“Lele! Throw me the handcart!” Ye Cang shouted and Lin Le swung the handcart over.

Swiftly, Ye Cang used the fire elemental crystals to create clouds of steam and took out tons of withered ashes. After that, he pushed the steamer to the location of the boss with all his might. “Return to the steamer! Return! Return! Quick!”

“Close-combatants, quickly separate those nearest pieces that are trying to combine! Don’t let them turn into one big piece!” NalanPureSoul used Arcane Flying Bullets to shoot with precise accuracy. Wu Na was amazed by his accuracy. That level of accuracy is something I can’t do. No wonder he is China’s No.1 Heavenly King ranked pop star with magic elemental.

The close-combat players circled around the boss and threw those pieces of meat into the steamer. They were so busy. MaroonRed felt like she was playing some kindergarten games on sports day, throwing things into the circle from afar.

Despite so, a big piece of meat, a few meters wide, was formed. Zhang Zhengxiong roared and sent it flying with his heavy hammer. Little tadpole pushed with both palms and Lin Le swung it into the steamer with his sword. Lastly, all pieces were knocked into the steamer Ye Cang was pushing. 

Immediately, Ye Cang covered the steamer with a lit. The struggling it made inside almost made Ye Cang slipped his hands. “Come and help me to press the lit.”

Everyone dashed towards him to press the lit tightly, ignoring the burn and poisonous steam damage they received. Not to mention the malodorous smell. After only 5 seconds, MaroonRed already fainted beside the steamer and white foams were frothing from her mouth. With tears running down his cheek, Lin Le sighed. “She was still young.”

“......” On the other side, OldWang, SpyingBlade, Zhang Zhengxiong, and the others who had a stronger resistance due to the fact that they were used to it, did not know whether to feel sad or honored. They more or less felt like crying even though they already were.

NalanPureSoul was fighting against the feeling of fainting. He smiled as he saw Ye Cang pinching his own nose. Seeing Ye Cang dealing with Wu Na, he felt sorrow somehow. With a man’s body but a girl’s heart, NalanPureSoul felt inferior. A depressing moment flashed through his mind. He did not know how his future would be like and his consciousness started to fade. Suddenly, there was a familiar touch at his waist.

“Little swordfighting! Hang on there! Don’t faint! Come, eat one penis to gain some energy!” Ye Cang hugged NalanPureSoul’s waist and took out the one that NalanPureSoul did not finish previously. NalanPureSoul wanted to oppose him but he did not have much energy left. So, with tears in his eyes and a blushed face, he once again ate it. *Cries*

Surprisingly, NalanPureSoul felt energetic after eating it. Maybe it was because of the effect of fighting poison with poison. Ye Cang immediately took out some goblin’s penis that he kept. He forcefully pulled MaroonRed up and stuff one into her mouth. Wu Na’s tears were falling like a waterfall. She shouted. “Mom! Some weirdo is forcing me to eat some weird stuff!”

“Stupid woman! This is the most beneficial thing on a creature!” Ye Cang shouted.

SpyingBlade held the lit with one hand and stared at the sky. Playing games with team leader is really hard! I can endure playing games or even getting trolled by the games but this… Looking down at the half ‘purifying’ penis, he did not know whether to cry or laugh. 

MaroonRed woke up to see the thing in her mouth. She quickly pressed the lit and pushed her fingers into her mouth, trying to make herself vomit it out. Yet, she was dumbfounded when she saw how everyone was eating it. Chinese people are...insane! Do they eat everything except shit?! However, she did not know that this was just the beginning of her nightmare.

She turned over to see AV who came over and said calmly. “About that...let’s share one together. This is more friendly.”

MaroonRed had the urge to kill this fella who has the ID - OtherShoreWatchingAV, with a Chilling Moon Four Rapid Chops and Moon Dance - Three Blades. This isn’t couples eating one spaghetti! Which couple on earth would eat a penis together?! Besides! We aren’t couples! 

ThronyRose who received FrozenCloud’s picture was soaked in cold sweat. Thank God that I didn’t go there. This is totally… I can’t continue watching what they are doing.

As the steamer started to crack, Ye Cang shouted. “Push it evenly! Don’t let it come out!”

Everyone felt bitter but began to stick on the lit like teppanyaki, feeling its strong struggle.

After a few hard hits, the steamer returned to normal.

“Congratulations, you have successfully defeated Bug Pork Ball with Big Small Eyes! You have received 13,000 exp!”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were very happy as the amount of experience was super high.

Yet, the sandwich-Ye-Cang-three-men team (Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud, and SpyingBlade) immediately gathered and locked Ye Cang. Lin Le used his sword to knock at the lit and the lit crumpled into pieces at an instant. The Pork Ball was covered with black dust and died inside with its eyes open wide. The extremely strong odor caused everyone including the animal companions to faint. Luckily, Lin Le touched the corpse before fainting and twitching in the water.

Ye Cang was the first one to wake up. He excitedly scanned the surrounding. Haha! No one has woke up yet! This is my chance! Time waits for no man! He jumped over there and reached out his divine hand when he saw the Pork Ball with big small eyes. Haha! Three platinum! Two skill books! Who says I’m cursed?! Stand out for yourself! Just when he checked the system, preparing to screenshot it to show them, he saw ‘Player HappyAndCheerful touched the corpse.’ This line made him stare at the sky. “Lele, this fella…”

Lin Le woke up to see Ye Cang’s unfriendly expression. He quickly got up and pointed at Little Ye Tian’s body, shouting. “Brother Lil’White, it’s her! She is the one that forces me!”

Even though Little Ye Tian did not know what happen when she woke up, Lin Le’s expression and posture gave her a rough idea. He must have blamed me for it! “No, father, I…”

“Enough.” Ye Cang swung his hand and sighed at her. Little Ye Tian was glaring at Lin Le furiously. There are so many people here! Why does he have to blame me for it?! This is unacceptable! Facing Little Ye Tian’s anger, Lin Le pressed on her shoulder. “I forgive you too.”

Although he said it that way, Lin Le made a ghost face to taunt at Little Ye Tian behind Ye Cang’s back. Little Ye Tian was shivering and clenching her fists tight. “Next time, we’ll play international chess…”

Zhang Zhengxiong who woke up at the side sighed. It is useless. Lele specializes in Ludo. To be precise, no one has ever won against him in any kind of chess, no matter if it’s Gomoku, Go, Chinese chess or even Animal chess. He tortures those retired players at the elder’s activity room, including national players. Most of them are instantly defeated by him. Besides, Lele’s temper is very bad when he is playing chess. If you are slow, he would tease you until you could not withstand it and surrender. As for why he is emphasizing Ludo, it is because that’s his favorite. No other reasons. 

Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to tell Little Ye Tian about it but he could not do so when he saw the fighting spirit in Little Ye Tian’s eyes. Hmm...true. Maybe Little Tian has the advantage in International chess.

Lin Le replied with a ‘hmph’. “There’s no need for next time. I’ll play with you right now. I will let you experience how scary the Ludo emperor is.”

Upon finished saying, he immediately took out the chessboard and challenged Little Ye Tian. Within 30 seconds, she was defeated. She stared at Lin Le in confusion. I actually lost to him in International chess...This stupid Lele! *cries* I don’t want to live anymore! 

“My friend, I’ve told you to surrender but you just don’t want to listen. Why must you want Brother Le, I to teach you how to play chess?” Lin Le crossed his arms and raised his head as if he was some master.

MaroonRed frowned. Just now, the situation changed too fast. I couldn’t catch up. They are playing at a super-fast pace, especially that Root Emperor. With that speed, he still manages to do some ghost faces and said some taunts. This is indeed scary. The finals of International chess seems like a child play compared to this. At least, they wouldn’t end it in 30 seconds. MaroonRed replayed the video at a slower pace to see how they played. When she saw Lin Le, she frowned. So this is the Root Emperor - HappyAndCheerful? Comparing his normal actions and his moves when playing chess, it is hard to think that they are the same person. 

NalanPureSoul was also amazed by Lin Le’s skill in playing chess and exclaimed that the standard was really high in the match just now. Ye Cang sighed. Lele could even make two old fellas cry by playing chess at the riverside. “Okay. Okay. Time to distribute the equipments.”