“That’s the Acting Emperor we’re talking about. So persuasive. I’ve no comments.”

“I give full marks for this.”

“If he can persuade The Phantom, I’ll give an extra 2 marks. So, it will be 1 million if you round it off.”

Seeing everyone was fired up, NalanPureSoul said with ventriloquism. “Hey, Brother PaleSnow, don’t kid around.”

“I’m not kidding. We lack a mage warrior or whatsoever in our team. I think you suit the role.” Ye Cang said back with ventriloquism.

NalanPureSoul sighed. Emperor rank is indeed emperor rank. I can’t oppose, not to mention arguing back. His rank is higher. He is definitely the emperor rank player that can act so casually. He then gave it a thought. Hmm...there is no harm joining anyways. Sister could handle the Freedom Alliance herself. As for the elders, I bet they wouldn’t have much to say. I’ll just use the excuse of going to their side to gather intel since they have three emperor rank players. “Well, I wouldn’t mind joining but from now onwards, you need to give discounts on whatever Freedom Alliance buys from you.”

“Of course! I’ll give u a 30% discount. I’ll just earn 60-70% of the profit.” Ye Cang smiled by using the ventriloquism.

Damn you! Judging from our relationship, you still want to earn back 60-70% of the profit despite giving a 70% discount? What kind of nonsense is this?! *Sigh* Fine, 70% it is. He then faced towards everyone and smiled. “I hereby represent the Freedom Alliance to join the union with Happy Firmaments. Also, I’ll personally join the Happy Firmaments’ attacking team. That’s all. Please don’t think aside.”

“This is true love~ So touching~”

“Be together! Be together!”

“Two op players are in alliance. Now all we need is just one match together!”

“......” Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul were soaked in cold sweat. Are these villagers mind filled with homo and gay?!

Ye Cang seemed to understand NalanPureSoul’s expression and he replied through eye contact. About that...homo and gay share the same meaning.

I know! NalanPureSoul was so pissed that he rolled his eyes against him.

“Flirting through eye contact!”

“No wonder he is the Acting Emperor! His sense is excellent. I’ll need to go back and try it out with my wife! See whether she understands my sorrow.”

Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul immediately escaped. 

Upon receiving NalanPureSoul’s message, NalanMoon did not say anything. Brother should have his own reason behind this. But...why would you love the team leader? The wicked bastard. She then sighed. Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking since no one knows the ending of NalanJade.

In the endless universe.

There was a beautiful woman, so beautiful that people would catch out of breath. Yet, it was flat at her chest. A thin and gentle hand was holding her chin while another was flipping through the cases. Just then, she sneezed. “Is it him missing me? Last time at the wedding, he married 130 women at one shot. Can’t believe he still remembers me.”

At the side, Kristina shook her head. “Hey, NalanJade, I think you overthink. The Queen of Elves. Demi-god. The Queen of Drow. The Queen of Witches. Husband really won’t remember all of them. That’s why you were able to pass through. Besides, among us, we had dropped our guards for you to lie to the world. If not, with Yueru’s calculative personality, you won’t be here.”

“Husband, when is he coming back?” NalanJade asked disappointedly. Kristina’s jaw dropped. She ignored me?! She then facepalmed and sighed. “Let me see. He should have killed the fake leader of the League of Becoming Gods. Yet, he fell into the enemy’s trap. His root of soul had been broken and he fell into the Forbidden God Place. He then obtained the Power of Shattering Sky and Splitting Ground… Wait, what? And also Spitting Shattering-Sky Saliva? He killed the enemy’s League of Saliva with one shot. He dominated the second level of the immortal world.”

“That’s the man I like. He is so handsome even when he is spitting saliva. So accurate! So imposing! So powerful!” NalanJade gazed at the endless starry sky with her arms crossed.

Yeap, that’s husband’s real idiot. Kristina continued to share the universe burden and arranged the files of the alliance.

Black Rock City. East door. Bus stop of transporting magic crystals.

Ye Cang booked the entire bus. Everyone stared at NalanPureSoul who was standing beside Ye Cang. Even though the news was spread around, Ye Cang had not personally introduced him.

Noticing everyone’s gaze, Ye Cang gradually stood up. “Brother PureSoul officially joined us. That’s all. One more thing. Lele, come here!”

Lin Le immediately hid behind Wu Na. “Brother Lil’White, I didn’t do that on purpose.”

Knowing what happened, Wu Na smiled. “Okay. Okay. Lele did not do that intentionally.”

“That’s hard to tell.” Little Ye Tian added.

Wu Na did not know whether to cry or laugh. Both of you just can’t miss the chance to blame the other huh? She quickly changed the topic and pointed at the girl beside OldWang. “Team leader, this is Moon of Maroon Red. She is willing to join us.”

NalanPureSoul frowned as he stared at the girl who named MaroonRed. She looks like she is good at fighting. Hmm...there’s no way I didn’t notice a player that has such an aura in Black Rock City.

“Hello everyone.” MaroonRed bowed politely.

“I’m still single! Do you want the contact or room number?” AV immediately stood up and said.

“......” Wu Na, FrozenCloud and SpyingBlade were soaked in cold sweat. Do you have to be that straightforward?

“Hehe...nice to meet you...hehe.” MaroonRed felt awkward.

OldWang then also got up and put his arms around MaroonRed’s shoulder. “Don’t bother about him. Judging by his perverted look, he isn’t some good guy.”

Once again, everyone broke out in a cold sweat. Hey, you are the one who has no rights to say others look like perverts.

“Since you joined Happy Firmaments, we are now one family.” Ye Cang smiled. 

“Oh, Little Red.” Seeing Ye Cang was not paying much attention to him, Lin Le quickly sneaked out and pretended to be mature. “Why don’t you show your real life picture to us. Let Brother Le help you verify.”

“Yeah, Little Red, share us a photo. We are all brothers here. We know each other. Don’t be afraid, we are good people.” Zhang Zhengxiong was interested in the newly joined girl.

MaroonRed hesitated for a second and shared an ordinary girl photo. Lin Le looked left and right and noticed FrozenCloud was sitting in front with her back facing against him. He then pulled MaroonRed over and said. “Hey, you newcomer. Don’t ever show how beautiful you are in front of Lil’Dino okays? She looked like this in the past.”

As Lin Le took out the picture, MaroonRed was soaked in cold sweat upon glancing at it. Indeed, it is mysterious here. If she looked like that in the past, then now wouldn’t she be…? “Super pretty?”

“Yeap. In conclusion, you just have to be low profile.” Ye Cang also put his hand over her shoulder and said in a low tone. 

FronzenCloud who was at the front seat saw Wu Na’s hand patting her shoulder, cheering her up. “It’s okay. It’s okay, everything will be alright.”

She then turned to look out the window. If everything could be restarted, it would be great! *Cries* Sister, Sister Rose, you guys...