“It looks like you guys are too young. This is nothing to us. See!” Calmly, Lin Le took a small jar of wine and finished it. Even though these were disasters, they were still better than those Ye Cang brewed recently.

With sorrow, FrozenCloud and Wu Na sighed. Can’t believe we can actually tolerate these stupid things now. Wu Na said that sometimes the 50-federal-coin vegetarian Set A sold in the canteen was mouth-watering to her. FrozenCloud also said that she had the urge to buy those fried squids and unhealthy food sold at the streetside. Upon talking about it, they felt grieved.

Recalling his life before knowing the team leader, SpyingBlade sighed. If he could… *Sigh* Just if… *Sigh* After much thoughts, he sighed again. 

With a cold smile, OldWang and AV were looking at the remaining passerby warriors. Do you guys know how hell is?! We crawled out from that hell! Standing upright, they stared at them pretentiously. A bunch of spoiled fellas!

Even little tadpole, Little Blue Feather, Little Ren, and Little Ration were dancing to show their taunts. As for Weak Sauce, it was always the lead dancer because it was the leader of the pets team.

Most of the people ran away, covering their mouths. Meanwhile, those that remained fainted as they ate one of the foods. There was only one tall lady who remained standing. She may look heroic but also beautiful. At the moment, her vision started to blur out and her face was pale, swinging left and right as if she was about to fall anytime. Yet, she was holding on a long war blade. 

“Bro, this lady is not bad. She could endure until the very last although she had lost consciousness.” Looking at the lady, Zhang Zhengxiong laughed. 

“Yeap.” Ye Cang smiled. This lady’s aura feels familiar… He then shook his head. “Someone go and carry her…”

OldWang who was fainted at the floor suddenly jolted up rushed to the lady and carried her up on his back. “Boss, this kind of small matter, I’ll do it.”

“......” Wu Na and FrozenCloud wanted to vomit as they were disgusted by his action. At the same time, SpyingBlade was also speechless and soaked in cold sweat. Only now you look like an incredible player. 

On the other side, AV also sighed. “Damn it. His reaction is fast.”

“Let’s go. Go to find your respective class instructors. After that, gather at the Goddess Association’s headquarter. We’ll go to Goddess City together. Lil’Wang, when she wakes up, bring her along to gather. Also, ask her whether she would like to join Happy Firmaments. Judging by her look, I knew she is one of my fans.” Upon hearing what Ye Cang said, everyone shook their heads. You think too much…

Ye Cang then kept the remaining food and wine. “We got quite a few lefts. We can eat it along the way later.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. At least he isn’t planning on creating new ones. Because this disgusting resistance keeps on increasing, we could at least not faint. Upon thinking about it, they were sad. Can’t believe we are actually used to it already. This is unacceptable.

Ye Cang talked to CloudDragon. As he was about to take out the dishes to welcome them, CloudDragon and the others quickly left. 

Not long after, Ye Cang headed to the Goddess Association’s headquarter. Along the way, he went to his own garden. Seeing that the garden looked like a mini forest, he rubbed his eyes and took a step back. Well, that’s my garden alright. He then went in. 

Seeing Ye Cang’s arriving at the garden, Makarlo turned into vines and appeared not far away from Ye Cang. He then told him that he used the Goddess Association’s money to buy the other gardens nearby and combined them together. “My wise president, I did a good job of taking care of the garden, didn’t I?”

Ye Cang nodded. When I left last time, it was still a mini garden. But now, it is already a forest park. There were many fungus types of plants and rare plants. “I brought these back.”

Upon saying that, he took out some rare seeds and fungus that he found in the swamp. Makarlo took over and examined them excitedly. “This is from the Endless Swamp right?”

Ye Cang once again nodded. “We are about to establish a base there. It is in the middle of preparation.”

Ye Cang told him about the business and the new elder there. Makarlo nodded. “Endless Swamp is easy to defend but hard to be attacked. There are rich resources there but it is messy, especially the worm men.”

“You have been there?” Ye Cang raised his eyebrows.

“Yeap. I traveled there before when I was young. It is dangerous there, especially in the deep area. Don’t even think of going there without an army of thousands.” Makarlo smiled bitterly. 

Looking at the small Holy Oak Tree and Black Dragon Titan Tree that he planted, Ye Cang asked. “How long more for it to produce fruit?”

“It takes 50 years for the Holy Oak Tree to be mature and another 50 years for it to produce fruit. As for the Black Dragon Titan Tree, it is double of it.” Makarlo smiled.

“Well, what’s the point of saying it anyway?!” Ye Cang was speechless.

“It might take at least 5 years even if I’m here to enhance its production. 10 years for the Black Dragon.” Makarlo brushed his beard. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” Ye Cang was curious.

“Unless you have the Holy Ash.” Makarlo replied. 

“And what the hell is that?” Ye Cang questioned.

“It is a kind of rare ash. Any ground that was sprinkled by the Holy Ash would...hmm...how should I describe it. It can’t be described as well-fertilized but it could make the plants grow in a super fast speed and enhance the plant’s quality.” Ye Cang then kept Makarlo’s words in mind. I must get hold of the Holy Ash. My garden depends on me.

After leaving the garden, Ye Cang went to Goddess Tea and Cake shop. Ali was making tea like a graceful wife. The hall was filled with many adventurers playing games, accompanied by various girls.

“How’s the storage room?” Ye Cang received the glass of tea given by Ali. 

“There are still a few left. But it is going to be finished soon. By the way, are those people stupid or what? They actually ate the food?” Ali was speechless as she sat down.

“In terms of cooking, you know nothing. You need to know that different people have different taste preference. You may think you cooked a delicious dish but it might not suit the other’s taste.” Ye Cang took a sip of the tea. A sense of heartwarming heat surged through his body. 

Ali rolled her eyes against him. Damn it. You have no rights to say that. You don’t even know what you made. Are you sure any ordinary person can eat it? Every time I go into the storage room, I need to be fully armed. “F*ck off, you dark recipe chef.”

Ye Cang smiled as a reply. She is still too close-minded. It is obvious that she is jealous of my cooking skills. I’ll just keep quiet. *Sigh* What an uneducated person. 

Meanwhile, Ali could feel that Ye Cang looked at her in a weird but arrogant way. She felt unease.

Ye Cang then patted on her shoulders to cheer her up and left. Ali was staring at him as he left. Without turning his head back, he said. “Good luck.”

With her arms crossed, Ali stared at Ye Cang who was getting further and further away. This fella must be sick but… Upon thinking about it, she blushed.

Along the way, Ye Cang put a large number of ingredients into the storage room. With much satisfaction, he left. He also went to the church. Knowing that Mar Junior was at the Goddess City, he was about to leave. Just then, he noticed that Gina Vivian was at the corner of the garden, looking shy. He then had the urge to make fun of her. With a Shadow Step, he came to her back and tapped on her shoulders. As Gina turned, she saw Ye Cang. In such close distance, she was shy and wanted to take a step back. Ye Cang then raised his hands high and said calmly. “If you run, I’m about to grab your breast. Oh, you really took a step back. Left leg. So… you leave me no choice. I’ll grab the left one then.”