Ye Cang informed CloudDragon and the others that the goddesses would join in as this made them feel reassured. Not long after, he found a workshop for himself and started the leatherworking. Seeing all the different kinds of materials, he sighed. Having too many materials is also a problem. He then started to sort out the lower class materials like the workers in the assembly line, smooth and fast. Lastly, he wiped his sweat and began to forge equipment with high-class materials. For SpyingBlade, he made a few high defense and dexterity black gold equipments which brought amazing effects. He also made one set for NalanPureSoul and MaroonRed. After that, he took out Geisel’s scale and some rare materials to create a platinum rank chest plate which had super high defense and constitution. He put it into the bag as it was for Zhang Zhengxiong. He then made some black gold equipment for himself, mainly shoes and gloves.

In the smithy, ThornyRose was staring at her sword. Indeed, black gold is different from the usual ones. 

On the other side, Lin Le upgraded his Armed Crystal Drive. Originally, it could only insert three grooves but now it could insert five grooves. His number of skills also increased from three to five and the skill level was also raised as the number of crystal increased. Lin Le could now use the skill of high-level crystals though he had to use it with the help of the equipment.

Ye Cang then distributed the equipment and ordered NalanPureSoul to claim it. Upon receiving, NalanPureSoul raised his eyebrow. “Little swordfighting, how is it? Not bad right? For you, I specifically used the hellhound - Dudosa’s skin to make it. Three sets of fire elemental resistance equipment!”

NalanPureSoul remembered who Dodusa was. It was the boss who killed his entire team during the class quest. Looking at the combination of three sets, it gave a whole new level of attributes. He was touched. Even though his personality is pretty bad sometimes, he does treat people well. “Thank you, team leader.”

As for the name ‘little swordfighting’, NalanPureSoul knew he could do nothing against it as the fella who was standing in front of him would not change it no matter what. “Oh yeah, I might come to Lin Hai for a short period of time. You wouldn’t mind me disturbing you, would ya?”

“Of course not. Judging from our relationship, who and who.” Ye Cang then pushed his crotch outward and NalanPureSoul facepalmed. Just how desperate is he to swordfight? 

“I’ll cook for you myself when you come!” Seeing that NalanPureSoul was a little embarrassed, Ye Cang laughed.

“......” NalanPureSoul was stunned for a second and then said seriously. “Well, I just received the news that the plan got canceled.”

“Little swordfighting still loves to crack jokes in a serious manner. Remember to come after a few days. As the brother, I would treat you well. No worries.” With a smile, Ye Cang patted NalanPureSoul’s back. NalanPureSoul sighed. Feel like slapping myself right now…

Glancing at his own level, Ye Cang knew he needed a little more to reach level 30. “Since we have nothing to do, why don’t you train with me? How about that? We can level up Little Dream too.”

“Rush for 30?” NalanPureSoul always paid attention to the level rankings. Ye Cang has been staying at the 1st place with level 29 in the level ranking for quite some time. FlameEmperor was also stuck at level 29. I’m only 28, almost 29. He then shrugged his shoulders. “Sounds great. Just you and me?”

“A’Xiong is busying earning profit from the customers by tricking them. Lele and his president were arguing about the responsibilities. Meanwhile, some went to accompany their instructors and some went to carry out the class quest.” Ye Cang looked through the text.

NalanPureSoul soaked in cold sweat. Do you have to say it so obvious?! Tricking the customers?! I was in that category of customers before I joined you. Damn it.

Not long after, Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul left the Goddess City and headed west to the Shallow Pond area. There were many monsters nearby the Shallow Pond and their levels were relatively higher too. Even though there were a few players who came here as a team to train, they usually went back with nothing. Those who were ineffective were not suited to stay here as most of the remaining teams were those elite teams. 

Staring at tens of shallow water poison frogs, Ye Cang squeezed his hands. The water in the pond immediately turned into ice. Lights were glowing in his hands and Light Strike Array appeared from the surface of the icy pond. NalanPureSoul also did the same and the fire exploded. The double explosion of ice and fire froze and burned the poison frogs to death. Ye Cang then started to pack the limbs of the corpses. On the other hand, Weak Sauce carried the young Little Dream to somewhere far for hiding.

Activating Little Blue Feather’s eagle eye to check which side had more monsters, Ye Cang then brought NalanPureSoul to the place and started a mad slaughter.

NalanPureSoul exclaimed at Ye Cang’s explosive skills which were similar to his. I could only lock on when the target was burnt. Bet his one should be when the target was frozen or wet. How is he still a ranger? He is a totally a long-range high-damage demon, from physical damage to magic damage.

“Start a fire. We need to recover.” As Ye Cang took out the ingredients, NalanPureSoul frowned. “I don’t think it is necessary. It is more than enough by drinking your magic water.”

“With the food status, we would be more efficient. Stop nagging.” Ye Cang then took out the limbs of the fresh poison frogs and mud monster’s corpse, thinking of how to match them up. His serious mood made NalanPureSoul soaked in cold sweat because Ye Cang seemed to be enjoying it very much when he was arranging and figuring out the disgusting matchups. NalanPureSoul sighed and started a fire.

At last, Ye Cang took out the toad from the Dark Cave, poured in a large amount of slime gel (ThornyRose and the others collected various slime gels for him) and the magic water. When the water boiled, he put in the poison frogs, toads, mud monster, man-eating sewer rat meat, werewolf, and the bones of skeleton demon to cook the soup. On the other side, he put a big steel plate on the fire rack. Swiftly, on the organs and slices of meat of creatures, he sprinkled some fire elemental crystal dust, chillies, withered ashes and brushed them a homemade sauce made out of zombie fluid, slime gel, and bile.

“It is just us, You don’t have to be so precise about the food. Just frying some goblins will do.” Ye Cang turned to see there were many goblins that could not be finished previously. So, he pierced them with an iron rod and put them on the grilling rack, spinning them around. He painted the secret sauce as he grilled.

As the abscess started to form on the goblin’s body when it was painted with the secret sauce and the juice inside it was full, NalanPureSoul quickly covered his mouth. Just how incredible can this fella be?

A strong malodorous smell started to spread from the thing which seemed like teppanyaki. NalanPureSoul felt like he was in the middle of a biological war. On this side, there was a soup which purplish skeleton smoke rose up. Over there, the scream of the heat coming from the goblins was truly terrifying even though the goblins did not move their mouths. It was also a disaster at the teppanyaki side. He turned over to see Ye Cang calmly getting himself a bowl of pinky stuff that looked like rice, took a few pieces of the teppanyaki meat and organ, a scoop of the meat from the soup and cut goblin’s limbs and put it on his rice. After that, he ate them with chopsticks rapidly. His neck suddenly twisted and he fell down. Not twitching for more than 2 seconds, he got back up. “Even though I failed surprisingly, the taste is still okay. Just faint for a while.”

NalanPureSoul felt like he could not even open his eyes as the smelly odor rushed into his brain. Surprisingly fail?! It would be surprisingly success if you can cook something that can be eaten! Looking at the attributes of the food. It is indeed not bad. The magic recovery is fast and it even has some mana recover effect. With a sigh, he imitated Ye Cang and got himself a bowl of rice. He followed Ye Cang’s steps in order to succeed once. Just when he was about to cut the goblins, he realized he did not have a knife. I can’t use my weapon to cut it. Feels like the taste will stay with my weapon for a long time.

“Come, I’ll help you.”  Ye Cang used his sword to cut the goblins. At last, he sighed. “You’re lucky. Here you go, the best part. You should recover a bit.”

Ye Cang calmly put the goblin penis into NalanPureSoul’s bowl and said. “Not to mention, it has extra attribute increment. It suits you a lot.”

All of a sudden, NalanPureSoul was stunned as he stared at Ye Cang’s smile. He obviously did it on purpose! “I’ll eat it if you eat it too!”

“The penis is very good. Last time, OldWang made a secret penis soup. Z’Xiong, Lele and I drank it and our d*cks were erected for the entire night.” Ye Cang said it in a serious manner.

“It looks disgusting!” NalanPureSoul shouted.

“You are seriously dumb. Okay, how about this. You treat it as beef tendon. Quickly eat it. Quick. Don’t be a drag. We still need to kill monsters.” Ye Cang immediately grabbed NalanPureSoul over and forced it into his mouth.

“I don’t want...urgh! Ah!” NalanPureSoul felt like the bowl of food went into his stomach and all kinds of smell attacked his brain. Ye Cang was smiling and feeding him at the same time. NalanPureSould blushed and fainted.