The entire arena became pitch black and a few hitting sounds were heard. A ‘sky’ word flashed. Angelite was full of wounds but still standing firmly and shouted. He jumped and slammed the hammer on the ground. Instantly, the ground collapsed. Ye Cang and ManlyGodDragon continued battling between the fallen granite.SpyingBlade dodged Sakura Martial Artist’s skills and went deep into the pit with shadow step. As for Little Ye Tian, she tried all possible ways to disrupt BlackWidow’s vision. Other than that, she could not help much.

“Source of Pitch Black!” BlackWidow then summoned a black hole. The granites and ground which were originally falling then started to float up, sucked in by the black hole. 

Seeing Ye Cang dashing towards BlackWidow with godlike speed, ManlyGodDragon immediately activated some skills to block his way. Just when he stepped on a piece of granite, a large number of light thorns appeared and strangled him. They let out a strong light that blinded him.

“Father, you can’t let her use Black Hole Explosion!” Little Ye Tian noticed BlackWidow was casting something.

Ye Cang smiled and shouted. “Hey, beautiful ladies!” 

Subconsciously, both ladies turned to look at Ye Cang. Ye Cang then swung his hair. Godlike Hair!

Both BlackWidow and God of Hunters were caught by the skill. Standing on the javelin stabbed on a granite upside down, Lin Le smirked and blasted at God of Hunters with Shattering Sky Shot.

Ye Cang activated Light Travel and Flash or Life. Unsuccessful. Thousands of Lights! He killed BlackWidow.

Meanwhile, Lin Le killed God of Hunters. However, he did not have much health left as he was hit by one javelin and so he was killed by ManlyGodDragon.

In the pit, Zhang Zhengxiong, with the help of SpyingBlade’s suicide attacks, died together with Angelite. On the battlefield, there were only Ye Cang and Little Ye Tian, ManlyGodDragon and SakuraMartialArtist left.

“Winning or losing, it is no longer important when they could actually reach such a situation.”

“The Three Brothers are too strong! Angelite, BlackWidow, and God of Hunters were defeated. Even though they were controlled by the system, it was still based on the original player’s battle habits.”

“Brother Big Diamond and SpyingBlade are truly marvelous. They grabbed the chance to kill Angelite.”

“But in the current situation, the Three Brothers’ side is at a great disadvantage. They only have one main attacker and the support is only an S rank. The most she could do is just some distraction.”

“You guys missed an important point. They can take the banner.”

“Father! You must get the banner! My death is not important!” Little Ye Tian helped Ye Cang to block Sakura Martial Artist’s Moonlight Slash and activated Rainbow Fantasy and Rainbow Mirage. It trapped Sakura Martial Artist a little. Those skills duplicated a few images of Ye Cang who was dashing towards the war banner.

ManlyGodDragon then constantly killed Ye Cang’s images and dashed in the same direction.