Ye Cang reached the church in Goddess City. The renovation was almost done. Mar Junior saw Ye Cang walking towards him with a smile. “Can’t believe you really did persuade the people in Farsarqi. I bet those elves have no choice but to stop the war for peace and remain neutral.”

“Oh yeah, I plan to build a base at the Endless Swamp.” Ye Cang changed the topic.

“It would be hard for the empire to reach there as the conditions are too bad. But you must be having some ideas in your mind so I will not stop you from doing it. I heard that you and Minox...well...had prayed.” Ye Cang stunned upon hearing Mar Junior’s words. Prayed? What does that mean? He then rolled his eyes when he saw Mar Junior’s expression. He replied in a calm tone. “There’s no such thing. She admires my handsome appearance and wanted to take me over but I rejected her directly.”

Mar Junior also rolled his eyes. He did not know whether to laugh or cry at Ye Cang’s words. This fella is indeed shameless. How can he even say such shameless words casually?! “Will you be going there in the near future?”

“I don’t know. It depends.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

“If you need any help, ask someone to contact me.” With a smile, Mar Junior patted Ye Cang’s shoulder.

Ye Cang nodded. After some chit-chat, Ye Cang left the church and went to the gathering point.

Upon arriving at the goddess statues, Ye Cang saw everyone had arrived, including ThornyRose and the others. Knowing what they were going to do later, he felt bored. He then swung his hands. “Meeting. Meeting.”

Ye Cang led them to the top floor of the restaurant under the name of Happy Firmaments mall.

“What are you planning this time?” ThornyRose questioned after knowing what had happened from Little Ye Tian.

Ye Cang rolled his eyes against her and did not bother to answer. With his hands crossed on the table, Ye Cang said in a serious tone. “I’ve decided to attack Thousand Peaks Mountain.” 

ThornyRose frowned. That place is too dangerous. Not only that the landscape is annoying but the One-eyed Ogres also get more insane as we go deeper. Besides, their species varied. A 40-men small team could only attack one. There isn’t any guild that is willing to pay such price just to attack. If it is successful, everything will be alright. But what if it fails? It will be a total loss! “Are you serious? Reasons?”

“I feel like we have nothing to do temporarily. Most importantly is that the TV series stopped refreshing, I’m bored to death.” Ye Cang’s words were like a bullet piercing through ThornyRose’s head. What?! Just because a stupid homo drama stopped refreshing?!

“Father, the plan may be risky but it isn’t impossible. Attacking the Thousand Peaks Mountain is helpful for the construction of Goddess City.” Little Ye Tian’s words made those small shareholders such as ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, OldWang, and the others energetic.

ElegantFragrance was trying all possible ways to make Lin Le remember her. Just when she heard it, she turned over and asked. “What do you mean?”

This was something the new member, NalanPureSoul wanted to ask too but he chose to keep quiet and wait for the answer.

“Firstly, the Thousand Peaks Mountain is located at the northwest of Ghost Peak. It is also the highest point of the Black Peak! Conquering it would be helpful for us in conquering the entire Black Peak. This is my plan for Black Peak in the future. Have a look, father. “ Little Ye Tian took out one plan from the plans and blueprints she had and projected it to the screen. Everyone started to surround it. FrozenBlood felt that the design was similar to the elves’ City of Tree as she used the nearest peak to build a bridge. When ElegantFragrance saw the design of transporting cable car and the route which it would use, she was amazed by such marvelous work. Can’t believe she even chose three suitable valleys to build cities and noted the blueprint of defending enemies from the north. She thinks way too far man! We don’t even know what’s the situation in the desert. She wanted to turn Black Peak into a mountains fortification. But the cost… ThornyRose sighed upon looking at the plan. “You can build this?” 

“Yes but only if we conquer Thousand Peaks Mountain. We aren’t short with the magic crystal veins anyway.” Little Ye Tian nodded. Attacking the Thousand Peaks Mountain is a must but it is just the problem of timing. Since Ye Cang had brought out such topic, Little Ye Tian could only propose her plan.

“Since that’s the plan, let’s ask CloudDragon and LordAsked to come over. It is regarding the entire Black Peak’s benefits.” NalanPureSoul knew this was not something a small team could accomplish. 

Ye Cang then contacted CloudDragon and LordAsked and asked them to come over. Coincidentally, they were at Goddess City too. After knowing Ye Cang’s plan, they frowned. LordAsked even laughed. “Interesting. Lord’s Reign would give you all the help you need. But...this place belongs to me. I don’t wish to take entire Thousand Peak Mountain either. Just some shares will do.”

On Little Ye Tian’s blueprint, LordAsked pointed at one of the valleys which were suitable to build a city.

“Deal.” Little Ye Tian nodded as a promise NalanPureSoul suddenly realized her intention of coming out with three locations. Those are for us. Planning to tie us to these benefits? Even though the locations were drawn, he knew the main thing was the Thousand Peaks Mountain. As his eyebrow raised, he pointed at the area which was nearest to Mallow’s shrine. CloudDragon also examined the three different locations and found that there wasn’t any special advantage about them. So, he chose the last one. “When are we doing this? Besides, will the Goddess Association join in too?” 

“I’ll ask them about it. But it may take a few days since the goddesses were recovering.” Ye Cang said.

“Okay. Let’s talk about the details since you decided to attack.” LordAsked said in a serious tone.

“We aren’t that sure about the details too. We only know that there is a giant boss inside. Its species is One-eyed Ogre. That’s all.” Little Ye Tian replied.

“We’ll talk about that later then. First, we need to ensure whether the goddesses would join in to provide us help and buffs. We need to reduce the losses to a minimum.” CloudDragon nodded. 

Seeing that those two were about to leave, Ye Cang stood up and shouted. “Hold on.”

“Well, the meeting is over. Now, it is promoting time.” Ye Cang smiled.


“The latest crystal inlaying. These attributes are incredible right? I guarantee that it is enough for the entire body. Not 998. Not 698. It only costs you 198! The smithy is next door. What are you waiting for?!”

“Lele’s Soldier Food No. 2! The effect is double of the normal soldier food! Buy ten free one!”

“Enhanced growth amplification device! It amplifies up to 35%! It comes with post-purchase service! Second remove and installation! Brother CloudDragon, you know its greatness. Brother Asked, why don’t you buy some? It isn’t very expensive. One for 200 gold and 250 gold for those with magic.”

“Fast food takeaway! Various flavors! Cheap and tasty! Look at these attributes and the texture of the food! Isn’t it tempting?! What are you waiting for?!”

The two of them stared at the stuff that Ye Cang promoted. It is impossible not to buy. But they cost so much if we buy. In the end, they sighed and bought in bulk.

NalanPureSoul suddenly felt that it was very beneficial to join HappyFirmaments. I can get these for free personally. Looks like I saved quite some money.