Maru Naya looked behind at the palace in confusion. Whenever the sage comes over, there must be some weird voices of the goddesses being heard.

With much satisfaction, Ye Cang nodded as he looked at the exhausted goddesses. What a good way to destress. He slowly put on the wolf head hood. “Even if I’m not here, you guys can’t slack alright? I know sometimes it still needs some luck to get promoted but it is also tied with hard work. Do connect with the believers spiritually more often or organize worship of singer or even give them some benefits. And so on and on. But you guys don’t have to worry about it, I’ll assign others to prepare those for you guys.”

“Thank you, the sage.” Mallow nodded with much respect.

“As your boss…*cough* my bad, as the sage, this is my duty.” With a smile, Ye Cang quickly turned around and left. The three goddesses shouted. “Wait!”

“Thank you for everything you have done for us. Even though you still can’t accept our power of God with your current strength and our power is in recovery, we can’t treat you unfairly.” Anya said. The three of them then nodded as they looked at each other. 

“Congratulations, you received a new skill, Anya’s Poison Coating Technique.”

“Congratulations, you received a new skill, Mallow’s Nature Protection.”

“Congratulations, you received a new skill, Jam’s Revive of All.”

Anya’s Poison Coating Technique (Anya - Beginner): Coated poison damage +100%. Increase the recipe of poison.

Mallow’s Nature Protection: Reduce nature damage received by 75%. 50% of the damage will turn into natural healing, recovering one’s health. Nature magic effects increase by 50%.

Jam’s Revive of All: Temporarily revive surrounding allies and turn them into elite guards of the tree spirit of the same level. It lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 1 day.

“Congratulations, your food poison coating and Anya’s Poison Coating Technique matched successfully. You’ve advanced into the master level. It has been added to your luxurious menu.”

Anya slowly got up and said to Ye Cang gently. “Sir PaleSnow, don’t forget that you’re a ranger, my direct great sage…”

Mallow and Jam suddenly looked fierce like a cat being stepped on its tail. Mallow shouted. “Bullshit! I’m the first one who found Sir PaleSnow! So he is my direct believer! Get the f*ck off him! Sir PaleSnow! If you want to change your class, I can turn you into a nature mage anytime!”

“He even came to the shrine to save me when I was so far away from him! He is definitely loyal and sincere to me! He must have wanted to be my direct believer!” Jam joined in the fight.

Ye Cang immediately escaped and chose to watch them argue at the side. Watching them arguing is more interesting.

“The location of this shrine belongs to the location of my original shrine! He built this shrine for me! You guys are just add-ons!”

“You this unfilial sister! It is all because of me that Sir PaleSnow did all these!”

“That’s right. That’s right. The iris flower on the hill symbolizes me! He built this for me!”

The angrier the argument between them, the more satisfied Ye Cang was. This is better than watching a TV series. Feeling like he had watched enough, he changed to his fierce and unhappy face and shouted. “All of you! Shut up! This is so embarrassing!”

Suddenly, the three goddesses were stunned. 

“I was touched by the fact that you guys were about to chase for your dreams. But then you guy are now arguing internally! Sisters would be successful if they work together! Can’t you guys understand such simple principle?!”

“You guys are sisters. There are still many tough times ahead where you guys need to hold each other’s back. Understand?” Ye Cang sighed. He then put Jam’s hand on Mallow’s inner thigh; Anya’s hand on Jam’s boobs and Mallow’s hand on Anya’s butt. With a smile, he said. “Teamwork, understand? Together we make the dream works.”

The three goddesses looked at each other with much apologies and guilt.

Ye Cang then left satisfactorily.

Just when Ye Cang left the shrine.

“God damn it, the shrine is mine!”

“Bullshit! It is obviously mine! You can tell by looking at the statues. I’m in the middle!”

“That’s not it! We are in a triangle shape. There is no center! It is just your imagination!”

“I’m the eldest!” 

“It is just that your age is higher!”

“I’ll tear you apart!”

“I’m not afraid of you!”

“Hey two sister, actually…”

“Shut up, you green tea bitch![1]

“Oh, so you guys don’t show respect huh? Let’s fight then!”

In front of the statues of the three goddesses which were located at the center of Goddess City, ThornyRose saw Zhang Zhengxiong but continued to chit-chat with SpyingBlade. “Where’s your brother?”

“He went to the shrine to settle some internal stuff.” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

ThornyRose looked doubtful. He went to bully his three puppets again. Seeing Zhang Zhengxiong and SpyingBlade bending each other’s arm around each other’s shoulder, ThornyRose had a thought. These two fellas are really incredible, being able to kill Angelite together. Now, SpyingBlade is almost up to par with the Four Heavenly Kings. His character’s rank is even higher than theirs. The X rank which is also the pre-emperor rank. I even doubted Gongsun Qian’s insight. Looks like she was right after all. Sooner or later, SpyingBlade would be one of the emperor rank players. Suddenly, she teased him. “Have you…with Sister Qian?”

“......” SpyingBlade was speechless. How can you be so straight-forward? If these words came from the mouth of team leader or Shaking Bear, I’m totally fine with it. But, from a girl...I’m shocked. Indeed, you’re the team leader’s fiancée. He did not answer her but rolled his eyes. 

“On the night a few days back...hehe.” Zhang Zhengxiong looked at SpyingBlade with an evil smirk.

“F*ck off!” SpyingBlade blushed.

“I’ve heard that NalanPureSoul joined you guys?” ElegantFragrance asked.

“Yeap. It is real.” Zhang Zhengrxiong shrugged his shoulders.

ElegantFragrance then turned to look at ThornyRose. “Though you planned to have sex with team leader, with the Phantom here, the possibility of you being thrown away is still very high.”

Motherf*cker! Are you really my sister?! How can you speak in that way?! ThornyRose’s chest felt heavy.

“Brother Lil’Xiong! Old Zhao!” Lin Le’s voice came from somewhere. Upon seeing Lin Le, ElegantFragrance quickly rushed towards him. “Le…”

“Who da heck are you?! Go away! Go away! Brother Le me has signed way too many autographs. My hands are exhausted. Tell me about it when my mood turns better!” Lin Le frustratedly went past her, leaving ElegantFragrance standing there pitifully. 

ThornyRose laughed. Karma! You deserve it! “Lele.”

“Sister Rose. Well, your equipment doesn’t seem classy enough. If you weren’t the leader of the club, I wouldn’t even want to talk to you.” Lin Le words stunned ThornyRose. Her face turned red and veins popped out on her forehead. You this stupid kid!

“Lele, here’s your new weapon. Impressive right? I spent quite a number of rare materials to make this one.” Zhang Zhengxiong took out a fire-red big sword. 

Lin Le took over and examined its attributes. He then hugged Zhang Zhengxiong and jumped around. “Brother Lil’Xiong is the best!”

ThornyRose also examined its attribute. Platinum?! She then looked at her dark gold ranked weapon. There is still the black gold rank between them. She quickly pulled Zhang Zhengxiong aside. “Shaking Bear, look at my weapon. It is still that...right?”

“Okay. Okay. Just say what kind of design and attributes you want. I’ll go make one for you.” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled. “Well, where’s Sister Dyed?”

“She is at the Bal Village. Don’t worry, I’ll follow up with this matter frequently.” ThornyRose nodded seriously.




  1. ^ a famous internet slang used in China to describe girls that acted innocent but they are actually calculative and sell their body to get promoted.