“Okay, okay. Just now, I’ve prepared quite an amount of food. There are also steamboat and fried stuff. Let’s go. We’ll talk after we eat.” After making eye contact with FrozenCloud’s angry look, Ye Cang waved his hands and pointed at the place where he made the steamboat. 

“Brother, about that...the boss has died. I think it is useless for us to eat this food?” Zhang Zhengxiong tried to change his mind.

“Who says so?! We must eat the food right after it is ready so that its delicious taste is still there! Especially the steamboat! Let’s go! Since we have defeated the boss, we also need to eat something. We can chat while eating anyway.” Ye Cang said grumpily.

Wu Na rolled her eyes. Oh please, as if we can still talk after eating your food. We always end up fainting on the floor.

Reluctantly, everyone followed Ye Cang to their original place and continued to eat the steamboat and fried stuff which they did not finish. It came to everyone’s surprise that the steamboat was actually quite nice. They were shocked that after adding so many disgusting stuff, there wasn’t any weird chemical reaction. Everyone started to chit-chat happily. NalanPureSoul grabbed one piece of fried food and put it in his mouth comfortably. Suddenly, his face turned pale, his stomach was aching and there was a mini explosion in his mouth. However, he was able to withstand it a little before entering into a short faint.

“For the next few days, it would be everyone’s free time. Go prepare whatever you need to prepare. Wait for my call.” Ye Cang’s words made everyone relax, especially OldWang, AV, FrozenCloud, and others. Finally, we could live a few days of normal life.

Little Ye Tian quickly rushed back to Goddess City to prepare a construction team to move the Moonlight Crystal. Meanwhile, Ye Cang was bored so he chose to fight some monsters to level up or to walk around offline.


Half-moon lake

Zhao Xiangyu was sweating from the training. Sitting at the side of the lake, she took out a towel to wipe her sweat. She then recalled her expression of getting the champion spot in the competition. She was grateful for Ye Cang’s guidance and teachings but also from the so-called masked martial uncle too. Upon thinking about it, she heard a familiar voice.

“Yo, your martial uncle is free today. So, he is here to practice with you.”

Zhao Xiangyu was immediately soaked in cold sweat as the man walked towards her with a smirk. “Come on~ It’s time for the martial uncle to practice.”

“Softer! Softer! It’s going to break! Can’t you just let me win sometimes?”

“No, I can’t! It is my responsibility.”


“I really don’t want to admit but… bingo! You’re correct! Azure Dragon Form! Dark Lightning Bright Fire!”

“Master! Martial Uncle is insane!”

“Relax your body and amplify your sense to counter it. Not bad. Looks like you managed to master the technique of the shockwave. It is just the beginning. Hehe. This punch… It looks painful. A'Xiong, try to attack her faster, don't let her have a chance to breathe.”

Not long after, Zhao Xiangyu who had wounds everywhere was receiving medication from Ye Cang. She was frustrated as she saw Zhang Zhengxiong looking at her gladly. She felt her chest was heavy. Every time when martial uncle comes and finds me, I always get beaten up badly. Is this fella insane? I bet he doesn't have a girlfriend! Upon thinking of the torture, various massive destructions, gravitational change, electric current, and burns, she asked. “Martial uncle, the technique you used just now… was it Qin family's Heavenly Dragon Arts?”

Zhang Zhengxiong shook his head. “Nope. It is the Yin Yang Divine Trigram.”

"Oh, I see. So it isn't Heavenly Dragon Arts." Zhao Xiangyu nodded. It looks like the Yin Yang Divine Trigram is the main martial art of the divisional family, same source as the Heavenly Dragon Arts. But it is complicated and hard to learn. Just then, pain surged through her body. “Ah, pain! Pain!”

“Does it hurt?” Ye Cang concerned. 

“Yes.” Zhao Xiangyu nodded. 

“Good then.” Ye Cang strengthened the energy with a smile. Zhao Xiangyu gasped. This demon! Just how evil are you?!!! 

“Okay, that’s all for today. We can’t rush it. I’ll send you home.” Zhao Xiangyu immediately shook her head upon hearing what Ye Cang said. “Is okay. I can go home by myself. It is really okay.” 

Zhao Xiangyu then left with pain surging through her body, recalling the scenes where Ye Cang always 'robbed' her when he sent her home. Ye Cang sighed. You're too polite. Unlike me, I'm never polite. 

When Zhao Xiangyu returned to her apartment, she took a shower. As she pulled out the drawer, it was empty and there was a sticky note in it. “Well, the amount is relatively less this time. (sad emoji) ”

Zhao Xiangyu trembled. He actually came to my house first! *Cries* *Cries* My living fees! She then sighed and walked to the fridge. Yet, she felt something was not right. As she gradually opened it, she noticed her favorite ham, sent by her grandmother, was gone too. Depressed, she knelt on the ground. The sticky note in her hand fell and flipped to the other side. “Hehe, this ham looks delicious. I bet the taste would be great. I'll take it then. (smiley face) ”

After being stunned for a very long time, Zhao Xiangyu opened her contact. “Little Beauty, about that… ”

“Burglars broke into your house again? ”

“Well… yeah. ”

There was a long silent and a sigh was heard. "I understand. Oh, Little Yu, I hope you would understand that, as a friend, I don't wish to see you being so stubborn again. I know you love him but he always takes your money to drink. Moreover, he even beats you whenever he is drunk. We are good friends. I understand that you don't want to trouble me but my heart really hurts to see you in this way. Can you stop loving blindly?" 

Zhao Xiangyu remained silent for a long period of time. So that's how she thinks of the reason for my wounds and for going over to her place for food. 

She then fell on the bed. Recalling the moments after knowing Ye Cang, the corner of her mouth curled up. “Thank you, teacher.”

Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong returned to the beach and saw a girl who was wearing a white windbreaker standing on a skerry as if she was a chilling moon.

“Brother, isn’t she...” Zhang Zhengxiong questioned.

“Yeap, ColdMoon.” Ye Cang smiled.

“What’s your relationship with her?” Zhang Zhengxiong was curios. He knew Ye Cang had always been hiding something from him but he did not ask him about it as he knew Ye Cang would tell him when the time comes.

“A family of mine that has been hiding in the darkness. In short, she is someone that you can completely trust.” Ye Cang briefly replied to him. Zhang Zhengxiong did not ask furthermore and nodded, heading back to the house first.

“Boss, take a look at this.” ColdMoon turned over to see Ye Cang that appeared all of a sudden.

Ye Cang frowned as he laid his eyes on the black crystal-like object. “The Key of Void?”

“Yeap.” ColdMoon replied.

“You killed The Fool?” Ye Cang was speechless.

“Nope. I coincidentally found it in one of 10,000 Souls’ big hiding places in the imperial capital. It is already confirmed that this is the one from Dragon Group” ColdMoon shook her head calmly.

Ye Cang sweated. You just won't feel comfortable if you don't kill some mutants or artificial human from 10,000 Souls and Salvation, don't ya? And now, you even got yourself such troublesome item. “How dare that tomboy didn't inform me when she lost such a thing. I bet she has prevented the message from spreading. She must have been scared that I will not return it after getting it. Oh come on, am I really such a person?”

Upon saying this, Ye Cang took the fragment of the Key of Void and slipped it into his pocket.

“Are you going to return it?” ColdMoon said monotonously.

“Nope.” Ye Cang smiled coldly.

“Oh.” ColdMoon nodded softly.