Goddess City, which belongs to the Planetary Empire, is located at the ghost peak of the middle part of Black Peak. On the high cliffs, there are three gigantic nature goddess statues, solemn and magnificent.

Ever since the city was built, there were a lot of players gathered at Goddess City, no matter whether they were there to level up at the surrounding area, to resupply resources at the Dark Cave, to learn skills or to board the ship to the sinkholes. It was on par with Black Rock City. Many believers also came over to the city. The three goddesses were comfortably playing in their shrine. 

Ye Cang walked around Bal Village, the bus stop where people could travel from Goddess City to Black Rock City. There were also a lot of players that came here to kill the fishman and goblins in order to exchange items and equipment as they rushed from here to Goddess City. They also stared at the Peak of Goddess (Ghost Peak). The scenery was beautiful. The city was as busy as usual and the crowd was packed. With much jealousy, NalanPureSoul stared at Ye Cang, the city mayor appointed by the three goddesses. Even though MaroonRed had seen it on the screen before, standing below the Peak of Goddess, she gasped. Can’t believe this is created by the emperor rank players. How did they do it? Even the Black Dragon Union is only at the stage where they are clearing instances. The union hasn’t reached such a stage where they can build cities and it doesn’t have such high ranking.

MaroonRed then recalled her mission - to sneak into the China district and gather as much intel as possible in order for preparation of war in the future. MaroonRed was actually a character disguised by RedMoon from the Black Dragon Union.

As they entered into the city, the guards bowed at Ye Cang. Being the city mayor, Ye Cang only then remembered that it was his first time coming to the city after it was built. They passed through the busy dealing area and went directly to the goddess shrine. As the highest priest that guarded the shrine, Maru Naya walked over with her horseshoes making a loud clip-clop sound. Holding a spear, she bowed to Ye Cang. “Great Sage, the goddesses are at the sleeping palace behind.” 

Ye Cang then took off his wolf head hood and rode on Maru Naya, the deer spirit. He put his arms around her shoulders. “Lil’Mar, as the sage, I still don’t have a follower that can act as my means of transportation. Don’t you think so?” 

“Well, Great Sage, it is my honor to give you a ride. But if I were to accompany you, your journey would be less fun and difficult. How about this? I have an egg from my fallen sister. I hope you can treat it well. I haven’t hatched it ever since… *sigh* ” With sorrow, Maru Naya took out a transparent crystal egg. Ye Cang pouted as he slowly received it. It is better than nothing. He hugged it tightly in his embrace. “True though. Why didn’t you hatch it?”

“Maru Siqi, my twin sister, was a confident, strong and caring person. She was my role model. But she betrayed our tribe and the nature goddess as she fell in love with a dark nightmare demon. I gave it my all to crush the nightmare demon’s heart, thinking that she would come back. Unfortunately, she kissed my face and committed suicide...Here’s what happened, Great Sage.” Maru Naya shook her head sadly, holding the spear. Ye Cang did not ask further, jumped off her back and went to the sleeping palace. “That was her choice. It may be selfish but isn’t that why you like her?”

Maru Naya turned over, staring at Ye Cang’s back. “Great Sage...”

Ye Cang then recalled the woman who chose not to burden himself and A’Xiong. He smirked. Selfish fella, I wouldn’t mind if you were a burden to me for the rest of my life. Xinxue… Upon thinking about it, images of Wu Na and ThornyRose flashed through his mind and he smiled bitterly. Can I do it?

Upon arriving at the garden of the sleeping palace, he saw the three goddesses were drinking happily. Ye Cang was a little dissatisfied. Heh. He then put on a disappointed look. When the three goddesses saw Ye Cang, they were shocked for no reason. What happened?! Ye Cang slowly walked over.

“Is it time to relax now?” Ye Cang said coldly.

“Well, no, that’s not it. PaleSnow the wise, we saw that the believers increased in numbers…” Mallow quickly said.

“So you guys are satisfied with how is it now?” Ye Cang did not change his tone.

“PaleSnow the wise, the glory of Black Peak is here now. There’s no need to…” Not waiting for Anya to finish her sentence, Ye Cang shouted. “Shut up. Is this all you guys have? Just because of this little Black Peak you guys are this happy already?! If that’s it, then goodbye. I’m not going to care about you guys anymore.”

“Great Sage!” Just when Ye Cang turned around and left, the three goddesses quickly pulled him back. One from the left, one from the right and one at the front.

Ye Cang asked with a sigh. “What’s your dreams?”

“Restore the past glory and it is overachieved. This palace is way better than before.” Jam who was hugging Ye Cang from the front replied. 

“And then?” Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and aligned the three girls together. He then shouted. “Stand properly!”

The three goddesses felt sad as they thought about what was next. They were all speechless. 

“Which God is at its best now?” Ye Cang glared at the three of them.

“Blurry God, Lord of Light, Evil Gods, Lord of Darkness and so on.” Anya said softly. 

“Don’t you guys want to be like them?” Ye Cang said fiercely. He showed that he was worried about them even though they were not worried about themselves. The three goddesses were touched. 

“But..isn’t...isn’t it impossible?” Mallow said weakly as if she had no confidence.

“Whichever God that fails to be a great one is not a good God!” After Ye Cang shouted, he instantly used a low tone and told them a motivating story. It was a story about a girl who was disabled but determined. She was an ordinary girl who unfortunately got inborn cancer. However, she did not give up on chasing her dreams. At last, it was saddening because she died right when she saw her dreams starting to realizing. “Do you know what she said before she died?”

Seeing tears were rolling in the goddesses eyes, Ye Cang said it softly. “What a pity. Time doesn’t allow me to complete it. It is really a pity. Stream of tears rolled down her cheek as she closed her eyes slowly. You guys have a longer life, having the advantages that people couldn’t achieve and yet you guys are nowhere near a young girl who fought so hard with illness? Don’t you guys feel guilty?”

Facing Ye Cang’s fiery eyes, the three goddesses looked down. Ye Cang then patted their shoulders. “Despite the fact that the journey would be though, despite that there might not be a success, at least you guys were brave enough to chase after the dreams crazily. This is enough. Do you guys understand? The little girl’s dream then motivated a lot of people. There are even some people who helped her to accomplish her dream and placed in front of her grave. Do know that dreams would never die…”

“Great Sage…” The three goddesses bowed after listening to Ye Cang’s speech. “We understood. We won’t be satisfied with what we have now. Please help us in chasing our dreams!”

Ye Cang’s expression changed all of a sudden as he was surprised. He raised his head but deep down, he was resisting not to laugh. The 8 o’clock drama’s plot does have a good effect. “We’ll now take the first step of realizing a bigger dream. Keep on practicing. You can never loosen up when it comes to dancing. Come on! Shout the slogan! Dream! Fighting! Dream! Fighting!” 

“Dream! Fighting! Dream! Fighting!” The three goddesses looked at each other and shouted.

“Okay, Since you guys have realized from it, let’s quickly get into practice.” Ye Cang clapped with a kind smile.”

“Great Sage, no… it is too exposed… Ah~”

“Great Sage, what do you think if I pose my butt in this way? Is it perky enough?”

“Great Sage, do you really think this kind of costume is going to be loved by everyone? I feel like its style is a little dark...No~ My bad! Ah~”

Many different shouts of girls were heard from the sleeping palace.