“Ha! Burning of Battle Spirit! God’s Prosthesis! Star of Total Destruction!” Lin Le activated the X limit break ultimate. Filled with magnificent power, his d*ck turned into a heavy cannon and expanded. The energy was accumulating around his body and surroundings. Seconds later, a huge shot was heard. Lin Le was knocked back by the recoil of that shot and fell to the ground. Everyone exclaimed. If the recoil was this strong, doesn’t it mean that the destructive power is…?

However, what everyone saw was a small light ball which was not even a centimeter long. It was shot out at an average speed too. Everyone was slightly disappointed.

“It looks like...that’s not…” Zuo Yiyi had not finished her sentence when the light ball hit the hill. At an instant, a white light engulfed the entire area and a mushroom-like cloud appeared. Everyone’s shirt and hair were blowing in the wind because of the shockwave, including Ye Cang’s and the others’.

As the dirt fell, the entire hill was flattened and there was only a deep pit left. Its power was similar to Angelite’s Godlike Smash.

Lin Le got up in a weak manner as if he had just finished some ‘serious business’. He was panting. “I’m dead tired.” 

“......” Zuo Yiyi was confused and dumbfounded while staring at Lin Le’s cannon. What the hell?! Is this a nuclear launcher?!

“Brother Lil’Xiong, it’s your turn.” Lin Le directly sat on the floor.

Zhang Zhengxiong created thousands of A rank bots. With a roar, he activated Real - Sudden Hell Kill. The light was switched off and hitting sounds were heard. When the light was back, thousands of corpse were laying on the floor. He once again made an outcry and his fighting power increased. As he swung his hands, hundreds of Shockwave Punches were launched at once as if it was a shockwave tornado. It traveled far and the non-stop explosion made people terrified. “Brother…”

Ye Cang switched the landscape and activated Time Control. He increased his own time and activated Light Travel at the same time. He was swaying in the rain as if he was dancing with it. It gave people a feeling that the raindrops were super slow and none of them would hit Ye Cang. Being in such heavy rain but not getting wet. It was truly amazing. He pulled out his sword and instantly, numerous light rays pierced through the raindrops. At last, it formed a beautiful flower. With the reflection in the raindrops, everyone was unable to look away as they were mesmerized. 

“The timing is not right.” VastSea noticed something was wrong.

“Yeap. He controlled a certain time. Even though his speed is at GX rank, there is a limit to how fast he could move. According to my calculations, not getting wet completely in that scenario is hard. So, what I was thinking is that he increased his own time. In comparison, the time of the rain is relatively slow. He traveled at a speed where light and shadow intercepted. It is a terrifying skill.” CloudDragon frowned.

In Zuo Yiyi’s eyes, it was a wonderful dance performance. It was so magnificent until an extent where she could not breathe. At the same time, it was deadly too.

“Regarding the emperor’s ring, please visit the gamer alliance’s headquarters for further explanation.” Tess smiled.

Ye Cang nodded. Going there should be fun too. He then waved at the audience and returned to the club’s area.

After that, it was the nomination for the Best 10 Players and the MVP. Ye Cang was entitled the Great Christmas War’s MVP while Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong were voted into the Best 10 Players.

Following up was the interacting-with-idols session. Thorns and Roses managed to complete the session despite the fact that many other clubs were cursing and taunting at them. Seeing those angry players, ThornyRose knew next time they would be targeted, especially by the Knights of Round Table.

In the singing and dancing session, Ye Cang, Zuo Yiyi, and Ammelia corporated together to complete the Christmas songs as they strolled under the snow. With roses scattering on the snowy ground, they put an end to the Great Christmas War.

Club’s lounge.

“The alliance has decided that the five of you could not enter the Great Christmas War with your characters regularly. It would be counted as legendary and honorable characters. The usage is like this. 3 times for SSS rank, 2 times for X rank and once for GX rank.” Upon receiving the notice from the gamer alliance, ThornyRose informed them. “Besides, the characters have been included in the X- rank Godlike Idols Lineup. The character cards are still in evaluation.”

“?” Ye Cang was confused.

“Father, this means that Brother A’Xiong’s normal character is still Mechanical Stree Fighter and the same goes to Lin Le’s. But you, me, and Brother SpyingBlade have to choose a new character to compete next time.” Little Ye Tian explained.

SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. Even I myself have become an X rank. He was fired up as he recalled the battle between War God, together with Zhang Zhengxiong.

“Character wise, you guys don’t have to be worried. I’ll settle it.” ThornyRose knew it was time to use the money. I’m not worried about our source of finance since we have quite some sponsors. Yet, the problem is who is going to sell? According to the situation now, Misty Rain House and Freedom Alliance should be selling. Can try to tap on Mad War too. Since we had won the championship for China and successfully completed the ultimate challenge, they should do us some favor. Knowing that her own club suddenly has three GX ranks in hand, ThornyRose felt more confident.

“About the shares…” Little Ye Tian’s words made ThornyRose sigh. These fellas have been Thorns and Roses club’s logo and legends. Making them stay at all cost is a must. I own 60% of the club’s shares, Little Icey owns 15%, ElegantFragrance owns 15%, and the Qin family owns 10%. She knew she could not win against Little Ye Tian in calculations so she directly gave them the maximum amount of shares that she could afford. “45% for Happy Firmaments. This is the bottom line.” 

“Deal.” Little Ye Tian did not reject the offer as the terms and conditions were truly good. Thorns and Roses getting larger is a foreseeable trend. A second later, she drafted the shares transfer contract and sent it to ThornyRose. ThornyRose smiled bitterly. This little girl. From the screen, she could see Thorns and Roses club was labeled as the ‘house of perverts’ and she turned from ‘the arrogant rose’ to ‘the pervert rose’ and accomplice. She heaved out a deep sigh. Indeed, I’ve achieved my dreams, more than achieved I would say. This feeling is truly amazing but something is still not right. She then turned to look at Lin Le’s cannon.

Next day. Liu family.

Ye Cang and the others were invited to the gathering and sat at the main table. ThornyRose exclaimed. In the past, she used to sit at the corner. She felt very satisfied as she saw ‘BornFlirty’ grinding her teeth at the corner. 

“Hmph! You are just lucky.” A big and muscular man was not resigned as he stared at Ye Cang and the others.

Beside him was a man who was good looking and seemed to be great in fighting. He shook his head. “Stop embarrassing yourself. That’s the fact.”

These two were FullFlame and FlameEmperor. 

“Congratulations guys.” VastSea, CloudDragon, and BlackIce came over from the side entrance.

“Brother VastSea and Brother CloudDragon. We were just lucky. Pure luck.” Ye Cang smiled faintly.

“Oh really?” CloudDragon raised his eyebrows. He did not say much and returned to his own seat.

NalanPureSoul, LordAsked, ThunderShock, ClearMoon, Gongsun Qian, BlackForestMoon, and BrilliantZhuge came to the venue one after another.

“Today, I invited everyone to this place. Except for the part to discuss the situation in the China district but also to congratulate Thorns and Roses for getting the emperor’s honor. I know a lot of you here are not resigned but so am I. However, winner takes it all. Let’s cheer for them.” MistyVeil made an opening speech.