Right after the moment she drank it, her mind went blank and she started to unleash her rocker voice.

Seeing Wu Na standing up, ThornyRose pulled her over and danced. Ye Cang got up and shouted. “You must have sincerity when you dance. First thing first, makeup!”

Upon saying this, he took off his clothes and went naked. 

With their hands were on each other’s shoulders, they started to sing and dance. At last, they collapsed on the bed, hugging each other. They were totally drunk.

“Ye Cang, I like you…” Laying beside Ye Cang’s left shoulder, Wu Na mumbled.

“Lowlife, I want revenge…” ThornyRose who laid beside Ye Cang’s right shoulder started to move her hands towards his ass.

“Who...who am I?” Tears streamed down Ye Cang’s cheek as he hugged the two girls. Suddenly, he shouted. “My asshole!”

~Everything seems so wonderful just like when spring comes~

Next day. Morning.

Zhang Zhengxiong yawned as he walked towards Ye Cang’s room. Upon opening the door, he was stunned as he saw the three of them on the bed. He then quickly backed off and closed the door, soaking in cold sweat. “Brother, you changed way too fast. Two at a time? Sister will be sad.”

“Brother Lil’Xiong, haven’t Brother Lil’White gotten up yet?” In his pajamas, Lin Le came and asked.

“Shhh...brother is practicing how to explore a new world. Don’t disturb him.” Zhang Zhengxiong turned around and said in a serious manner. 

“So incredible! Then, let’s go and do some morning exercises. When he finished, we ask him to teach us how too!” Lin Le suddenly got energetic and nodded. Seeing Little Ye Tian was about to sneak in, he pulled her over. “Don’t interrupt Brother Lil’White while he is practicing. Damn it. Let’s go. Follow me and Brother Lil’Xiong for some morning exercises.”

“Father!” Reluctantly, Little Ye Tian stared at Ye Cang’s door. After that, she was forcefully dragged away by the two of them.

As Ye Cang slowly woke up, his head was still dizzy and so he shook his head. What kind of wine was that? He brushed his messy white hair and opened his eyes. He was shocked when he saw two naked girls were lying beside him, one at each side. ThornyRose was one of them too. He smiled. Dream o dream. Worst still a f*cking nightmare. Hah~ Continue to sleep.

ThornyRose also woke up to see Ye Cang’s side face. Feeling that one of her hands was touching his ass, she blinked her eyes. What kind of creepy dream is this? So disgusting. I’ll just continue to sleep.

Wu Na was the last to wake up. She saw Ye Cang’s side face too and ThornyRose’s sleeping face. She blushed. What kind of perverted dream is this? What’s worse? Threesome? I think I’m just too stressed. She then decided to continue sleeping.

Moments later, three screams were heard.

“How can you guys be like this?! Take off your dirty hand!” Ye Cang shouted.

“That’s my line!” ThornyRose complained.

Wu Na pulled the blanket away and saw two splashes of bloodstain. She became speechless. Holding the blanket to herself, she kept quiet.

The three of them were in awkward silence. 

Ye Cang felt so messed up. He tried to recall what happened last night and smiled bitterly. Things are getting interesting now. How am I gonna face them? This is totally unexpected.

“About that...you don’t have to think so much. Last night, everyone was…” Seeing Ye Cang’s face, Wu Na knew maybe he had not let it go. Yet, Ye Cang shook his head. 

When ThornyRose had calmed down, she did not know what to do too. Yesterday night was ridiculous. Worst still threesome. Her face was as red as a tomato and her body was heated up. She felt so embarrassed as she turned to see Wu Na.

“Then, you…” ThornyRose hugged herself and her head slowly buried into it. 

“Not now. Give me some time. I will definitely give you guys an answer…” Ye Cang said softly. I don’t know whether my death prophecy would come true so I can’t give them an answer yet. At least not now. When it comes to Wu Na, Ye Cang knew how much she liked him but he could not feel the love. As for ThornyRose, Ye Cang could only sigh. Can’t believe she succeed. Damn it. I knew it from the beginning that her plan of me pretending to be her boyfriend was a trap to rape me step by step. 

If ThornyRose knew how Ye Cang interprets her scheme, there would be another storm.

“Okay.” Wu Na nodded as a reply to Ye Cang. This was because she knew Ye Cang would definitely give them an answer but all he needed was time.

On the other hand, ThornyRose did not say anything but nodded.

Ye Cang patted the pillow and blinked at the two dumbfounded girls. “Well, you guys can go out now. I felt like I didn’t sleep well. Need to sleep a while more.”

“......” The two of them were speechless.

The two girls who got their clothes on stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

They then closed the door.

“I think he will choose you.” ThornyRose murmured.

Wu Na shook her head and said as if she knew something. “Even though we knew each other for 2-3 years, I think I may not understand him at all.”

Seeing Wu Na was a little depressed, ThornyRose also had the urge to know more about him. Since… She then asked with a smile. “Shall we go and drink a cup of tea?”

Wu Na nodded and both of them disappeared in the hallway.

Standing at the balcony, Ye Cang sighed deeply as he saw the two of them walking out of the house. Although he knew there was something wrong with the wine and could roughly guess who did it, he could only smile bitterly. He then turned to the other side to see that Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong were practicing. Sword qi, trigram, and Holy Beasts’ incarnations. Each of them took turns. If father Qin is here, he would be shocked that the sword style they are imitating is the first part of Ten Thousand Sword Secret Art.

Considering everything, the uneasy feeling inside him was getting stronger. He clenched his fists tight and then let go. I’ll just react as I move along. I’ve prepared for the worst. A smile was then written on his face. Yes, I’ll protect them, day by day. And I’ll take on as much responsibility as I can.  

“Hey! You two!” With his back against the balcony, Ye Cang looked up at the sky. 

ThornyRose and Wu Na both turned their heads and saw Ye Cang’s shadow and his messy white hair.

“Let’s get married.” Ye Cang shouted.

Wu Na’s and ThornyRose’s heart sank for a moment. Who? Me or her?

Wu Na had butterflies in her stomach. She hoped it was her but she also knew that she was just an ordinary person, unlike ThornyRose whose family background was good. She was not as capable as ThornyRose too as she was just a female vocalist of a third graded band.

ThornyRose turned to see Wu Na. Her confidence had gone all of a sudden. She knew this woman named Wu Na was indeed a very good woman. She was gentle. Being together with her was comfortable, even ThornyRose herself felt so. She then shouted. “Who are you talking to?!”

“God damn it! Nonsense! Of course, it’s you two! If not, how can I match up with my emperor's most fundamental criteria?! F*ck!” Ye Cang was pissed and rolled his eyes as he turned around. 

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le stopped.

“That’s my brother! Damn!” Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled.

“Brother Lil’White finally passed the barrier!” Lin Le shouted happily.

“Acting Emperor.” Frozen Cloud wiped her cold sweat.

“Brother Lil’White and Sister Nana and Sister Rose are together! Hooray!” Fang Tong cheered.

“......” Fang Ci and SpyingBlade who were discussing the meeting started to sweat.