Bug Pork Ball With Big Small Eyes: This creature belongs to the dark recipe series. It has incredible resistance and attacking power. It doesn’t have any attributes or elements that it is afraid of.

Ye Cang’s Meteor Shot and the Shadow Weapon’s both bees shots hit it but the damage seemed to be reduced by 60%. “Everyone be careful! It’s resistance and physical resistance are very high. It reflected around 60% of the damage!”

Everyone saw how the bee shot got reflected and bounced back at Ye Cang. With Shadow Step, Ye Cang dodged it and pulled out two guns. He put a water elemental crystal on the left and fire elemental one on the right. Immediately, he started shooting. “Both water and fire damage are also reduced by 60%”

“Its wounds recover at a very fast pace too.” Little Ye Tian noticed the holes on it recovered at a fast speed.

As the Pork Ball jumped into the water, water was splashed everywhere. The disgusting smell of the water almost made the team faint. SpyingBlade then noticed his attributes had decreased by 15%. His movement speed was too decreasing. Worst still, his health points were gradually dropping. He frowned. “It seems to have some disgusting smell aura that reduces attributes and health points.”

“We’ll poke it. This is troublesome. Tankers, try to restrain it and the close-range combatants try not to get close to it first. We’ll see how it goes.” NalanPureSoul suggested.

“I agree. Brother Fang Ci use Shadow Chain on Brother OldWang’s mud elemental to reduce the damage received.” Little Ye Tian nodded. After hearing what she said, Fang Ci nodded and immediately cast it.

“Retreat. Remember to back off after attacking.” Seeing the Pork Ball jumping towards them, Ye Cang activated tactics ability. “Tactics - Pursuit!”

Everyone moved backwards but Zhang Zhengxiong went head-on. He swung his hammer and hit it really hard. Even though he managed to stun it a little, he was knocked away the second after. He then dived into the water, trying to find an opportunity to attack. “What the hell was that strength?!”

Ye Cang gradually nodded and mumbled. “That’s right. I’m the one who made it.”

“Well…” NalanPureSoul and Wu Na who were at the side went speechless.

MaroonRed frowned. That thing which team leader made is too troublesome, isn’t it? I have seen Zhang Zhengxiong’s equipment. They were all real steel...

Fang Ci cast the Curse of Evil Spirit on the Pork Ball. Just when the evil spirits came out, they were blown away. They tried to attack it with some spiritual power but the damage was not obvious. Withered Shade could not last any longer on it too. As everyone tried to attack it, the Pork Ball did not become weaker, instead, it seemed like it got stronger. After fire and lightning element attacks, it had some barbeque smell. After the water element attack, its aura seemed to be stronger and the range became wider. Worst still, the mud element seemed to be adding a hard shell on it. 

“How the f*ck are we going to attack?” Zhang Zhengxiong was stunned by its aura after attacking it. He immediately backed off with his stomach feeling upset.

“Stop the elemental attacks. Lele, try to attack it with your Handcart.” Little Ye Tian sighed.

“It’s Brother Le.” Lin Le turned back and shouted.

“Brother Le, try to attack it with Handcart.” Little Ye Tian pouted.

“A’Xiong, create an opening for Lele.” Ye Cang loaded his guns with no-attribute crystals and shot.

“Okay, got it!. Brother, Lele, try to find an opening.” Zhang Zhengxiong signaled them and attacked once again. On the other side, Lin Le ran around in low-profile.

At the moment when the Pork Ball landed on the ground, Zhang Zhengxiong knocked against it with all his might. Adding on the speed change of the five-colored slime ring, he managed to knock it backward. Swiftly, Lin Le jumped from the side and performed his homerun swing with the handcart. He knocked it away with it slightly above the ground. The Pork Ball was sent flying with much elasticity. As it landed on the water, it continued to chase after them. They sighed and retreated.

“We must figure something out. It does us no good in this way.” NalanPureSoul was frustrated that his fire element could not help at all as it would only make it worse. MaroonRed and FrozenCloud felt the same way too. Their health points dropped even faster once they went in, to attack. Not only that they could not deal much damage but they would also be dead if they were careless.

As everyone backed off further and further, Ye Cang saw a place not far away. He had an idea. “Drag it here. Lele, when you roam, prepare to interfere at all times. Wait for my signal. A’Xiong, cooperate with Lele and push the boss to where I come out.”

Upon finished saying, Ye Cang dived into the deep water pit.

Staring at the location, NalanPureSoul smiled. Isn’t that? I see...he planned to use it as a weapon. But does it really work? What if they combined into one big boss? Then, wouldn’t that mean we need to give up and call for assistance? The reward may drop. 

Even though the others did not know what was going on in Ye Cang’s mind, they still followed his instructions, trying all possible ways to circle around it. Little Ye Tian and AV were stressed up as they had to choose a target to heal immediately once the cooldown was over. Little Ye Tian then stared at AV. Indeed, the Plant User’s AOE recovery ability is far more stable than the Paladin’s. Without him, I don’t think we could circle around it. 

Little Ye Tian roughly knew Ye Cang’s plan but the success rate depends on the Pork Ball’s choice of attack and wisdom level.

Ye Cang popped out of the water surface and shouted. “Knock it over here! Quick!”

Activating his protecting ability, Zhang Zhengxiong knocked it again. At the instant where it bounced, he stunned it in mid-air. He quickly increased Holy Judgment’s stunning level. FrozenCloud and MaroonRed together jumped and attacked it with Rising Dragon Kick and Chilling Moon Chop.

“Lele!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

Once again, Lin Le jumped, activated all the buff-ing skills he had and roared. “Lele’s Homerun!”

As the handcart swung at it, the Pork Ball went flying like a bullet. Immediately, Ye Cang appeared in front of Lele with Shadow Step. His hands held on Assenroche. As he pointed, the arcane damage pushed the ‘bullet’ even faster. Just then, the viper appeared right at the point where Ye Cang was before. The two of them knocked together and the viper let out an outcry as it was hurt. Its body twisted and then dropped into the water. 

The viper once again rose up with a loud hiss, swimming towards them.

“Run!” Ye Cang shouted. “Tactics - Retreat!”

Zhang Zhengxiong jumped on little tadpole and went running.

Little Blue Feather carried OldWang and Wu Na and flew away. Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian unexpectedly allowed AV to sit at the back of Little Ration and they also flew away.

“Little Ren, bring Lil’Fang and Lil’Swordfighting away!” Lin Le ordered tigerkin - Little Ren who was shocked. Little Ren carried Fang Ci at its back, grabbed NalanPureSoul and ran away.

FrozenCloud, MaroonRed, and SpyingBlade who had great movement speed managed to escape due to Ye Cang’s help. As for Lin Le, his escape ability was not any weaker than Ye Cang’s among them.

The huge viper was still chasing Ye Cang and the others while the Pork Ball followed tight behind.

Little Ye Tian frowned in mid-air. In the end, they ended up fighting or?

“Sister Little Tian.” AV said as he stared at the boss behind them.

“What’s the matter?” Little Ye Tian was quite satisfied with how he called her. 

“About that...you grew up. Is it a time to give me a chance…” AV’s tone was emotional but all he got was Little Ye Tian’s kick in the face. AV grabbed Little Ration’s butt and cried. “I’m about to fall! I’m about to fall! My bad! My bad!”

Below them, OldWang and Wu Na who were grabbed by Little Blue Feather soaked in cold sweat. “......”

“Just how brave are you?” Wu Na then recalled the very first time she saw Little Ye Tian being violent.

“Boss treats you as a little brother but you wanted to flirt with boss’ daughter? Pathetic!” With a disgusted face, OldWang stared at AV’s horrible look.