Upon arriving at Liu family’s house, Ye Cang took a shower. After that, he was dragged to have a drink by father Qin. 

“Son-in-law, just now your shirt was filled with blood.” 

“Salvation had a gathering. My junior went to be a spy. I just so happened to see her and went to help out.”

“What news did you get?”

“I don’t know.” 

“Then, what did you help with?”

“I left one alive for her so that she could ask the person questions.”


When she got back to the Dragon group, Qing Yun recalled the mission today and smiled bitterly. Ren Long patted her shoulder. “You are lucky that the fella just so happened to pass by. Even though he is a little scary, in terms of effectiveness, no one is as capable as him.”

Qing Yun nodded gradually. “What did you get?”

“It looks like Salvation is about to do something big.” Ren Long’s smile faded away as he looked at the moon outside the window.

10 Commandments.

“Cold Moon, you have been staying at the Imperial capital all these while. There was news from Dragon group. They said that Salvation might have something big going on. I think you wouldn’t want the incident at Zhentan City to happen again right?” A voice came from #1 seat.

“I know. I don’t need you to remind me.” Cold Moon said in a emotionless voice and left the circular conference room. Hunting Flame also followed her to leave the room too.

“The Fool, are you just going to let the fangs getting stronger and stronger?” War Soul asked.

“Without them, the 10 Commandments are nothing. Don’t act smart.” The Fool said with a low tone but he sounded worried at the same time. 

With a ‘hmph’ sound, War Soul left. The others did the same.

“Ardent Wind, observe Hunting Flame’s movements at all times.” The Fool assigned.

“Okay.” Ardent Win nodded slowly. She knew that The Fool was not happy with Hunting Flame not asking for his permission to kill Sky Burial from the opposition party. Maybe it is because of Silver Devil, that he did not show his true feelings. Even so, it is true that without the fangs formed by Silver Devil, the 10 Commandments’ influence will be greatly weakened. Moreover, 10 Commandments is far away from the well-developed stage. 

Just then, a shadow with a top hat appeared at position #7. 

“You’re here.”


“You want to replace me?”



“Cold Moon and Hunting Flame are taught by me. They are my brothers. I want to ensure that they are not boycotted in the meeting.”

“I got it. Can you still go to the underworld?”

“For what?”

“My daughter’s poison. I still need two types of medicine. Yet, you are the only one who can go to the underworld and come back alive.”

“What do you need?”

“The Water of Reasons and the Flower of Forgetting.” 

“Ask Ardent Wind to come and collect them tomorrow. There’s only one time left.”

Upon finishing the sentence, Ye Cang left the conference room. He logged out of the virtual system and laid on the bed. He then tried to recall an empty memory but no matter how hard he tried, he just could not remember. I think I have the Water of Reasons and the Flower of Forgetting at the little house in Lin Hai. I remember Lin Le took a sip and had diarrhea. 

Ye Cang then came back to his senses as he felt someone coming. He continued to watch TV and glanced at the person who just walked in. ThornyRose.

“How does it feel to become an emperor?" ThornyRose smiled. 

"Pretty fine. But, does there have anything to do with you? Don't disturb me while watching the drama." Ye Cang yawned. 

 "You…" ThornyRose tried to calm herself down. Just then, she heard a moan and turned to look at the TV screen. Working Girl's Teenage Love Story? A B-rank porn?! She was speechless when she looked at Ye Cang watching the drama seriously and without any perverted look. 

"So touching and inspiring." Ye Cang exclaimed as he saw the working girl, Little Qing worked hard to get promoted.

 ThornyRose was soaked in cold sweat. How is this inspiring? This is obviously a story of how wicked she is to harm her sisters and employer. Where the hell is your moral value?! She rolled her eyes against him and then remembered that blood was all over Ye Cang’s body. "How did you get into the Dragon group?" 

"Amazing talent and incredible bones I think. If not, what else?" Ye Cang was a little pissed. 

ThornyRose rolled her eyes again. Even though she knew that he had incredible talent, it just did not sound nice when such words came out from his mouth. She was curious. "What's your super skill? Show me." 

"What do you think I am? An acrobat? Perform whenever you request?! But there is no harm to tell you anyways. I can see the attack trajectory in the future for approximately 0.5 seconds." Ye Cang said softly. However, being able to see for 0.5 seconds was something in the past. In the present, he could see it for 1 second and more. It was different from Zhao Xiangyu. She could see a more complete scene but Ye Cang could only see the trajectory and path of the attack. Hence, Zhao Xiangyu only had 0.1-0.2 seconds while Ye Cang could see further with the same Future Eye. It was just that Ye Cang could not see the bigger picture. To Ye Cang, there was no difference between those two. When it comes to killing, being able to see the trajectory was more than enough. 

ThornyRose thought for a moment and was a little jealous of him. Able to see 0.5 seconds of future attack trajectory. No wonder he could attack after the opponent attacked and always strived for speed. 

Ye Cang was confused as he saw ThornyRose took out a bottle of wine. “Want to drink?”

“The house needs to be rebuilt so having the celebration no matter outside or inside would not be good. We could only hold it later. So now it is just me and you temporarily celebrating for a while.” ThornyRose poured some wine into the glass as she spoke. She then passed it to Ye Cang. 

“Sounds great. The drama was too touching, I need some wine to calm my soul.” Ye Cang gradually nodded. 

“......” ThornyRose did not know whether to cry or laugh. She then held the glass high. “Cheers.”

“For Thorns and Roses.” (ThornyRose) 

“For Happy Firmaments.” ( Ye Cang) 

“Can we be one for the slogan?” Ye Cang complained 

“The club is Thorns and Roses please!” ThornyRose shouted.

“Oh yeah, I think so. But the name is too lame. For peace?” Ye Cang came out with an idea.

ThornyRose was pissed. Fine, I don’t want to argue with this fella. “Okay then. For peace.”

“For peace.”

Their glasses clashed together.

Not far away, mother Qin was smiling coldly. Zhen’er, for your sake. I have used so much money to find the Lin family for the aphrodisiac - Lin Lin brand’s even-God-could-not-resist-and-no-harm medicine. I can’t let that white-haired son-in-law run away! Grandchild! Here I come! Ahahahaha! She turned around and disappeared after the turn at the corridor. 

Both of them drank it all. Ye Cang felt something was wrong as he started to feel hot and his vision started to blur out. Wow! This wine is strong! Good wine!

Meanwhile, ThornyRose felt a bit dizzy too.

Just then, Wu Na came to Ye Cang’s room. She had decided something. I must tell him tonight. She knocked.

ThornyRose gradually got up and opened the door. Upon seeing Wu Na, she passionately hugged her and pulled her to go in. “Come in! Come in! Celebrate! Cheers!”

Wu Na saw Ye Cang’s face was red as he was drinking the wine. She then took the glass of wine that ThornyRose passed her. I must not lose to her! She finished it all in one shot.