“Food that gives a permanent buff, with our limited choice of people, I think we should give those that contribute the most or play an important role to eat. Father, I suggest you, Brother Shaking Bear, Lele, Brother SpyingBlade, and Brother PureSoul.” Little Ye Tian craned her neck towards Ye Cang and quickly helped to prevent its liquid from flowing out. 

“What about you?” Ye Cang felt that the smell which leaked from the crack on the shell made everyone feels disgusted.

“I’m just a support. This thing has a chance of giving a skill, obviously, it won’t be a supporting skill. So, there’s no point to count me in.” Little Ye Tian quickly shook her head. 

“About that...Brother Lil’White, I think that I’m quite strong in this state, there’s no need to use this little chance on me. How about giving others....” Lin Le turned over to see that OldWang and AV had gone far away, saying “Oh, actually we are just ordinary players. Don’t waste that on us.” “Hehe. Haha. Good luck Brother Le! All hail Brother Le!” 

Lin Le pouted. Staring at the piece of thing which he helped to put the eyes on, he swallowed. 

Just when Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to say that the necklace which he got and that piece of food are similar, smelly and disgusting, he knew that he was in the name list to eat that food. His mood was ruined. Staring at those people who were not included, AV and the others, he said. “You guys still have to eat anyways. Don’t be too happy.”

AV’s, OldWang’s, and others’ faces crumpled at an instant. Not long after, they put on an at-least-we-can-see-how-you-die first expression.

“Damn it. Bastards.” Zhang Zhengxiong’s chest felt heavy.

NalanPureSoul sighed. If one says that he or she doesn’t want to eat, it is just basically giving up the precious spot. Besides, there is a chance of getting a skill, its effect is very strong too as it could last for 8 days.

Staring at the beggar’s chicken kind of food which was filled with sauce, Wu Na thought. Just the smell from the crack is unbearable. Then, doesn’t that mean that the things inside are worse?! These were her feelings after having high resistance towards the dark recipe. She was then filled with curiosity to see how the five people would face. 

Ye Cang took out a hammer and cracked its shell. A scream of the steam or whatsoever was heard and everyone was silent and almost fainted. The incoming malodorous odor made everyone start to lose consciousness. AV’s, OldWang’s, and the others’ expression started to twist. Little Rei had already got into its usual fainting position.

Swiftly, Ye Cang took out the new weapon a.k.a. the cooking knife and sliced five big pieces. He distributed them all. “Eat it! Quick! If not, it would be useless!”

The remaining people immediately received it and took a bite.

“Sister! Brother has turned mad!” (Zhang Zhengxiong)

“Qian, I miss the taste of your kiss when you didn’t brush your teeth.” (SpyingBlade)

“*Cries* *Cries* Lele… Wuuu ahhhh!” (Lin Le)

“Is this love?” (NalanPureSoul)

The four of them instantly fainted on the floor, twitching non-stop.

“......” Ye Cang was soaked in cold sweat. He had no choice but to force himself to eat it. It was as if putting a blade into one’s mouth and at the same time explosive poison exploded. His neck twisted. “OldWang, you liar.”

Wu Na shook her head. It is your cooking’s problem. Don’t blame OldWang for it.

“Okay, the five of them have eaten it. The rest is for us.” After Ye Cang fainted, Little Ye Tian, the temporary leader forced the animal companions to eat. Then, she stared at the others.

“Sister Little Tian, I’ll eat first. But in the future, please give me a chance!” AV shouted and took a piece. Seconds later, he fell on the floor with tears of regret, twitching non-stop. 

OldWang took a stick of meat and looked at MaroonRed. “Let’s eat one together. It will help to improve the team’s chemistry.”

MaroonRed’s hands were trembling. This fella is going to die! This isn’t some romantic thing! She then picked one slice and ate it. Deep down inside her, she cried. “Leader, I’ve tried my best. (The Chinese… *Cries* are too scary!)”

OldWang sighed and fainted as well.

Wu Na and FrozenCloud swallowed as they stared at those people ‘dancing’ on the floor. After noticing Little Ye Tian’s glare, they looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Why does the dark recipe always have such an insane effect?! They gradually ate it.

“Give me back my name! I’m not Lil’Dino!” 

“I guess, we will have a daughter…”

“......” Little Ye Tian saw those two falling down. Calmly, she pinched her nose and ate it. “Father, please don’t leave me alone…”

Soon, everyone gradually woke up. Little Ye Tian quickly threw the disgusting food into the handcart. “Father, how is it?”

Ye Cang nodded. “I’ve learned a new skill.”

The remaining four people also nodded.

Wu Na quickly got up and stuck her fingers into her mouth, trying to vomit it out. She then said weakly. “Show us so we can see”

Pork Ball Sting: Shoot an extremely disgusting sting, continuing to deal damage and attributes reduction to the target. (Ye Cang) 

Pork Ball Burp: You’ve accumulated a few dark recipes energy since you’ve been eating them for a long period of time. Launch an extremely smelly burp at the target in close range and stun it. It would cause a continuous stun effect, weakening its Will resistance. (Lin Le)

Pork Ball Uppercut: Launch a mad uppercut in close-range to the target, knocking it into mid-air. If failed, it would just be a knockback. (NalanPureSoul)

Concentrated Resistant: All resistance +50. Active: Activating it would double the effect. Lasts for 1 minute. (SpyingBlade)

Regeneration: Health points recovery speed +100%. Recovers 3% of health points every 10 seconds. Reduces the time of bleeding effects by half. (Zhang Zhengxiong)

FrozenCloud was speechless when she knew the skill NalanPureSoul obtained was a powerful physical move. I don’t have many powerful physical moves. Its second lock on seems to be a guaranteed success. If it isn’t a knockaway then it’s a knockback. That Concentrated Resistant is also not bad. If you activate it, resistance would be increased by 100. SpyingBlade could casually kill people in the rain of magic bullets and escape safely. Besides, with Regeneration, Shaking Bear is basically a metal sticking glue. He is so tanky that he has become a fort. I don’t think there would be anyone who can defeat him in a one-on-one. 

Lin Le smiled at OldWang who was standing at the side. “Come over here for a sec.”

OldWang went over.

“Come a little bit closer.” Lin Le continued to smile innocently. Even though OldWang felt something was not right, he still went closer.

*Burp* A dark purplish burp came out from Lin Le’s mouth and OldWang fainted instantly. Once he woke up, he felt like vomiting. “Brother Le, how can you trick me...that smell was f*cking disgusting! It almost took my life away!”

“Then I’ll give it a try too.” Activating his skill, Ye Cang put it in the next shot, aiming at AV. AV was immediately soaked in cold sweat and said. “Boss! Spare my life! I’m weak. How am I able to withstand your incredible shot?! Zhang Zhengxiong sure can take it since he is this tank!”

“True tho.” Ye Cang changed his aim to Zhang Zhengxiong.

“Sister! Brother is about to bully me!” Zhang Zhengxiong stared afar. With a sigh, Ye Cang casually pulled the trigger. Staring at the green smoke and cloud of disgusting odor on her chest, FrozenCloud felt uncomfortable. It is not right in any way. She did not just want to vomit but was also trembling. Her health points were dropping too. She screamed. “Team leader!”

“Hehe, I missed.” Ye Cang put on a sincere smile.

“......” Everyone heaved a sigh of relief but chills went down their spine at the same time.