SpyingBlade handed over the two platinum equipments and one skill books he got from the moon-patterned viper. Ye Cang counted thoroughly. Five platinum, seven black gold, 3 skill books, and a dish.

The skin of moon-patterned viper - Ayskas (Platinum - Abyss - Moon Ability)
Category: Tight light armor
Requirements: All attributes at least 200
Defense +110
All attributes +55
All attributes +10%
Speed +10%
All resistance +10%
Recover 2% of health points and mana every 10 seconds.

Moon ability equipment: When the moon shines, it would trigger the hidden effect.

Hidden effect: When this equipment is affected by moon ability, its effects would increase by 35% and damage received would be reduced by 20%. 

The eye of Ayskas (Platinum - Abyss - Moon ability)
Category: Accessories
Requirements: None
Dexterity +100
Dexterity +10%
Damage +29
Damage +10%
Armor penetration +110
Armor penetration +15%

The eye of Ayskas (passive): Every attack deals an extra 30% armor penetration.

Moon ability equipment - hidden specialty: When the moon shines, this equipment would change its shape, allowing one to use Moonlight Recharge.

Moonlight Recharge: Recharges once every minute. The next attack would be a critical hit. It can stack up to four stacks at maximum.

Master-level Cooking Knife - Darkness Knife (Dark recipe - Mad - Platinum)
Category: Cooking knife
Requirements: Master level cooking skill
Damage: 54-57
Strength +65
Dexterity +70
Constitution +70
Strength +7%
Dexterity +10%
Constitution +10%
Armor penetration +300
Armor penetration +60% (Of total points)

Sharpness - passive: Weapon’s damage +4

Cooking knife - passive: Cause a bleeding effect on target. Equivalent to 45% of the attack damage.

Ingredient Hunter - Darkness: Increase damage dealt on target (+45% to elemental, +55% to human, +100% to dragons and +75% to beasts)

The Heart Of The Master Level Dark Recipe (Dark Recipe - Mad - Platinum)
Category: Accessories
Requirements: Master level cooking skill
All attributes: +70
All attributes +20%
Armor penetration +100
Armor penetration +20%
Speed +20%
The speed of drawing a sword increases by 30% 
Increase 50% of cooking experience.

The Heart Of The Master Level Dark Recipe: The attributes of food cooked increase by 30%, darkness increase by 40%. There is a chance of a mysterious change happening.

Bug Pork Ball With Big Small Eyes (Dark recipe - Mad - Platinum)
Category: Necklace
Requirements: None
Defense +90
Constitution +60
Strength +100
Dexterity +50
Constitution +5%
Strength +10%
Dexterity +5%
Darkness resistance +100
Nature resistance +100

Combination of Life: Once activated, it recovers health points by 10% every second. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Darkness Single Strike - Master level: Launch a life-draining execution at a target. Once successful, it deals 600% of damage and causes a major bleeding effect. There’s a possibility that target would die at an instant. Costs: 100 energy. Cooldown: 30 minutes. (Class requirements: Master level cooking skills.)

Power of Expansion: At an instant, the upper body expands twofold. All attributes are doubled, damage received reduced by 40%. Lasts for 30 seconds. Costs: 100 rage points. Cooldown: 3 hours.

Tide of Moon: When the night falls and the moon shines, it triggers the Goddess of Moon’s Power of Tide. Once activated, it would increase everyone’s attributes by 40% and the next attack would be a critical hit. Lasts for 3 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Staring at the long knife’s attributes, SpyingBlade was stunned. With the passive, its attack is almost 60+. Not to mention, its armor penetration and damage increment are too extreme, aren’t they?! 300 armor penetration! Is it used to chop iron board?! Even though there is no active skill, the basic attributes make it already a killing weapon. Is it the king of knives among the cooking knives? It is limited to master-level cooking skill. *Sigh* It’s a pity to use this knife as a cooking knife. Worst still, it is used to cook those things. SpyingBlade looked around. Darkness Single Strike. WTF?! 600% execution damage and it has bleeding effects and instant death chance! Well, still a pity, it needs master level cooking skill. But I would like to have the Eye of Ayskas tho. That equipment is obviously made for assassins. High dexterity. When the moon shines, it has a very op hidden skills. I think Lele wouldn’t take it. Team leader would take the dark recipe accessories. Lastly, it is only MaroonRed left. She is new so she would not have the chance to pick such equipment. She could pick from the black golds.

NalanPureSoul also scanned through the equipment. There are two black golds that suit me. The platinum ones mostly belong to Brother PaleSnow since he was the one who created that boss with his side class.

“What about this light armor shirt? A’Xiong, do you want it?” Ye Cang was holding the light blue moon-patterned viper shirt.

“Brother, why don’t you take it. Mine is still usable. You haven’t changed yours for quite some time already.” Zhang Zhengxiong really wanted the shirt since the one he was wearing was too smelly. It was from the previous dark recipe boss. Yet, he gave up after much consideration.

Ye Cang looked at FrozenCloud but FrozenCloud chose to give up on it. Ye Cang had no choice but to take it. MaroonRed pondered. Since I’m a newcomer, I would just have to say goodbye to this incredible equipment. These kinds of equipment, I think it is the first time seeing it throughout the season. There aren’t many people with black gold equipment in the South East Asia district, not to mention platinum.

“The knife, accessories, and skill that requires cooking skills are all mine. So, it left the necklace, accessories, Power of Expansion, Tide of Moon. Anyone has any suggestions?” Ye Cang sorted out those that required master level cooking skill and continued to distribute the rest.

“Tide of Moon. I suggest the team leader or the support team take it since it is some tactics kind of skill.” NalanPureSoul looked at the remaining ones. 

“Give it to Little Tian then. My tactics ability requires the leader to take it. This one doesn’t” Ye Cang passed the Tide of Moon to Little Ye Tian.

“Power of Expansion. A’Xiong, Lele, and Lil’Dino, any opinions from you guys?” Ye Cang asked.

“Give it to Shaking Bear. He is the team’s main tanker. The most valuable thing about this skill is that it has health increment and damage reduction. It is the same for the necklace.” FrozenCloud suggested and Lin Le agreed. Ye Cang then passed those two to Zhang Zhengxiong.

“Last equipment, platinum. The Eyes Of Ayskas. I will directly give it to SpyingBlade. Little Ye Tian, you’ll distribute the remaining ones.” Ye Cang’s attention did not lie on distributing the equipment anymore. He then stared at his own product - Bug Pork Ball With Big Small Eyes.

Bug Pork Ball With Big Small Eyes - Upgraded version (Master level product - dark recipe): Consuming it consecutively would recover 30 health points and 15 mana every second. Obtain the following: all attribute +60, all attribute +30%, defence +50. Defence +20%, attack +30, attack +25%, speed +30%, spell power +60, spell power +25%, all resistance +100, Advanced level - Moderate, Advanced level - Burst, Advanced level - Toughness, Advanced level - Imagination, Advanced level - Observation, Advanced level - Recovery, Super Explosion - beginner (A certain probability to deal extra high damage). On first consumption, it increases all attributes permanently by 5 and comes with a chance of learning a new skill. It is limited to 5 times.