Looking at Ye Cang’s evil right hand coming at her, Gina’s face was so red as if blood was about to burst out. With a faint smile, Ye Cang touched her head and said. “I’m just kidding with you. Mar Junior isn’t here. I’ll go now.”

Upon finished saying so, Ye Cang turned and left. Gina was staring at him dumbfounded until he left the courtyard. “So handsome.”

Ye Cang arrived at the Goddess Association’s headquarter. It was crowded as if everyone was in a market, negotiating all kinds of deals. Some of them even begged to join the association at the front door. Yet, when they saw Ye Cang, they were awed by his appearance and gradually made way, covering their mouth.

“Move aside. Move aside. Brother Hero is here!”

“Why are you still standing here?! Waiting for Brother Hero to feed you shit?”

“Well, to be honest, shit tastes better than the food…”

“About that...you sounded like you tasted it before.”

“That’s because...I accidentally saw Brother Hero added something that seems to be shit when he was cooking. Well, after much investigation, I confirmed that it was indeed shit. The excrements of bats from the sinkholes.”

“Hehe, bet you don’t know about this. The excrement of bats is also called Glowing Night Sand. It helps people to be more focused and helps to enhance your vision. It is a kind of medicine. You don’t know.”


Liliana was busy handling stuff but upon seeing Ye Cang’s return, she stood up straight in respect, heads up, chest out, showing her deep V. Ye Cang nodded with much satisfaction. “Not bad. You seem to be getting used to the PR (public relation) thing.”

“All thanks to your guidance, president.” Liliana smiled. 

“Nah.” Ye Cang swung his hands with pride. Seeing Liliana’s sharp-looking ears, Ye Cang asked. “You don’t plan on going back to the elves?” 

Liliana was stunned for a second and then shook her head. “President, thanks for your concern. It is great here. I feel happy staying here too. At least I have found the things that I wanted to do and my target. I’m not going to force myself.”

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. “Well, it’s up to you. I’m just merely asking. As long as you’re happy.”

“Oh yeah, president. Do you mind helping me to set a new hairstyle?” Liliana acted coquettishly.

Ye Cang sighed. “I just can’t resist you. Come on.”

Swiftly, Ye Cang used his wash, cut, and blow combo to help her create a new hairstyle. Liliana saw her hair got loosen and then slowly curled up. It felt comfortable. With much satisfaction, she thanked Ye Cang and then went on to work.

*Blow* Ye Cang blew his scissors and kept it away. He then yawned as he had nothing to do. Generally, there was not anything that he had to worry about. The class instructor was at Goddess City too. He then left the Goddess Association and headed to Happy Firmament store to tease Little Jesse. What came to his surprise was that Little Jesse and Marie were playing together. They even held hands and promised each other to go explore together. He then recalled a past scene. He shook his head. Xin Xue, do you really think I can move forward?

Ye Cang slowly took off his wolf head hood and looked afar with much sorrow. 

“Brother PaleSnow.” A sharp voice interrupted Ye Cang’s thought. 

Ye Cang turned around to see NalanPureSoul. He smiled. “Swordfighting brother.”

“......” NalanPureSoul was stunned for a moment. Can’t we chat normally?! He then recalled his pet’s name and wanted to kill himself so much. The item to change the pet’s name is so hard to find! With an awkward smile, he said. “Oh, brother PaleSnow, you are still humorous as always. Well...can you not call me swordfighting or whatsoever anymore? Please, I beg you.”

“Okay, little swordfighting.” Ye Cang nodded with a smile.

NalanPureSoul’s chest suddenly became heavy. I knew it! He then sighed, recalling that MistyVeil was being called ‘Aunt Perky’ too. “Oh yeah, regarding the Magic Amplification device and the Motion Amplification device, I changed the equipment. About the sale…”

“Find little Tian for that. I’m not quite sure about it. How about this? I’ll call her and tell her about it. No worries. No worries. She won’t kill you, judging by our relationship. Right?” Upon finished saying, Ye Cang turned around and contacted her. “Little Tian, NalanPureSoul that idiot wanted to extract the amplification device. Do know that any wrongs on the device are the fault of the creator. Remember to kill him. Is he beside me? Yeap. But my back is against him so don’t be worried.” Ye Cang ended the call and turned back to NalanPureSoul. Seeing NalanPureSoul being speechless, he put on a faint smile. “I’ve spoken to her. You can go find her later on. She is at the Praying Hall.”

NalanPureSoul was speechless as Ye Cang acted as if nothing happened. Talking about others behind their back. It doesn’t really mean by just turning around with your back against others! You could have at least gone further! What’s the difference between this and saying it right in front of others?! He then facepalmed. He finally understood the feelings of MistyVeil, ThornyRose, and NalanMoon. Once again, he sighed. “Alright.”

Just then, Ye Cang put his arms around NalanPureSoul’s shoulders. “Little swordfighting, I have a batch of food that is not bad and it is fresh too. In terms of effects, you know how good it is. I’ll sell you cheap.”

“How much?” NalanPureSoul asked. Even though the taste is not that good, its effect is indeed good for completing quests.

“A portion that is enough for 300 people. Judging from our relationship, I will not trick you. 500 gold. Half-priced.” Ye Cang smiled.

NalaPureSoul frowned. That’s right. This isn’t a small amount. Gold is very expensive nowadays. The gold coins in the black market were emptied every day. It is the same in Black Rock City. The currency didn’t appreciate nowadays. Instead, gold becomes more expensive. But, this is a good deal anyway. “Okay.”

“Nice. That’s the brother who ad a swordfighting with me.” Ye Cang’s words made NalanPureSoul rolling his eyes again. Yet, Ye Cang’s affectionate actions made NalanPureSoul’s heart raced and he blushed. “I’ve told you many times. There’s no such swordfighting! And I’m not little swordfighting!” 

NalanPureSoul looked away. Their faces were only 3 cm apart. It was really close and their eyes looked into each other. Even Ye Cang felt awkward. Just when he was about to let go of his arm that was on NalanPureSoul’s shoulder, a force pushed him and a familiar childish voice was heard. “Ha! Brother Lil’White! Hehe! I’ve finally found you! Whatchu doing? Lele just got promoted by the president. I’m now the Black Rock City’s Armed Merchant’s Association’s Vice Pre…”

Sneaking his head over, Lin Le saw the two of them kissing. He then was stunned for a second and finished his sentence. “sident…”

Upon finishing the sentence, he felt something was wrong and immediately, he ran away. As he ran, he contacted the president. “President! What?! Something is wrong with East Street? I’m on my way to settle it! Damn it! Don’t they know that I’m the one who takes care of East Street?!”


The two of them immediately separated. Ye Cang turned and shouted. “There’s no contact! Lele! Get your ass back here!”

NalanPureSoul quickly pushed Ye Cang away. It is the second time. Seeing that everyone was surrounding them and the fujoshi(s) were staring at them excitedly, he got hold of himself and said righteously. “Brother PaleSnow is Caise Tribe. When they come to an important agreement with the others, they would kiss to show respect and agreement. Just like the Americans and Britains. They would kiss each other upon meeting. Don’t overthink.”

“Aww...The Phantom is so cute even though he is bullshit-ing~”

“Can’t believe Acting Emperor’s sexuality is...The great Big Brother Hero! A true man! He actually...actually… *sigh* If I was him, I would choose the Phantom too. Good taste.”

“Of course! The Phantom’s strength is impressive. Not to mention, his appearance is generalized as China’s No.1.”

“So lovely~”

“Okay. Okay. You these bunch of bypasser. Brother Hero hasn’t said anything yet.”

Ye Cang then calmly nodded. “Yeap. I’m the Caise tribe. Just now, NalanPureSoul said that he wanted to join Happy Firmaments and I agreed. In order to express gratitude and with my handsome appearance, he couldn’t help but follow the culture. I hope you guys can understand.”

“......” Everyone including NalanPureSoul was speechless.