Qing Yun passed through the alley with the two of them.

“What’s the mission?” Ye Cang asked directly.

“Infiltrate into a Salvation’s gathering.” Qing Yun sighed.

“Go in and kill them all?” Ye Cang put on a faint smile.

“It is a spy quest. I’m now a believer of Salvation. Going in there is to gather the most recent news. After that…urgh...up to you do whatever you want.” Qing Yun smiled bitterly. Can you not sound so terrifying?

“Oh, got it.” Ye Cang was a little reluctant and pouted. He then turned to look at Zhao Xinru. “Stay close to me. Don’t get too far from me.” 

Zhao Xinru nodded carefully. She recalled the hell scene at the stairs that day. That level of mutants, she could only fight one at most. Qing Yun seems to be afraid of Ye Cang.

Along with the two of them, Qing Yun led them to the entrance of an underground tunnel. The underground tunnels here were built long ago. Because of the poor management and the dead-end of the great city college, quite a number of the underground places were abandoned.

They went through a few tortuous underground river paths and entered into a deeper level. Qing Yun then took a mask, with a five-eyed cat picture on it. She handed over Ye Cang and Zhao Xinru masks too. 

They gradually walked towards the direction where the music seemed to be coming from. Suddenly, a big man with a ghost mask stopped them. “Take out…”

Not waiting for him to finish the sentence, Qing Yun took out the invitation card. The big man’s head immediately left his body and the body turned into pieces. Ye Cang picked up the scattering pieces including the head and threw them into the dustbin. Just when Zhao Xinru was about to shout, he quickly pulled her skirt to wipe his hands. With a smile, he said. “Let’s go in. I’ve helped you to settle things here.”

Qing Yun was speechless. Can’t you just infiltrate normally? I have put in much effort to make this marking. Staring at the marking, she smiled bitterly. As for Zhao Xinru, she was dumbfounded since Ye Cang dismembered the opponent without any sign. Chills went down her spine as she looked at Ye Cang who was still using her skirt to wipe his hands. Are we going to battle him in the Five Schools Competition?

Just when Qing Yun was about to say something, Ye Cang went in. As the girls stepped in, a head of sea urchin man and a large number of organs and flesh flew at them. The dimmed hall and the devil dance under the music turned into a hell scene. If it was to say that all the people inside were demons, then there was one white-haired Rakshasa who ate humans having a feast. 

Qing Yun was stunned for a second. She brushed off the intestines on her hair and took out the phone. “Boss, white-haired has entered the venue.”

“Whut...damn it. Just how much bad luck have you to meet that terrorist. Is there anyone alive?” Ren Long was worried.

“It is decreasing at an incredible speed.” Qing Yun smiled bitterly as she saw that the blood flowed out like a river. 

“I’ll come over immediately!” Ren Long quickly ended the call.

As she kept her phone, Qing Yun saw Zhao Xinru was astounded. You shouldn’t have come. That’s a super incredible killing demon. Whenever he is here, I’ve never seen a complete corpse. She could not leave her alone. If something bad happened to her, it is hard to explain to the Zhao family and Ye Cang. Qing Yun then walked with fast steps, pulling her along.

“What’s that! Ah!”


“You are! Ah!”

Various screams were heard. As a white thunder flashed here and there, numerous limbs of the monsters were thrown up high.

At the place where Ye Cang started the killing, Qing Yun saw a girl who was locked on an iron ring. There was an iron band locked tightly on her head and a sharp blade stabbed into her skull. The lizard hand which was holding the blade was already in Ye Cang’s hands. Next to the girl was a pot filled with boiling oil. The girl who was screaming started to calm down as Ye Cang touched her head with his bloody hands. “Save me! Save me!”

“It is alright.” As Ye Cang crushed the lizard chef’s brain, he slowly pulled the sharp blade out with a smile. He was relieved after investigating the wound. Luckily it did not pierce into the brain. With the spiritual energy in his hands, he helped her to stop the bleeding. “Dragon group and the student would take good care of her.” 

As they walked in, Qing Yun discovered that the place was actually very big and not far ahead, there were numerous mutants and a nine-eyed alligator man standing at a higher ground. She screamed. “It’s the Nine-eyed Ghostly Alligator!”

Seeing Ye Cang did not seem to be bothered about it, Qing Yun calmed down a little. The Nine-eyed Ghostly Alligator is not something I can handle. 

In a terror state, Zhao Xinru took over the girl. “What were they going to do to her?”

“Pour the oil at the girl’s brain and eat her brain. They would directly open up her skull and, with her being alive, pour the boiled oil into it. Eating it while listening to her scream at the same time.” Qing Yun said as she turned to see the fainted girl who was in Zhao Xinru’s embrace.

“That...that’s so cruel of them.” Zhao Xinru thought that it was really cruel.

“This dish wasn’t invented by the mutants. It first appeared at the times when the orphanage system was at its worst 200 years ago. It was transformed from a few prestigious people’s plays. There was even slicing the child’s flesh piece by piece. I have seen a devilish woman using a laser knife to cut off man’s reproductive organ slice by slice.” Zhao Xinru was speechless as she heard what Qing Yun said. Looking at the direction where Qing Yun’s finger was pointing, she saw dead girls laying in a cage. Their skulls were cut into halves.

“Hence, Chrysanthemum Emperor and his subordinates ruled over the messy orphanage system.” Qing Yun added on. She saw the white energy was overflowing in Ye Cang’s eyes. Has he gotten serious? If just now was white lightning, then now should be white light. She could not see properly but only corpse or pieces of corpses that were caught off guard.

Ren Long who just arrived saw streams of blood was flowing out from inside. He smiled bitterly. That killing God.

Even Ren Long shivered as he walked in. Can that fella be less cruel? When he reached Ye Cang’s side, he saw the Nine-eyed Ghost Alligator’s arms and legs were broken.

“Left one alive for you. You owe me a favor.” Ye Cang smiled.

“What a way to ask for a favor.” Ren Long did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Well, lend me your wallet. I’ll say the amount.” Ren Long was pissed off as he heard what Ye Cang said. “Go away!”

Qing Yun quickly covered her purse with two hands as Ye Cang glanced at her.

Ye Cang then sighed. “Dragon group is stingy.”

“Let’s go.” Once again, Ye Cang used Zhao Xinru’s skirt to wipe his hands.

“That girl, what about her?” Ren Long asked as Zhao Xinru handed over the girl to Qing Yun. 

“If she has nowhere to go, hand her to ColdMoon.” Upon finishing his sentence, Ye Cang pulled Zhao Xinru away, who did not dare to say anything and left the hell place.

Ren Long nodded. He knew those girls who are under that cold-goosebump (ColdMoon) are indeed elite and fierce.

When they walked out the underground tunnel, Ye Cang saw that Zhao Xinru was still shocked and was in deep thought. So, he patted her shoulders and pointed at those ordinary people. “Do you know how precious these are now?”

Zhao Xinru saw the happy faces of a family on the street, older brother bullying younger brother and younger sister chasing the older brother. These scenes were so different from what she saw just now. 

“What we could do is to protect this world from collapsing in all possible ways. Also, preventing the tragic at Zhentan City to happen again.” Zhao Xinru respected Ye Cang much more after hearing what he said. Recalling Ye Cang’s Rakshasa look, she felt more terrified than respect.

“Okay, it is quite late already. Go home early. Remember that your skirt is because of your period.” Ye Cang turned around and left.

“......” Zhao Xinru looked at her skirt. Everywhere was filled with blood. She was then soaked in cold sweat as she recalled Ye Cang’s reason. It is still fine if it is red but it is purple and yellow.

Suddenly, Ye Cang seemed to remember something. He quickly walked back and asked. “Did you bring your wallet?”

Zhao Xinru hesitated a little and then nodded. “Yeap.”

Zhao Xinru handed over her purse and Ye Cang opened it. Yo, this little girl takes away the big notes. Looking at the last 50 federal coins, he hesitated. At last, he sighed and still took it away. He then reluctantly gave back the purse to Zhao Xinru and left immediately. In a blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

Zhao Xinru had not come back to her senses, looking at the direction where Ye Cang left and her own empty purse. Suddenly, she gained back her senses. Realizing what Ye Cang did and recalling his expression, she was stunned in the middle of the wind. “No wonder he is a demon. Doesn’t even leave me some money to take a taxi.”