NalanPureSoul pondered. It’s almost at its limit. That viper would not leave its area too far. This is the common characteristic of these protective boss. 

Little Ye Tian raised her eyebrow as she stepped on AV who was grabbing Little Ration’s insect legs. It is about to go back! Now, will the Pork Ball continue to chase us or will it attack the viper? This is the moment!

Angrily, the viper retreated and did not bother about the Pork Ball. The eyes of Pork Ball turned and a massive poisonous gas was shot out. The Pork Ball bodyslammed the viper.

The viper smashed it with its tail and hissed. Meanwhile, the Pork Ball did not bother but continued to attack it madly.

“You motherf*cker! You’re crazy! The viper said.”  As he swung his wet hair, Ye Cang translated.

“Indeed, it’s a mad boss that has no emotions and wisdom. It only has battle sense but not intelligence. It would just attack anything that appeared before it. No matter if it was us or the viper, it is the same for it.” Little Ye Tian analyzed. AV quickly climbed back up to Little Ration and heaved a sigh of relief. The daughter of the boss is really scary but I don’t know why my heart skipped a beat. It was still comfortable despite being kicked. 

Little Ye Tian soaked in cold sweat as she turned to see AV blushing. What expression is this? I don’t understand a single thing!

“We stay somewhere far to watch the show. It is either both were heavily injured or one would lose. Anyhow, we can’t miss the last hit.” NalanPureSoul continued to back off until a certain distance and sat on a relatively dry rock.

“Let me do the honor for the last hit.” Watching the two bosses fighting, Ye Cang said calmly. 

Everyone turned to look at him with a we-have-seen-through-your-plan expression. NalanPureSoul sighed. “Lele, you be one who goes for the last hit. Brother SpyingBlade and Brother Shaking Bear, you guys support depending on the situation.”

“I’ve confidence. And besides, I’m the team leader. You guys…” Knowing his plan on being the first one to get near the corpse was exposed, Ye Cang continued to say calmly. However, everyone chose to ignore him. Ye Cang blinked his eyes awkwardly and sighed. 

The viper and Pork Ball were on equal strength and yet the battle was still going on. Everyone started to feel bored but did not dare to go in, afraid that the Pork Ball would change its target. 

Ye Cang saw OldWang, AV, and SpyingBlade were chit-chatting happily so he went over to join them.

“Little Jade replied to my message. We promised to meet in Imperial City. This is my chance! So I must grab hold of this opportunity!” OldWang said in a serious manner.

The others shook their head. “You overthink. Just face the wall and cry.”

“F*ck, you guys…” OldWang’s chest felt heavy as he stared at them. You call these teammates?! Just then, there was a touch on his shoulder. He turned over to see Ye Cang’s smiling face, feeling something was not right.

“Leave it to me. I’ll help you to plan it so that you’ll get her.” Ye Cang said in a serious manner, blinking his white eyelashes. Yet, his tone sounded as if it was restraining OldWang from saying no. 

OldWang was shocked. When it came to Ye Cang, OldWang had always feared him because the man that stood in front of him was the demon of demons. However, when he thought of Ye Cang’s success rate on getting girls, OldWang asked softly. “Boss is it guaranteed?”

“You don’t trust me enough, Little Wang?” Ye Cang put on a smile and OldWang was immediately soaked in cold sweat. It is better not to reject when this smile appears, if not one would definitely be tortured really bad.

“There’s me too! Looks like it is fun.” Lin Le popped his head out of nowhere.

Wu Na and FrozenCloud walked to them and knew what had happened. They stared at Ye Cang and Lin Le, left and right, smiling. These two fellas. They then looked at OldWang sympathetically.

“About that…Boss Le, this is regarding the biggest thing in my life.” OldWang had goosebumps when he heard Lin Le’s sentence.

“It doesn’t matter. Brother Lil’White and I are here to help you. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Lin Le rolled his eyes against OldWang.

“I have a feeling that he would be fooled by team leader and Lele…” SpyingBlade whispered.

“Agreed.” Fang Ci nodded.

“It all depends on his destiny. Since the two bosses were still fighting, how about a game of cards?” AV suggested.

“X Hero is too time-consuming.” SpyingBlade shook his head.

“How about landlord?” AV asked.

They nodded and soon the three of them started playing landlord

“3 to 10.” SpyingBlade had the landlord.

“Pass. The viper seems to be at a disadvantage.” Fang Ci said.

“I don’t care. 4 to J. Oh yeah, I bought some lottery tickets out of boredom. Take some each and see what you got. Do know that I hit a jackpot of ten thousand federal coins once.” Upon finished saying that, AV saw Fang Ci’s and SpyingBlade’s expression changed. He gradually turned around to see Ye Cang’s terrifying smile. “Give me~~”

AV was instantly soaked in cold sweat and handed over the tickets.

Everyone smiled bitterly, staring at Ye Cang who was scraping the tickets repeatedly as if he was about to scrape through it. MaroonRed broke out in a cold sweat. “Why does team leader look furious when scraping the tickets. He doesn’t even look that furious when challenging the legendary.”

Wu Na smiled bitterly. That’s why I stopped him from buying. Most importantly even idiots could get at least five bucks from the tickets but he gets nothing.

“How is it possible that I didn't even hit one?! This is impossible! AV! The tickets you gave me are fake!” Ye Cang shouted as he scraped the last one. He then sighed and handed the tickets back to AV who was speechless. “Here you go.”

AV stared at the tickets in his hands. “Congratulations, you have hit the charity donation. Please pay ten thousand federal coins. Congratulations, you have hit the prize to replenish the pension. Please pay 1.5 million federal coins. Congratulations, you have hit the consolation prize of summer recycling. Please pay… Please pay… Please pay…” 

AV’s heart sank. My monthly income!! *Cries* Why on earth do we need to donate for the fees to control masturbating?!

 SpyingBlade and Fang Ci went over to have a look at the tickets. Most of them were donations. What a fella. The probability of hitting a donation is even lower than hitting a jackpot, especially that large amount of donations.

Ye Cang then put his arms around MaroonRed who was freaked out. MaroonRed did not know why when it came to Ye Cang, she would be numbed. With a smile, she greeted. “Team leader…”

“Since you’ve joined us, you don’t have to be this polite. I’ll give you a mission…” Ye Cang said it in a low tone while MaroonRed asked softly. “What mission?”

“If you happen to see any treasure chest, remember not to tell anyone but me in the first place okay?” Ye Cang whispered.

“Hehe. Hehe.” Even though MaroonRed was newly joined, she did know some of the ‘mysterious’ rumors about this team leader.

“Don’t listen to him. If we let him open any chest that he likes, we would be nothing by now!” Wu Na sneaked her head over and scolded.

“ *Sigh* Uneducated woman. You don’t know my luck and well-being. If my divine hand is activated, even I myself would be scared.” Ye Cang glared at her.

“Hah! Your well-being and luck are all bullshits.” Wu Na rolled her eyes and continued to argue.

“Nonsense! Do I look like a person that likes to bullshit?!” Ye Cang frowned.

Everyone was stunned for a second and nodded together.

Immediately, Ye Cang stared at them with a deadly glare. They then quickly shook their heads.

“Team leader is incredible! A pair of K.” 

“Team leader is the smartest! Double A. I’m bigger.”

Wu Na facepalmed. "A bunch of idiots.” 

Ye Cang then sighed. “Nana, as a girl, don’t always say those vulgar words. It isn’t polite. How many times do I have to tell you?”