Ye Cang stared at the returning airship from afar. The gigantic structure of the airship, its hot-gas-containing envelope, and the spinning propellers. “Let’s board one to return.”

The airship anchored at the tower. When the people involved in the construction saw Ye Cang, they all bowed to greet him. “Earl PaleSnow.”

The airship workers told Ye Cang that the airship was not in operation yet as it was used to transport resources and workers temporary.

The airship then gradually flew towards Black Rock City.

“Is it really that hard to settle this airship? Boarding this to go to Farsarqi is way safer than boarding a boat.” Sitting at the edge of the deck, Ye Cang looked down at the mountains below.

“Yeap. The core technique is with the gnome (Lulu). Building one is expensive and it costs quite an amount of magic crystals. But most importantly is the supply station. Without it supplying fuel to the airship in the middle of the journey, the airship would not be able to fly that far. I think flying from here to Black Rock City in a linear distance is the fuel’s limit. In order to fly to Farsarqi, we would need to fly through some enemy areas. It is impossible to build supply stations over there. Not only that we couldn’t supply fuel, but there is also a high possibility that we would be hit down easily.” Little Ye Tian replied. “But if father had the intention, I can try to invent our own big flying transport. It is just that it might take me a long time and cost a large amount of workforce and money.”

“You can try. I’ll leave it to you.” With a smile, Ye Cang touched Little Ye Tian’s head. Being an obedient child, Little Ye Tian nodded, enjoying her father’s pampering while smiling innocently. On the other hand, Lin Le was digging booger and made a ‘cheh’ sound.

Little Ye Tian then started to think of the design. She swore to herself. I must make something cool this time! I must not let father be disappointed again!

Staring at the clouds that were directly above him, Ye Cang laid on the ship leisurely. He could hear Zhang Zhengxiong and FrozenCloud having a little argument at the side; SpyingBlade acted rightfully and bullshited with OldWang, AV, and Fang Ci; the sound of Little Ye Tian jotting down her ideas with pen and paper and Lin Le pulling a funny face. Ye Cang then slowly closed his eyes.

In his dreams, Ye Cang saw Xin Xue’s smile slowly fading away at the reborn pool. He could not hear what she said in the end but managed to read through her lips. Tears then rolled down his cheek. “Sadly I could not be reborn, Xue…”

Ye Cang then kneeled at the side of the pool and cried like a child. At the same time, there were many hell soldiers surrounding him.

“Ye Cang. Ye Cang.” A soft voice came from nowhere. Ye Cang slowly opened his eyes and what first came into view was Wu Na’s face. He immediately covered his private parts and said calmly. “What are you planning to do this time?”

“......” Wu Na had the urge to push him off the ship.

The airship then gradually anchored. 

“Look! It’s Brother Hero and the others! Damn! They can even board the airship! I was chased away when I tried to board it last time.”

“Duh. Don’t you know who they are? The emperor rank players! Our China district’s new emperor! Not just one but three!”

“I hope I can shake hands with him. The hand that touched the rose of Versailles for a long period of time!”

“Agree! I wonder how long the Acting Emperor did not wash his hands.”

“Cheh, why would my Big White Emperor care about the rose of Versailles’ butt? It should be the rose of Versailles to be grateful that she was touched by him. A bunch of idiots.”

“The stars have fallen! The Three Brothers rule! In this dynasty! Peerless and inevitable! F*ck you all! If you’re a member of the Three Brother’s fan club, shout it out!”

Facing such welcoming people that came to pick him up, Ye Cang pressed his wolf head hood with a smile. He then waved at them. “Since everyone is so heart-warming, how can I disappoint y’all! Don’t be shy! I’ll cook for you guys! A’Xiong, fire! Lele, SpyingBlade, and Lil’Dino, get those piled worms out and cut them! Everyone here today is a friend of HappyFirmaments! Celebrate! Let’s go! Thank you, everyone!”

“All hail White Emperor! All hail Root Emperor! All hail Roar Emperor! All hail the Three Brothers!”

Wu Na facepalmed. If these people want to die, they can always find another way. It doesn’t have to be in this way.

The large square beside the airship was conquered by Ye Cang. There was a large amount of kagu bug and toad’s meat. ThornyRose sighed as she asked little Jade to get those resources here. Ali was speechless as she was assigned to help to cook the dark recipe. Deep fried maggots, kagu bees, maggots, zombie fluid, and the others were used to cook a big pot of soup. The slime gel and bug fluid were used to make ‘tofu’. Rotting fluid, specter residue, and Orge’s eye were used to cook curry. All these dishes put the entire Black Rock City into toxic pollution. Yet, this did not reduce the cheering atmosphere.

Numerous players fell on the ground as if they were beaten up. Those that had fallen were then dragged to the roadside, crying and mourning.

“What the hell! This isn’t what humans eat! Gosh! No wonder they can become the emperors! Enduring what ordinary people can’t! Damn it! The person who doesn’t eat is an idiot!”

“Oh, challenge accepted! Big Boss White Emperor! This bowl of soup is for you! Come on everyone! Oh no! I can’t take it!”

“Honey! What’s wrong!”

“This poisonous! I saw my dead grandpa. He told me that you have some savings kept hidden. Please tell me before I die! Where is it?!”

“Honey! Honey! I’m here to accompany you!”

“Don’t drink it yet! Tell me the answer!”

“No, I can’t! I’m here to accompany you!”

“Don’t change the topic!”

“Here I come!”


“Well, everyone, since we have food to eat...hehe! Of course, there are things to drink too!” Ye Cang then took out a big jar of wine that he brewed along the way out of boredom. It was brewed with slime gel and the rest of the recipe. There are 20 jars in total! “Can’t go home if you aren’t drunk!”

“What are you waiting for?! Hold your bowls high! Cheers!” Zhang Zhengxiong hit his chest and roared. Everyone was fired up.


CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others were soaked in cold sweat when they arrived. The central square was filled with ‘corpses’. Damn, this is even more horrible than slaughtering the entire city.

Seeing there were a few hundreds of people not collapsing, Ye Cang smiled. “Not bad. You guys are good! I’m surprised you guys didn’t faint due to the aroma of my delicious dishes.”

Wu Na, FrozenCloud, and the others shook their heads. Those people are poisoned by you.

Ye Cang then cast a high-pressured Tidal Wave (with its damage canceled) and pushed the ‘corpse’ aside. He emptied out the square. “Come on! Let’s continue! The remaining ones are the VIPs of HappyFirmaments! I’ll use the most prestigious way to serve you all!”

Ye Cang took out a few limbs, the skeletons of Bone Demon, the butt meat of the mother worm, leisurely rattan, wolf-excrement vegetable, stink mushrooms, and toad-eat-kagu-bagu-bug fried meat. He even brought out the Ye-style Mixed Organs Large Pizza and a few high-rank wines that were brewed with a few gels and organs. 

The remaining warriors were stunned as they stared at the effects of the food and wine. They almost felt numb due to the unbearable smell. What an emperor rank! Can’t believe they actually eat these stuff! I would rather drink the water in the drains for thirty times! Who on earth wants to eat this food?! A few people then started to back off. Zhang Zhengxiong calmly drank a glass of the win and glanced at them. “Backing off just because of this? What a useless bunch of fellas. Hmph!”