Ye Cang took out the dark gold pike that he once unequipped and put it on Little Dream. With NalanPureSoul’s suggestions, he took out another scepter and put it on her back as a backup. Thinking that he had a pair of guns, he put them at her waist. Seeing Little Dream was lost, Ye Cang started to teach her how to shoot, the little tricks to change the items and where the weapons were placed. At the side, NalanPureSoul was impressed. Didn’t know this fella knows how to teach others that well. These little tricks and practice are valuable. 

“Do you understand?” Ye Cang asked.

Little Dream nodded heavily. She then pulled out the pair of guns and shoot madly at the empty space in front of her. After that, she turned to look at Ye Cang.

Seeing the wall faraway was broken, Ye Cang sighed and touched her head. “Not bad. Not bad.”

Weak Sauce too looked at Ye Cang desperately. “Aymoli, ciqikala. (Owner, I want to try too!)”

Ye Cang changed the crystals on the pair of guns which Little Dream was holding and handed them over to Weak Sauce. He was impressed at its performance. Accuracy is not bad. It was also relatively calm when shooting.

Weak Sauce then put the guns back to Little Dream’s waist. Once again, it hopped on Little Dream as if it was a knight. Not far from its claws, was the guns. It would be convenient for it to pull them out. 

NalanPureSoul had a weird expression on his face. Little demon riding on a nightmare demon deer spirit?

Weak Sauce was showing off its shooting skills at Little Dream and Little Dream was sort of angry. Yet, not long after, they were both chit-chatting happily as if they were super closed. Ye Cang who was looking at them was lost in his thought. But then, he shook his head.

“Brother!” “Brother Lil’White!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s and Lin Le’s voice came out of nowhere.

Ye Cang started a fire.

“......” The others who were originally rushing towards him stopped and their faces crumpled.

Wu Na sighed and walked to Little Dream’s side. “Oh, she has grown up indeed. Let me look at her profile.”

Ye Cang showed her profile and Wu Na smiled bitterly. The equipment she wore is even better than mine. She has quite a number of skills too. Can’t believe it is just a nightmare demon deer spirit. After looking at the profile of Weak Sauce who was about to level up to 20, she wiped her sweat. Still this useless. 

“Father, is there really a Moonlight Crystal this big?” Little Ye Tian was not interested in the boss.

“Yeap.” As Ye Cang wiped his sword - Assenroche, SpyingBlade sighed. It is a really good magic sword but he uses it to cut meat.

“With such big Moonlight Crystal transporting back to Goddess City, it would be very useful.” Little Ye Tian was calculating.

“We’ll talk about that after we kill the boss. Let’s replenish our status with some food.” Ye Cang took off his wolf head hood and tied a white cloth on his head. He then began to cook. He took out the Queen of Bug’s and Wormman’s body parts and cut them into pieces. Putting the Skeleton Demon’s bones on the board, he used the axe to chop it. Cold Sweat ran down Fang Ci’s cheeks as he stared at the weapons beside Ye Cang. Long sword (used as a normal knife), heavy axe (to chop bones), crescent moon sword (as a slicing knife), and a big heavy hammer (to smash meat into a patty). He has evolved.

“Today, we’re gonna eat pork ball! I’ve watched OldWang cook it once and I’ve mastered it! *sigh* I’m just so talented.” Ye Cang took out the corpse of the boss ranked toad, kagu bee, sinkhole’s big bat, and spider. He poured the slime gel on them and smashed them using the heavy hammer. Everyone could not lay their eyes on him as the fluids splattered all over the place. Yet, Ye Cang poured the sauce and smashed repeatedly. At last, they all turned into a meat patty. After that, he mixed them with various wild vegetables, mushrooms, and a few marshwalker’s roots to reduce the poison. Lastly, he sprinkled some fire elemental crystal powder, rolled them into a ball-shape thing which had a roughly 2-meter diameter and put them into a massive steamer.

“This steamer…” Staring at the customized steamer, SpyingBlade wondered. Where the hell did he get such big steamer? He then turned to look at Zhang Zhengxiong who was covering his face. “Yeap, that’s right. It’s me. I’m the one who made it. I’m sorry, Old Zhao.” 

“You…” SpyingBlade felt that his chest was heavy.

“Brother Lil’White, hold on!” Lin Le shouted. Ye Cang was confused. “What’s the matter?”

Lin Le then took out an eye of each boss ranked slime and One-Eyed Orge and placed it on the pork ball as if he was putting a pair of eyes on a snowman. He wiped his forehead. “Okay, looks so much cuter now.”

Staring at the different sizes of eyes on the pork ball, Ye Cang nodded. “Indeed, it looks cuter.”

“Your @$$!” Wu Na shouted. God damn it! It is terrifying by just look at it. It gives me goosebumps!

Even NalanPureSoul shivered. It is Brother PaleSnow that we’re talking about.

Ye Cang then closed the steamer. He cut the meat of Queen of Bug, wormman, and the Really New Village’s Worf God - Dina into slices. The slices of meat were flying all over the place but each slice was as thin as a piece of paper. Wu Na could not help but smile bitterly. That was some skills.

In order to cook some good soup, Ye Cang poured in the high-level magic water and wine made by himself, the bones of Skeleton Demon, specter residue, and zombie’s bone into the big pot. He took out the wild vegetables, mushrooms, all kinds of boss ranked organs and meat slices, placing them nicely on the plate. To make some sauce, he poured in all the slime gel and homemade bug fluid, zombie fluid, and other fluids gathered by ThornyRose and the others. He mixed them up and the sauce was done. Putting it at the side, he said proudly. “Homemade wine steamboat. Nice right?”

“......” OldWang and the others were staring at the ‘screaming’ pot. 

After that, Ye Cang fried the remaining boss ranked spider’s legs, bat’s wings, and worm’s limbs. He then scooped them up and drizzled them with the special sauce. He took off the headband and swung it. “Perfect.”

Staring at the ‘feast’ that was going to be completed soon, everyone's heart sank. Kill me already! When will these days end?!

The steamer was shaking and SpyingBlade mumbled. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“For example?” NalanPureSoul also thought the steamer was shaking a little overboard.

“Prepare for battle.” Little Ye Tian stepped backed and jumped on Little Ration.

“Battle?” NalanPureSoul frowned as he was confused.

“His dish...sometimes will turn into a boss. It is hard to fight as its resistance is high.” Wu Na smiled bitterly.

Staring at Ye Cang, NalanPureSoul wiped his cold sweat. He could not describe his feelings but just smiled bitterly. He began to mumble the verse to summon a flame demon. On the other side, OldWang was too summoning the swamp elemental. Meanwhile, AV posed like a girl, preparing to dance. Many different flowers filled with natural energy had grown in his surroundings.

Weak Sauce rode Little Dream to somewhere far and the two of them started to do the Cheering Dance. 

Ye Cang filled his ballista with bullets and summoned another ballista from his shadow. The king and queen bee bolts were ready.

Lin Le reached out his hand and crushed 10 gold coins to stack the Power of Money’s effect. Swiftly, he placed one hand at the giant chopping blade at his waist while the other was holding the hilt of a giant sword. He dropped low and activated Berserk as if he was a bull that was prepared to burst off.

Along with little tadpole, Zhang Zhengxiong stood in front of everyone, placing his big hammer at the side. “It is coming out.”

FrozenCloud dropped low like a leopard, staring cautiously at the steamer.


The lit of the steamer flew off and a cloud of smelly steam rushed out.  A giant black shadow was shot up into the sky like a bullet.

“Congratulations, you have created an alive master level dark recipe! Please name it.”

Ye Cang simply named it and activated Meteor Shot, aiming at it.

“Bug Pork Ball With Big Small Eyes!”