Reaping Soul of Mount Tai! All of a sudden, an incredibly strong kick was launched at the real Ye Cang. It went past Ye Cang and hit the granite wall. It immediately crumpled and fell. Instantly, a large number of light thorns popped out from the wall and strangled ManlyGodDragon.

“What an amazing trap!” Brother Zhong slammed the table for the first time and stood up as he shouted, looking at Ye Cang reappearing.

Upon reaching the floating island, Ye Cang pulled the war banner out. “Come out, my teammate!”

A sage-like man appeared from thin air, arms crossed. With a kind smile, he asked. “What’s consider moral?”

“I’m the moral!” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

“Good answer. Not bad.” Zhang Shangfeng smiled. As he swung his hands from left to right, the entire pit started to spin like a pair of yin and yang fishes. ManlyGodDragon and Sakura Martial Artist were stuck as they could not move. They then jumped up after many struggles. Ye Cang saw Zhang Shanfeng pulled them together and made them fight each other as if he was the puppet master and ManlyGodDragon and Sakura Martial Artist were the puppets being controlled. 

Calmly and casually, Zhang Shanfeng then used ManlyGodDragon’s strength to send Sakura Martial Artist up to the sky. Ye Cang immediately killed her with Thousands of Lights and Sudden Ambush. Lastly, Zhang Shanfeng got close to ManlyGodDragon and knocked him away with his palm at a slow pace. No one dared to comment on whether Zhang Shanfeng was fast or slow. It was slow but undodgeable; fast but not instantly. It was terrifying.

“God damn it! This Zhang Shanfeng is too overpowered.”

“Oh please...he is a heroic spirit. Whoever can become a heroic spirit is insane.”

“Thorns and Roses’ succeed in the challenge!”

With his arms crossed, Zhang Shanfeng stood firmly and disappeared in thin air as the breeze blew.

“Zhang Shanfeng from our China district knocked ManlyGodDragon away with just one palm.”

“About that...both ManlyGodDragon and Sakura Martial Artist are from China district too…”


“Oh well, all hail the Three Brothers! Brothers! Stand up! Let’s go drink! No one is going home tonight unless you are drunk!”

“The stars have fallen! The Three Brothers rule! In this dynasty! The world will be at peace!”

His Yin Yang Divine Trigram was too marvelous. Ye Cang looked at Zhang Shanfeng with much respect. Even, in reality, I think it might be really hard to defeat him.

“They succeeded! They succeeded!” GreenDrew shouted.

“Yes, they did it.” ThornyRose clapped as her eyes were filled with pride. 

“That’s the man that makes me wanted to be his wife willingly.” FrozenBlood nodded.

“My little Lele won!” ElegantFragrance shouted too.


OldWang quickly went to GreenDrew’s side and opened his arms wide. Yet, all he got was a ‘f*ck off’. Turning to see AV hugging little Jade, he was filled with much resentment. This bastard, how dare he uses this opportunity to trick her for a hug. Bastard.

“A moment to write into the game’s history.” Brother Zhao once again changed to his pajamas while the Three Brothers and the six-man team were standing on the stage.

“Indeed. The night belongs to the Three Brothers.” Brother Zhong stood up and clapped.

“All players who participated in the group battle are leveled up!”

“It’s here! The moment to level up!”

Ye Cang saw his rank changed from X- to GX+. On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were leveled up to GX; Little Ye Tian and SpyingBlade turned to X rank.

“Father, Brother Xiong, and Lele, you guys became emperors.” Little Ye Tian laughed.

“What do you mean?” Ye Cang asked.

“GX ranked players will obtain the emperor title, exclusive treatment, and a ring. Then, there would be a statue of them at Glory Square.” Little Ye Tian explained.

“Lele is the emperor now?! Hooray! Emperor! Emperor!” Lin Le started to dance and turned around to tease Little Ye Tian with his butt.

Little Ye Tian ground her teeth and trembled. It was obvious that her level of hatred towards Lin Le had increased.

Zhang Zhengxiong then turned to think. He increased the attract-girls attribute by 100. Yes!

Ye Cang was stunned for a second. Emperor rank? Oh, I must act for this sh*t! He took off his top hat, slammed the cane on the ground and shouted. “I proclaim myself emperor!”

A path to glory then opened up under the rain of roses. 

With everyone cheering greatly, Ye Cang, Lin Le, and Zhang Zhengxiong stepped on the thorns and walked up to the glory stage.

“Never thought that after so many years, it is still the China District which completes the challenge. Now, choose your title.” Tess exclaimed as he knew how insane China district was.

The three of them looked at the titles on the screen, voted by the virtual world players across the globe. Ye Cang had the Acting Emperor title, Lin Le got the D*ck Emperor title and Zhang Zhengxiong received the Roar Emperor. At last, due to the problem with promoting and culture, Ye Cang changed his emperor title to White Emperor and Lin Le changed it to Root Emperor.

“They finally got what they wished for.” CloudDragon’s eyes were filled with the urge to battle.

“Can’t believe it was these three idiots. But, it is quite interesting too.” LordAsked licked his lips.

“About…” LordGrinned had not finished his sentence when he was already beaten to the ground. 

“I’ll take that back!” Looking at the three people on the glory stage, FlameEmperor was fired up. I’m the one who rules the China District!

“Who says that it is becoming famous in one match? It is becoming Gods in one match.” NalanMoon recalled that these three just debuted this year. “Well, excluding his personality and dishes, he never fails to take on the title of team leader.”

“Yeap.” NalanPureSoul exclaimed.

“My Three Brothers became emperors! Idiots! Are you not gonna shout?! All hail the Three Brothers!”

“Cheh, they could only become emperors thanks to Zhang Shanfeng’s power! Fake emperor!”

“Wow, such toxic statement. I bet you’re the dog from island nation?”

“I hereby congratulate our Korean Federation’s warriors.”

Looking at the three people on the glory stage, ThornyRose had a thought. To be honest, it is too good to be true. It is as if the whole thing is a dream. They actually went up to the glory stage. If that fella’s personality was better, then it would be good.

 Because of the relationship with Ye Cang, Zuo Yiyi was sent to the stage and made an interview with him.

“Teacher, do you have any words to say to the players across the globe?” Zuo Yiyi smiled.

“Even though this is a duty of being the trump card, I would still like to thank those who were killed by us. Without them, we might not be standing right here. I truly thank you all.” With an arm on his chest, Ye Cang bowed. At the same time, he used the cane to knock Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s head. “Bow. This is manners.”

Reluctantly, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le bowed.

“Brother Big Diamond, what about you?” Zuo Yiyi smiled bitterly. Hey, hey, do you guys think it is good to taunt in such way?

“Is there anyone who could actually fight?!” Zhang Zhengxiong roared. Ye Cang gradually nodded. Not bad. He accepted my suggestion on using his imposing manner to attract girls.

“How about Lele?” Zuo Yiyi wiped her cold sweat.

“Roar! God damn it! Who’s next?!” Lin Le was like a naked little monster who was going to kill Ultraman anytime.

Zuo Yiyi could not help but sigh as she always had a hard time interviewing them. “A lot of players and also the alliance hope to know the new skills you guys got. Can you guys show us? Since it is going to be used to create your character card and to add into the X- idols.”

“Okay. Lele, you first.” Ye Cang smiled as the arena turned into a visualized battle area.