FlameEmperor was the first one to clap. Even though LordAsked was reluctant, he still followed and clapped. “Don’t be too happy.”

“No, no. I still need to thank all of you for the kill.” Ye Cang said humbly.

FullFlame and the others were so pissed off. “Don’t be too arrogant, you white-haired!”

CloudDragon could not help but smile. Without saying anything, he pondered. This fella is not the ordinary person you hate.

Knowing that it would not be that easy the next time as the alliance had changed the rules, ThornyRose said. “Hey, hey. Be low profile please.”

Not finishing the sentence, Lin Le slammed the table. “Weaklings, believe it or not, I’ll bombard you with one shot.”

Just when he was about to pull down his pants, Lin Le realized that he was not in the virtual world. He then made the you-are-just-lucky face. 

“Lele, don’t waste your time arguing with these noobies. Especially those idiots who you can kill instantly with one skill.” Zhang Zhengxiong said with total contempt. 

“You!!” FullFlame was so angry that words could not come out from his mouth. FlameEmperor squinted his eyes and pulled back FullFlame. “Shut up.”

As FullFlame sat back to his seat, Lin Le held his chin high. The atmosphere in the gathering was awkward. ThornyRose smiled bitterly. These fellas are really the king of troubles.

“Okay, okay. We aren’t here for arguments. Europe’s progress is fast. I hope everyone could share the information about the Big Six that you have.” In order to show her sincerity, MistyVeil briefly explained the landscape and culture of the elf’s place. Everyone, more or less, contributed something. At last, it was ThornyRose’s turn. CloudDragon and the others raised their eyebrows. Here comes the finale. The Goddess Alliance.

ThornyRose frowned. It is impossible to say everything but if we don’t say anything, I’m afraid we would be boycotted. Yet, the Goddess Alliance and Goddess City aren’t my things. She then looked at Ye Cang; Ye Cang looked at Zhang Zhengxiong; Zhang Zhengxiong looked at Lin Le; Lin Le looked at little Jade and lastly, little Jade looked at Little Ye Tian. 

Little Ye Tian sighed. “We are about to build the course to Farsarqi harbor, connecting the northwest and north-south. That’s all I could say.” 

Everyone seemed to have a rough idea of what she was talking so they did not ask furthermore. 

“Well, we will sell high-attribute dishes. Send by postage.” Ye Cang interrupted as he saw everyone was discussing.

NalanPureSould, CloudDragon, and the others who had tried before quickly covered their mouths. Yet, FlameEmperor was curious. “High-attribute dishes…”

He knew the Goddess Alliance had a lot of food which could increase attributes. These were useful for taking on hidden quests and level up. However, he heard that the taste was a little weird. “Price and attribute.”

Little Ye Tian then listed the price and attributes of the dark recipes that could be produced in bulk temporarily. Those clubs who were not in the Black Rock City and White Stone City were interested even though the price was relatively high. 

“Can I pay all in cash?” BlackForestMoon from Heavenly Oath asked.

“You can’t. Encourage pay half in cash.” Little Ye Tian knew it was impossible not to pay in cash since the quantity was so large.

BlackForestMoon nodded and exchanged contact with her. The rest of the club leaders also started to exchange contacts with Little Ye Tian and Ye Cang. Even FlameEmperor did so because he knew they would have to interact with each other in the future. Besides, Happy Firmaments is a profitable club. It seemed like it belonged to Thorns and Roses but it was actually a workplace.

Seeing the batches of orders, Ye Cang handed it to little Jade. “Little Jade, go back to find Ali (Madam Mar) and retrieve the stocks from the warehouse. After that, meet at the relay station.”

“Got it, team leader.” Little Jade nodded seriously. 

As she saw little Jade was behaving more like their employee, ThornyRose was enjoying. Am I really the club leader?

The gathering did not last long as it was mostly the exchange of intel and taunting each other. 

Upon arriving at the courtyard, Ye Cang saw the two elders from Liu family were massaging each other’s waist. He immediately turned around and walked away.

“Run?! I’ve been waiting for you for half a day!” The Second Elder dashed towards him and the Third Elder followed tight.

“Uncle Qin! Old Qin! I’m ganked by someone!” Ye Cang shouted.

Qing Zhong and Qin San looked far away from the window, sat down casually and continued to drink their tea.

“That little kid is naughty. Let him play with the other two old fellas for a while.” Old Qin Zhong recalled the times where Ye Cang made him suffer great pain.

“We can see how much he has reserved too.” Father Qin smiled.

“That fella’s strength is not bad. Qin San, who is he?” Qin Xiong walked in and looked out from the window. 

“Ye Cang, my son-in-law. Honorable member of the Dragon Group.” Father Qin smiled.

Seeing the two elders following him tight, Ye Cang turned around and activated Lighting Plasma (sword version). The sword stream burst everywhere. The Second Elder immediately blocked it with Water Streaming Aura and chased after him. He had decided in mind. No matter what I can’t let this little bastard slip away anymore. However, Ye Cang distracted them as he ran. The two elders were having a hard time. At last, Ye Cang disappeared from their vision. They both sighed. The Second Elder was furious. “F*ck! Can this fella’s supernatural body movement be any faster?! We let him slip away again!”

“Amazing speed.” Qin Xiong nodded.

Father Qin did not say anything. Not just his speed. That little fella’s body strength is very strong too. Not to mention his personality and mentality. He is considered as a person that can interrogate with a smile.

Ye Cang quickly ran away from the Liu family and came to the street. Thinking that it was still early, he wanted to wander around the busy street. The seller’s ‘Ding Ding Dong’ music was everywhere to be heard and happy families were everywhere to be seen. Through a glass window of a restaurant, Ye Cang saw a family eating and he sank into deep thoughts. It was as if he saw Qinxue, Zhang Zhengxiong, and himself were chit-chatting in there. He then looked down and continued walking. What ways can make me forget about it? Suddenly, a cold breeze blew. He gradually stared at the sky and snow hit his face softly. Looking at the sky filled with snow, tears ran down his cheek. He mumbled. “How good would it be if everything could start all over again.”

Zhao Xinru who came out for shopping because of Christmas saw that scene. What’s wrong with him? He looked awfully sad. She then walked to Ye Cang and hesitated. “Ye Cang?”

Coming back to his senses, Ye Cang stared at Zhao Xinru who was standing in front of him and asked softly. “Do you have a handkerchief?”

As Zhao Xinru handed over the handkerchief, Ye Cang wiped away the tears and said in sorrow. “ <The Teenage Love Story of Dongguan Three> is too touching,”

“......” Zhao Xinru was speechless. About that…it is a B+ pervert drama.

Just then, Qing Yun arrived in that street as she was about to check on the mission. When she saw Ye Cang, she immediately turned around and decided to go somewhere else Ye Cang noticed her and quickly walked towards her. Pressing on her shoulders, he said. “Yo! I’m quite bored. Do you need my help?”

“Is okay. Is okay. The mission is quite…” Qing Yun awkwardly replied. Yet, not waiting for her to finish the sentence, Ye Cang smiled. “I knew it that there’s a mission. Come on. We’ll discuss as we walk. Do you want to live or die?”

“Well, can I follow you guys to have a look?” Zhao Xinru followed up and said softly.

“Yeah, as a repayment for the favor of lending me the handkerchief.” Ye Cang agreed. On the other hand, Qing Yun could only smile bitterly. We are, more or less, a secret group and you bring someone to visit. She did not dare to say anything as the scene of Ye Cang almost killing her accidentally was still fresh in her mind.