The Clue of the Grave of 'Hammer of Storm': 'Hammer of Storm', Lodan Bysur, the great general of the dwarf dynasty. An important weapon when he fought in the war against the demons. His life was more wonderful than that of others. The clue to his mysterious grave is written on this hammer. Whether or not the clue can be found, depends on you whoever is reading this notebook. (written by incredible explorer king - the handsome Sain). 

Hands of Wormman - Carbellamodys (Dark gold - Abyss) 
Category: Special Boxing Gloves
Requirements: None
Strength +35
Constitution +34
Dexterity +30
Defence+ 76
All attributes +8%
Damage +30
Armor penetration +55
Lifesteal on every attack. 

Swallow Absorb: Once the suckers cling on the target, the target will be numbed and it will bleed. Within 3 seconds, it will absorb 25% of the own health from the target. (The health gained is equivalent to the damage dealt to the target.) Cooldown: 30 minutes

Geisel’s Scale Greaves  (Platinum - Abyss) 
Category: Greaves
Strength +55
Constitution +60
Defence +160
Anti-armor penetration +100
Physical damage received reduces by 30%
Nature element damage received reduces by 50%
Nature resistance +100
Constitution +10%
Strength +10%

Geisel’s Scale: Damage received reduced by 31 points

Fish Hook (Dark gold - Abyss) 
Category: Dagger
Damage: 45-49
Strength +40
Dexterity +71
Dexterity +15%
Speed +50
Armor penetration +60
Poison damage: 20-35
Lifesteal on every attack. 

Fish hook - Bleed / Blood Suck: The next attack will cause major bleeding. The target's damage penetration, damage, and other attributes would be affected. Once the blood is replenished, the weapon's damage will be greatly increased temporarily and recover a large number of health points. Cooldown: 5 minutes. 

Mid-air Rapid Attack: Unleashes 4 combos of rapid attacks in mid-air. Each attack deals 85% damage. Lastly, follows a heavy hit on the target and knocks the target to the ground, dealing 150% damage and stun. Cooldown: 2 minutes. Uses rage points, energy points, qi points, and other grappling energy points. 

Sudden Sky Flash: Deals an instant ambush by drawing a sword slash to an area, causing 225% of damage. Includes execution, bleeding, and armor penetration. Uses grappling energy points. Cooldown: 5 minutes. 

Mud element: Summon mud (water + earth) elemental creature - Barcian. 

Curse of Evil Spirit: Cast a curse on the target. Within the time period, the target will receive extra dark shadow damage. Also, it will be attacked by the heart demon and evil spirit, depleting its mana. Cooldown: 20 minutes

Frost Explosion: Cast extra bone-piercing icicles to frozen or wet target, dealing a second AOE damage and slowing effect. Cooldown: 1 minute. Uses mana. 

 Apart from the two dark gold, one platinum equipment, and a few magic items, Wu Na, OldWang, and AV were choosing the rest of the item happily. 

"The greaves belongs to A'Xiong. As for the dagger, SpyingBlade, you’ll take it. You are the only one who uses assassin weapons here. I'm used to using long weapons. Lil'Dino will take the boxing gloves. As for the skill books, everyone can take according to their needs." Ye Cang said weakly. 

FrozenCloud took away the Mid-air Rapid Attack and SpyingBlade gave Lin Le Sudden Sky Flash. The remaining three summoning books could only be given to OldWang. As for the Curse of Evil Spirit, it obviously belonged to Fang Ci. Lastly, the Frost Explosion. Wu Na wanted to take it but she knew it would be a waste if she took it. Her magic control was not as good as Ye Cang’s so she did not take the skill book. “Team leader, you take it.”

SpyingBlade smiled. Among these skill books, the Curse of Evil Spirit and Frost Explosion are the most valuable ones. Wu Na’s strength is not bad but still, she is not up to par yet. He then turned to look at Zhang Zhengxiong who was smiling bitterly. With that body full of armor, he or she will be an idiot if they choose to kick me. 

Ye Cang did not really want it as he had a lot of skills already. But maybe it isn’t that bad to have it after all. I have quite a number of water and ice element skills. He then casually took it. “Lastly, this what idiot explorer’s clue notebook, little Tian, you’ll take it. Try and find some clue.”

Little Ye Tian was happy. It is my time to shine again! She took over the notebook and quickly flipped through the pages. “There are a lot of geographical riddles and literal codes but they aren’t hard. Just have to switch the riddle, rearrange the sequence of the words, use ancient elven and dwarf language to read and translate that’s all.”

Little Ye Tian then arranged the two sentences with different languages and listed them out. Looking at it, Ye Cang translated. “The location of the grave is on the mountains placed left to the Forest of Elves. With the highest as a landmark, walk through 4 mountains to the west and then 3 to the south. Pass through the iron forest. At a place where ten thousands of crows are flying in the sky, it is located below the fault and behind the V-shaped messy rocks.”

Everyone was soaked in sweat. How many languages do you know actually? You can even read ancient elven.

“Brother, do we go there now?” Zhang Zhengxiong was hopping excitedly.

“Brother A’Xiong, father, I think we better rest for now. We don't know the difficulty level of the grave and worst still, the Planetary Empire’s relationship with the elves and dwarfs is tense. If we sneak in and get discovered, it might be hard for us to escape. We can chill for now. Wait for the war between us and the elves to stop and only then will we discuss it.” Little Ye Tian analyzed seriously according to the situation in the mainland.

“Brother Lil’White, I share the same thought as little Tian. Just be like this then.” Seeing Ye Cang seemed to be agreeing, Lin Le immediately added on. 

“Then, how long do we need to war for the war to stop?” Ye Cang nodded.

“Shouldn’t be too long. The transportation of resources from Black Rock City is getting bigger and bigger. The frontline on the battlefield would be different by now. On the elves side, they might sign the agreement to stop the war since it wouldn’t do them any good to prolong the war. The complaint from their country is getting stronger. Besides, the reason why the war exists is because of the rumors between the 17th emperor of Planetary Empire and the Queen of Elves - Marfelle. They also know that the main enemy of the Planetary Empire is the Steel Empire. They even hope to get out of this trouble and be the neutral point between these two empires. We can try to talk to MistyVeil. She could more or less affect the progress.” Little Ye Tian explained. Wu Na had already gotten used to Little Ye Tian’s long explanations that would put the adults in shame. 

“I also think it that way, Brother Lil’White.” Lin Le pinched his chin and nodded gradually. 

“......” The people beside were speechless.

“Then, let’s put the plan aside. Okay, let’s go home.” Upon saying, Ye Cang asked Ansa to assign Chala to follow him back to Farsarqi. Chala had also known how high Ye Cang’s position is in Farsarqi, especially when introducing the city mayor, Minox, the master chief’s hands were on her butt. 

After knowing Ye Cang’s plan, Minox agreed. She then assigned some beastman who knew how to speak draconic to take over the discussion about the temporary harbor. On the other side, Ye Cang boarded the ship that sailed through Ocean Abyss to the north. Upon arriving at the Sand Sea Village, the harbor was already in shape. Staring at the tall rock tower, Ye Cang asked. “What’s that?”

“Mooring tower for the airships. I think it was Marquis Azshara’s idea. Since going to Black Rock City from here is indeed too far. But, I think the gnome (Lulu) wouldn’t sell many, at most two. Yet, it is more than enough to go back and forth. At least for now.” Little Ye Tian was still familiar with engineering things.