“Brother PaleSnow, I think there should be an outcome by now.” NalanPureSoul glanced at Ye Cang who was discussing with Lin Le.

“Little swordfighting, we are very closed now, unlike before. You should call me team leader, okay? Besides, Lele, be prepared.” Ye Cang reminded him.

NalanPureSoul sighed. “Yes, yes, yes, team leader.”

“This form of address is not bad. I like it.” Ye Cang nodded with much satisfaction. NalanPureSoul stared at the sky and once again sighed.

“Hold on.” SpyingBlade reached out his hands to block Lin Le from dashing towards the boss. The viper glowed in the moonlight and from the bottom of the pond, a stream of warm water flowed towards it. It was originally exhausted but became alive again.

SpyingBlade sighed. “Continue. Continue. 4 K’s. I’ll connect your airplane.”

“Oh, come on. Waste my effort for the expression. Damn it.” Lin Le was not resigned as he squatted down. An idea flashed through his mind. “Brother Lil’White! Come over, I have an idea.”

Ye Cang went over.

“When the time comes, you’ll be at little Jade’s side and I’ll be at OldWang’s side. We’ll communicate through text. In this way, there would be no mistakes.” Surprisingly, Lin Le came out with a normal idea.

“Not bad. With this idea, we could control the entire situation.” Ye Cang pinched his chin and nodded. They then turned to smile at OldWang who was playing landlord. Suddenly, OldWang shivered as cold sweat ran down his back. “King bomb! Report your payment, please. Wait, why do I have a strange feeling about it?”

“Because...I have four 2s and a flush. Die, Lil’Wang! I have to claim back my loss for this month.” AV smiled.

“Damn it! Double the payment! Shit! I’m still a student! How dare you be so cruel?!” OldWang shouted.

“Don’t bullshit! You still have a lot of money from the bonus. Quick.” SpyingBlade put down his cards. “Lil’Fang, connect it.”

*Sigh* OldWang sighed, thinking about the money he lost.

“Brother Fang, how’s your sister lately?” AV gave out the cards.

Fang Ci frowned and felt uneasy. Why does his concern sound so weird to me? “She has more or less recovered. Able to go to school now.”

“If you need anything, I can help.” OldWang nodded with a smile. Once again, Fang Ci felt something was not right. It is just a normal bro talk, isn’t it? But the tone he used sounds like he has something bad in his mind… “Okay.”

“Your sister...how old…” AV placed a pair slowly.

“F*ck off.” Fang Ci could not withstand it anymore and placed another pair.

“Pass. Oh, damn it. AV is too shy. Oh yeah, what kind of boys does Little Tong like?” OldWang said to test the situation. 

“......” Fang Ci was speechless and chose to pass. These two bastards.

“Pork Ball is going to be defeated.” NalanPureSoul saw Ye Cang’s Pork Ball got smashed into pieces by the viper’s big move - Water Light Explosion. Ye Cang frowned. Just then, the pieces combined back together and returned to its Pork Ball shape. Furthermore, it evolved. It had hands and legs now like a tadpole. Only then, Ye Cang was relieved. “That’s right. That’s my product.”

Wu Na did not know whether to cry or laugh. These two are bosses! We still have to fight them anyways! What’s there to be proud of?!

“Well…” On the other side, NalanPureSoul facepalmed. 

The two bosses were having an intense battle. The Pork Ball which was at a disadvantage when the viper absorbed the power of moon was now hitting and punching the viper after it had grown hands and legs. However, the viper did not give up and went head-on fighting it with all its might. Ye Cang then gradually got up and took out a scepter from the shadow. He changed it to shadow blade. “Everyone get prepared. Lele, start to find a good position. Remember, not to chop the head off. Chop only at the 7 inches point.”

After nodding, Lin Le left the team and started to roam.

Ye Cang raised his hand, preparing to activate Tactics - Pursuit.

With an uppercut, the Pork Ball sent the viper flying. Cracking sounds of bones were heard.

“Tactics - Pursuit! Powerful Attack!” Ye Cang swung his hand to activate the tactic ability. “Go!”

Fang Ci immediately cast a curse on the viper to increase the damage.

Lin Le then activated Berserk and crushed some gold coins to gain the Power of Money. Stepping on the water's surface, he leaped forward and unleashed Sudden Sky Flash. The viper hissed in pain as blood splattered everywhere. He reached out for the big sword on his back and changed into duo giant blade mode. Surging Dragon! Returning Dragon! Armed Destruction! The sound of cracking bones was heard when the heavy sword slashed.

“Congratulations, you have successfully killed Moon-patterned viper!”

At the same time, Lin Le did not forget to touch the corpse.

With a sigh, Ye Cang released Acid Spray. Green smoke arose when it contacted the Pork Ball’s hard skin. He closed up the distance with Shadow Step and unleashed Multiple Straight Thrusts. He also used Shadow Strike to create a shadow of himself imitating his Multiple Straight Thrusts. *Shoo* *Shoo* *Shoo*  Then, he changed his weapon to Lightning Lance and pierced right into it, unleashing Shadow Frost Strike. He pulled it out and activated his accessories, Kilaris. It turned into shadows and attacked it rapidly. Swiftly, he dodged the vomit shot and landed on the ground. Seeing there was another wave of vomit shot aimed at Zhang Zhengxiong, he immediately activated Hunter’s Soul to block the damage.

Zhang Zhengxiong did not understand why Ye Cang blocked the damage for him. Ye Cang’s health points did not drop much and in fact, it recovered some. Does Brother have some resistant skills?

Little Ye Tian was wondering when casting a healing spell on the team. The damage that father received was not only low but it also turned into healing power. So, this means that the damage received is less than the amount recovered. “Father, its attack is nature element right?”

Ye Cang nodded. Once again, he changed it to shadow blade and started a slaughter. Black flashes of blades were everywhere to be seen.

NalanPureSoul used Arcane Flying Bullets awkwardly, not daring to use any fire elemental skills. I better go back to get myself a book of Storm of Flying Bullets so that next time I have better skills when I face such a fire-resistant monster.

Wu Na and OldWang also followed to cast Arcane Flying Bullets.

“OldWang, you change to summon iced girl and Nana, prepare to freeze.” Seeing the wounds recovering non-stop, Little Ye Tian was calculating all possibilities.

OldWang canceled the summoning for mud elemental and changed to summoning the iced girl.

The people who were in close-combat were having a hard time. It is too tanky! Besides, its recovery is fast! Our attacks could not catch up with the recovering speed. But luckily, Ye Cang blocked most of the nature damage, reducing our pressure. 

“Freeze it!” Little Ye Tian shouted.

Wu Na’s Piercing Cold and iced girl’s Ice Aura instantly froze the Pork Ball. With a back step, chilling light appeared in Ye Cang’s hand. He reached out and pinched. “Frost Explosion!” 

In a split second, the Pork Ball turned into an ice sculpture. 

“Smash it all at once!” NalanPureSoul shouted.

Zhang Zhengxiong quickly swung his hammer and knocked off a piece. Lin Le also used the handcart to smash it. Everyone was trying all possible ways to crush it.

Tens of ice cubes were sent flying. Yet, the ice cubes melted easily and started to combine again.

“Don’t let them combine!” SpyingBlade hooked up a small piece with a dagger. However, the piece of meat was struggling hard. Even though SpyingBlade had sliced them into even smaller pieces with another blade, they still headed to the center for combination. SpyingBlade frowned. What now?! Is it undefeatable?!

“What are we going to do now? Throw it back to the steamer and cook it again?” Wu Na’s words gave Little Ye Tian an idea. “Don’t let them get near each other! Hook them to the steamer! Father, start a fire! Add tons of withered ashes in it!”

“Oh, I understand the logic behind the Twice-cooked Pork Slices now!” Ye Cang realized something and went roaming after keeping his scepter.