ThornyRose and Wu Na were frustrated. Do you have to speak in that way?!

“Who says we want to marry you! I…” With tears rolling in her eyes, Wu Na was too happy to say anything. If Ye Cang was willing to accept her, no other things matter. Her heart was given to him long ago. 

Staring at Ye Cang, ThornyRose recalled how they met each other. All the things they had been through, the fun they had, and the trouble between them and their friends. She then sighed. Maybe this is fate. She put her arm around Wu Na’s shoulder and said. “Younger sister, let’s go. Don’t bother about him.”

“Okay, elder sister.” Wu Na nodded.

As FrozenCloud rushed over, she was soaked in cold sweat. Hey, hey, hey. Even the form of address had changed? Elder sister?! Younger sister?!

“About that...elder sister, I remember you licking me yesterday.” Wu Na said with a weird look.

“Nonsense. You must be dreaming.” ThornyRose blushed and immediately cut her off. 

Looking at the two going off rapidly, Ye Cang smiled. It’s time to go home…

Lin Hai. Seaside Cottage.

A strong wind blew into Ye Cang’s room.

“Ardent Wind, it is on the table.” Ye Cang saw a shadow in the wind.

Ardent Wind then appeared from the wind and took the packed stuff. “Salvation might be planning on secretly reopening the ‘Gate of Virtual’. But to be confirmed.”

Ye Cang frowned. “Gate of Virtual? Should not be impossible. 5 fragments of the Key of Void. Two of them are with the Dragon group; one with the X group in America; one in the hands of The Fool and the last one is with Pandora. In order to open the Gate of Virtual, one must have the key.”

“I’m not sure too. It is in the investigation now. Hope it is fake.” Ardent Wind shook her head. “If the Gate of Virtual is opened, then it would be worse than what happened in Zhentan City. Mankind would face the most horrible destruction.”

“I’ll be aware.” Ye Cang said softly. Then, Ardent Wind nodded and turned into a breeze and left.

Ye Cang walked to the balcony and stared afar. He mumbled. “Hope it won’t come true.”

“Brother! The game is on!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and sat on the rocking chair, connecting to the game while sunbathing.

Endless Swamp. Ansa’s tribe.

Ye Cang took out all different kinds of liquids, the penis and even the excrements of the black dragon king to brew wine.

“Congratulations, you have successfully brewed a master level high-ranked dark recipe (wine)! Please name it!” 

“Bugs zombie boss liquid mixed five boss organs and tiger’s penis with black dragon kill!”

“Bugs zombie boss liquid mixed five boss organs and tiger’s penis with black dragon kill: After consuming, regenerates 5% of mana every second. Instantly gain 70% of rage points, energy points, and qi points. Temporarily +50% on strength and damage, +20% on health. Reduces 35% of damage received from dragon type and increases damage to them by 100%. Beer resistance greatly increases and Will would temporarily be reduced. The more you consume, the longer the effect stays and Will would be reduced greatly. Over consuming would lead to drunk status. (This wine has a strong taste. If you are a fan of the dark recipe, then congratulations. Here’s a new challenge.)”

Everyone was numb as they saw the big wine jar which was as tall as a human being. They took a step back as Ye Cang put his hands on the seal. 

With much excitement, Ye Cang opened the seal. All of a sudden, the smell of the wine swept through their faces. The smell was so horrible that it made people cry and not even the water from the dirty drains could match up to it. Swinging his tail, Ansa crawled towards Ye Cang and the wine as if they were Gods. Meanwhile, the others were covering their nose and mouth in order to prevent breathing in the smell of the wine. They even felt that the smell diffused into their skin.

Resisting the dizziness, Ye Cang filled the small jar full with the wine and immediately sealed it back. His tears could not help it and roll down his cheek. He poured each other a bowl of wine and smiled. “What a good wine! Strong enough. I believe everyone knows that yesterday Wu Na’s and the crazy b*tch’s plan of using a strong wine to rape me succeed.”

“What do you mean by me raping you?!” Wu Na shouted as Ye Cang blamed her for such action casually in front of everyone. Wu Na’s face was so red as if blood was about to burst out. 

“Okay, okay. Since it had happened, let’s not talk about such saddening topic. Happy Firmaments is successfully entitled emperor! Thanks to everyone’s contribution. Come! Let’s toast!” Ye Cang brushed off the topic and cheered.

Wu Na rolled her eyes against him. I really can’t help it. This fella… Thinking that she was about to spend the rest of her life with Ye Cang, tears streamed down her cheek and fell into the bowl. However, in the other’s point of view, it was because of the wine since everyone’s tears burst out too.

“Brother, actually...about us being entitled don’t have to trouble yourself and use your precious collections to celebrate.” Zhang Zhengxiong wiped away the mucus, pinched his nose, and closed his eyes as he said.

“That’s right, Brother Lil’White. It is just fighting a bunch of idiots. We’ll just fight again next time. There’s no need to drink such a precious thing.” Lin Le covered his head with the battle bag and grabbed Little Ren. He looked at it, trying to convey a message through expressions. “Little Ren o Little Ren, this bowl is yours. Help me try and see. I’ll drink the next bowl.”

Little Ren pretended to be dead and struggled to get away. On the other hand, Little Ye Tian was also doing the same thing. She started to force Experiment 1 - little tadpole, Experiment 2 - Little Blue Feather, Experiment 3 - Little Ration and Experiment 4 - Weak Sauce to drink it. She wanted to analyze the data of this wine, its pain level, smell and other stuff that seemed to be at disaster level so that she was mentally prepared.

“ leader, actually...I have a secret all these while. I have a serious allergy to alcohol.” SpyingBlade said in a weak tone.

“Me too!” OldWang shouted.

“Eh?! You too?! What a coincidence! Me too!” AV said.

“ sister doesn’t allow me to drink wine. I’m seriously not lying, team leader.” Fang Ci added on. 

“It is either you guys drink a bowl or drink a jar.” Looking at everyone, Ye Cang put on a kind smile. 

Staring at the blackish liquid in the bowl, Wu Na swallowed. Even though she was happy just now, knowing that she had to spend the rest of her life with this fella, she cried. She then drank it. Smoke started to swirl out from her body and disgusting thing burst out from her throat as her neck snapped. Not long after, she started to twitch, vomit white foams, roll on the ground and lastly, lay on the floor with her legs and arms open wide. 

“Why don’t we drink it next time? This attribute is temporary, unlike the food which is considered as a period tool. I think we should drink it when we are going to slay dragons or something.” Seeing Wu Na laying in her own vomits, Ye Cang said. 

“Wise choice team leader.” FrozenCloud immediately cheered.

“That’s right, brother. It is a waste to drink it now.” Zhang Zhengxiong immediately put down the bowl and said in a serious manner. 

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’Xiong is right. Drinking those normal ones will do. Entitled emperor only. No big deal.” Lin Le looked serious.

“Father, I agree too. Just in case we might need to battle against the dragons, the more resources we have, the better. If we have extra ones, we can sell it to others with a high price.” Little Ye Tian said with her arms crossed. 

“Since everyone…” Ye Cang had not finished his sentence when a loud scream was heard. “Ah! Everyone must drink!”

“Sister Nana, what for? It is good to sacrifice oneself for the entire team. Moreover, you are already our sister-in-law.” Zhang Zhengxiong sighed.

“That’s right, Nana, Lele is about to cry…” Lin Le said.

“Sister Nana, you taught me that girls have to be kind and well-mannered. As a role model, you actually…” Not waiting for Little Ye Tian to finish her sentence, an even louder scream was heard. “If you don’t drink, I’ll let you eat your boss’ meals every day. Even in reality!”

“Don’t drink. What she made isn’t very nice after all and lacks creativity. Starting from tomorrow onwards, I’ll give you guys…” Just when Ye Cang was about to stop them, everyone started to fall to the ground. Lin Le stared at AV and OldWang and communicated through eye contact. “You guys are dead if you guys don’t drink it.”

AV and OldWang then fell to the ground and started the twitching dance.

Ye Cang sighed. “Guys, why are you guys so impatient. Even though it is a good wine…”

As Ye Cang drank it, his eyes turned white and he joined the vomit team.