As NalanPureSoul woke up, he glared at Ye Cang. However, Ye Cang got him up with an okay-okay-do-not-act-obedient-after-getting-some-benefits smile. “Let’s go. We need to continue.”

The darkness had fallen when they reached Shallow Water Pond after killing the monsters. The pond was glimmering with beautiful spiritual energy. It was comforting by just looking at it.

Ye Cang also noticed that the water was indeed shallow at the Shallow Water Pond. The water level only reached his waist. Ye Cang raised his eyebrows as NalanPureSoul scooped the water up. “At night, the water here gives slow mana and health recovery.” 

As NalanPureSould turned around, a cold sense surged through his face. He was splashed with water and he coughed. With confusion, he looked at Ye Cang.

“I thought you wanted to splash me with water so I subconsciously counterattacked. I’m sorry.” Ye Cang blinked his eyes.

NalanPureSoul wiped his face with his hands. Can we still train at peace? He sighed as he took a few steps forward. Immediately, he turned around and splashed back at Ye Cang. Ye Cang quickly blocked it with his hands. The two of them then started a water fight as they ended up fighting together. 

At last, they laid on the surface of the pond, gazing at the starry night sky. NalanPureSoul could not describe his feelings. He had never argued with anyone before but after meeting Ye Cang, he had done many things for the first time, including having feelings for him. He turned to look at Ye Cang’s wet face from the side. He does look not bad when he keeps quiet.

“Do you want to eat supper?” Ye Cang’s question made NalanPureSoul rolled his eyes. Indeed, it is better for him not to talk at all.

“I felt the water is moving.” Ye Cang raised his eyebrows,

“What do you mean?” NalanPureSoul questioned.

Ye Cang did not answer and dived into the water. NalanPureSoul soaked in cold sweat when he saw Ye Cang swam like a fish, fast and agile. With this speed and agility, I bet no one can battle with you in the water.

Ye Cang moved along the Shallow Water Pond at a fast speed. In the end, he reached a deeper pit. He increased his speed and dived deeper. With night vision, he noticed that the fishes surrounding him were also swimming towards the large pit out of curiosity. After swimming for a while, a fade light appeared. When he reached the source of the light, there was a gigantic crystal embedded at the ground. It gave out rays of light like the moon, clear and comfortable. He then reached his hand to identify it.

The Moonlight Crystal: A very rare jewelry. It has a very high value and has a non-stop health and mana recovery effect. It is the mage’s most precious collection. Legend says that when the Goddess of Moon spread her legs and masturbated, she happened to pass by the gap of the door to another world. The liquid accidentally dropped to the human world and turned into this. It is also known as The Tide of Moon.

Ye Cang then gradually raised up his head and remembered ‘Goddess of Moon’. Looks like she is very lonely. I better go back and ask whether we can find clues about her and get her to join my talent group. He then started to think of how to pick it up. The size was too big and the diameter was approximately 20 meters or more. Don’t tell me that I have to smash it and take it away batch by batch. Upon thinking about it, he rejected the thought. It is still best to take it away as a whole. 

Ye Cang sighed. I think I better go back and discuss with A’Xiong and the others. Following the water flow, Ye Cang continued to swim to the east. He then saw a crack. The water from the pond must be flowed out from here. But wouldn’t it overflow? He turned around and swam along with the flow of water. The deeper he went to the direction, the stronger the pulling force of water. At last, he came to the outside of an enormous underwater cave. Ye Cang hesitated whether or not to go in. I can go in but not too deep. If the water is flowing towards the core of the ground, there would be no turning back. He turned around to see there was a chest stuck in the puddle of rocks outside the cave. His eyes immediately shined red. 

Just then, in the cave, there was a pair of light sources that made Ye Cang felt unease. There’s a boss! Even though he was reluctant, he quickly swam back to where he came from. Along the way, he looked back to check on the boss. With his night vision, he saw an enormous white viper with blue pattern swimming out and chasing after him. 

On the other hand, NalanPureSoul was gazing at the night sky casually. With a smile, he twisted his wet hair. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong.


Huge waves of water then rose up and splashed. NalanPureSoul felt like he had choked in some water. With anger, he shouted. “God damn it! Are you done with it?!”

As he shouted, the waves of water were gone and there a gigantic viper appeared. He was soaked in cold sweat. Motherf*cker, it is a special field boss! Seeing Ye Cang running towards him, NalanPureSoul immediately got up and ran too.

“Brother PureSoul, I’ll go first! You delay it! I’ll go find reinforcements!” Swiftly, Ye Cang came to NalaPureSoul’s side and said calmly. NalanPureSoul was unable to react as he was stunned. Not long after, Ye Cang activated tactic ability - retreat and escaped. “Tactic! Retreat!”

NalanPureSoul’s chest felt heavy. Delay it all by myself?! He then turned to look at the blue-patterned and white-skinned viper moving at top speed. God damn it! I can’t escape this! Immediately, he jumped and grabbed Ye Cang’s pants. “Don’t ever think of dumping me!”

Their positions were awkward

“Brother PureSoul, for the sake of everyone! Quickly let go of me!” Ye Cang felt that his speed had decreased as if there was a heavy tail swinging behind him. Seeing the viper was getting closer, he quickly reached out his hands and used Forst Explosion to slow it down. Immediately, an eagle cry was heard.

F*ck off! Only now you remember to call me Brother PureSoul! NalanPureSoul was speechless.

Little Blue Feather which was swirling around the sky dashed down. NalanPureSoul quickly grabbed its claws with his left hand and they went up flying high. Ye Cang felt his pressure was decreased but the viper had caught up to them. As it rose up, it opened its mouth wide, preparing to swallow him whole. Moving at top speed, Ye Cang did not dare to look back but he had noticed its shadow reflected by the surrounding water surface. It caught up!

NalanPureSoul looked back and saw how Ye Cang almost got bitten. Just when he was about to remind him, there was water flowing below his feet. He looked down and heaved a sigh of relief. Oh yeah, he knows Shadow Steps. Under the moonlight, the eagle’s shadow appeared on the water surface and swiftly, they escaped from the danger. The viper then swam back to where it belongs.

Upon arriving at the beach of Shallow Water, they sat down. Ye Cang was panting. “You definitely lack political sense. It was obvious that you were supposed to take care of the rest.”

NalanPureSoul rolled his eyes against him. “What’s that?”

“Moon-patterned viper - Ayskas, a very strong and big water viper. Its meat is a top-class ingredient and its bile is a very precious thing.” Ye Cang swung his hair and then opened his chat. “Little Tian, tell everyone to come here now. I have discovered a boss. We’ll talk about the details later.”

“Let’s continue to kill monsters while waiting for them to come.” Ye Cang gradually got up.

NalanPureSoul nodded and saw Little Sauce cheering for them and carrying Little Dream at the same time. What a precious contracted pet. 

As it leveled up, Little Dream had some changes. It had a body shape of a girl now, a deer lower body and Ye Cang’s hair.’

Companion: Little Dream
Level: 10
Owner: PaleSnow
Loyalty: Fanatical
Grade: S+
Race: Nightmare demon deer spirit
Specialty - Child of Nature / Pet of Darkness: It blends well nature deer spirit’s nature magic and nightmare demon’s dark magic. It is extremely fast and agile. Movement speed +60%
Damage: 45-53
Strength: 71
Dexterity: 85
Constitution: 102
Intelligence: 73
Wisdom: 87

Nightmare demon’s flaming heels: It can run across the sky. This creature has the flying ability.

Nature Magic Proficiency: This creature can control level 1 - 4 nature magic.

Dark Magic Proficiency:  This creature can control level 1 - 4 dark magic.

Nightmare Dash: It turns into a nightmare demon and launches a hypnosis attack, disrupting the target’s will.

Dream Entering: This creature has the ability to enter into the target’s dream when the target is asleep.

Cheering Dance: This creature has been affected by its surrounding for a long period of time. It can cheer for surrounding allies. Speed +10%, Attack +15, Defence +15, and rage points would be recovered faster.

Turn Around And Escape: This creature has been affected by its surrounding for a long period of time. Its escape ability is strong. When it turns and escapes, movement speed +75% until it is out of danger.

“Papa! Papa!” Little Dream was happy.

“Don’t you want to cover her breast?” NalanPureSoul saw Little Sauce which was originally carrying her was now riding on her back, acting like a leader.

Ye Cang then took out a few pieces of equipment and put them on. Little Deer Spirit which was naked suddenly turned into a deer spirit warrior. He could not help it to wear shin pads as the system noticed that it needs customization. I’ll just let A’Xiong make her one.

Looking at Little Dream’s attributes, NalanPureSoul analyzed. “Good magic ability, its physical attributes are quite high too. It has high potential, especially as a magic warrior.”