Ye Cang reached out his hand and touched ColdMoon’s head. “Little Moon.”

ColdMoon turned over to look at him emotionless. “What?”

“If, I say if, one day, I have gone somewhere far away and would never come back. I hope that you would help me take care of A’Xiong, Little Tian, and the others, okay?” Ye Cang smiled. 

ColdMoon held Ye Cang’s sleeve tightly, shaking her head. “No, I don’t want to! I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

Even though her tone was monotonous, Ye Cang could feel her stubbornness and could not help but smile. “I said it was just an if.”

“There’s no if.” ColdMoon continued to shake her head.

Ye Cang rolled his eyes and held her face. He looked into her eyes, placing his forehead against hers. Gently but serious, he said. “Promise me okay? Because you’re the one I trust the most.”

After hesitating for a moment, ColdMoon finally nodded. “Can you tell me why?”

“I’m not sure but I do have such a premonition.” Ye Cang let go of his hands and turned to stare at the boundless stars.

Next day. The game’s rest day. Lin Hai’s floating train station.

Ye Cang and Lin Le boarded the floating train heading towards the Imperial city.

“Brother Lil’White, do you think Little Wang would be surprised that we went there one day earlier.” Lin Le brushed his high-class coat and the country shirt he wore. He reached out to unbutton the button at his collar and heaved a sighed of relief. The whole set of clothes were given to him by Song Xin who always wanted to see Lin Le wear it on the screen.

“I bet she would be glad. I think I saw someone familiar.” Wearing the sunglasses, Ye Cang yawned as he saw a blonde who came into the coach. This man was LordGrinned - Ji Xiao. 

Lin Le turned to see Ji Xiao. “Brother Lil’White, it’s YellowIdiot! YellowIdiot! Over here!”

Seeing Lin Le waving at him and the familiar white-haired guy sitting beside Lin Le, Ji Xiao broke into a cold sweat. Since when have you guys started boarding the train heading to Imperial city? *Cries* Cries*

Imperial city station.

Once again, Ji Xiao stepped out of the train naked and his mosaic parts were blocked by a signboard. Noticing everyone staring at him in a weird look, he felt somewhat excited. On the signboard, was written ‘When playing board games, I shouldn’t have shamelessly shut down Brother Le’s cute earth bear to grow with my curry stick on the first round.’

Upon going out of the station, Ye Cang took out the mobile phone and opened the map. “Little Wang seems to be staying in the accommodation area R of the center college area. His room number is R-S1314. Let’s go, we can visit the Imperial City College along the way. 

As one of the top 5 city colleges, Imperial City has always been fighting to be the No.1 city college with the Imperial Capital. It is similar to the other four city colleges where the entire city is built around the college. It is divided into the residential area, shopping streets, college area, accommodation area, industrial area, research area, and others. OldWangFromNextDoor (real name: Wang Quyi) was worried. Boss and team leader are coming tomorrow and Little Jade too. Actually, I’m fine with Little Jade coming but the problem lies on boss and team leader. These two demon idiots. Who knows what kind of trouble they will bring me.

Upon thinking about it, OldWang sighed and sat on his bed. He took out a sketching board and some paints. Not long after, he began to draw a portrait of Little Jade, using this as a gift for tomorrow’s meeting. It was romantic and interesting. 

On the other hand, when Lin Le and Ye Cang just entered into the college area, they were instantly noticed by the members who were going to join the Five Schools Competition. Even Xie Yu’er, one of the main participants, saw them from afar. The Kings from the Great Christmas War in Lin Hai? Why do they come to the Imperial city? With much curiosity, she walked towards them.

Ye Cang then noticed Xie Yu’er coming towards them. She was as tall as Ye Cang and had a fine look. She does not look cold or arrogant but passionate and friendly.

Xie Yu’er gratefully reached out her hands and smiled. “Welcome the honorable guests from afar. The Demon Gentleman - Ye Cang and the Crazy Strategist - Lin Le.”

“It isn’t that far actually. Just an hour ride.” Ye Cang shook hands with her. Then, Lin Le also did the same while he pinched his chin with another hand. “Brother Lil’White, this lady’s breast is around G, her ass is almost the same as Aunt Perky’s.”

“.....” Xie Yu’er felt awkward. Do you guys have to say this directly in front of me? “Hehe. Hehe. It is the Crazy Strategist indeed. It is our first time meeting each other, my name is Xie Yu’er. Even though it is awkward, can I ask what brings you guys here?”

“Nothing special. We’re just traveling for fun. And also, to help our friend to settle his relationship problems and his life matter.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and OldWang who was drawing sneezed.

Xie Yu’er looked at them in doubt. Even though she did not completely know what kind of person Ye Cang was, she did know the crazy stuff he and Lin Le did in the laboratory. He is evil and tricky, the person who sabotages others. Yet, his dancing skills are magnificent. Together with the other two perverts, they are the east district’s three legends. Whereas Lin Le is a perpetual motion which generates many crazy and insane ideas. Luckily, they aren’t here to find troubles. As she heaved a sigh of relief, she immediately shook her head. Why do I have to feel relief? That Zhang Zhengxiong isn’t here either. With just the two of them, they shouldn’t be able to create any trouble. But as the kings in the Great Christmas War, they aren’t someone you want to mess with. Besides, since the white-haired and Lin Le never showed their skills before, I can’t judge them with just some basic information. It isn’t reliable. I know nothing about them. Xie Yu’er quickly put on a smile. “Since you guys are here for fun, why don’t I be your tour guide? I can show you guys around and also bring you two to your friend’s place.”

“Hmm...sounds great. Thank you for the offer then.” Ye Cang thought it was fine.

“Don’t you guys have practice today? I remember that there is group training today in Lin Hai.” Xie Yu’er was curious.

Ye Cang was shocked for a second and gave it a thought. Group training? What group training? Damn. Whatever. He then confidently stared at somewhere far away. “My friend’s life matter is more important!”

Xie Yu’er was touched but Lin Le asked as he was confused. “Brother Lil’White, group training? What group training?”

“*Cough* *Cough* It is just a group training. That’s not the main point.” Ye Cang was irritated. 

“......” Xie Yu’er’s chest felt heavy. You guys don’t even know there’s group training today.

Lin Hai.

“Well, are we really not going to tell them to go for the group training?” Li Lijia asked Zhang Shaofeng.

“Are you sure that they won’t cause any trouble?” Zhang Shaofeng smiled bitterly.

“......” Li Lijia sighed. Whenever those fellas are together, there must be trouble. Especially Ye Cang and Lin Le, the one who provides the ideas.

“You still don’t want to admit that you underestimated white-haired’s and Lin Le’s strength? His strength is probably above Zhang Zhengxiong.” Zhang Shaofeng clicked the scene where Lin Le grabbed Fang Xin’s left breast in mid-air and Lin Le flew in and slashed her. 

“About that... Zhang Zhengxiong can do everything on his own anyway. As for these two, I indeed underestimated them. But is the white-haired really better than Zhang Zhengxiong?” Li Lijia was not satisfied.

“It was found out that he was one of the members of the Dragon Group in Lin Hai.” Zhang Shaofeng smiled bitterly.

“......” Li Lijia recalled all Ye Cang’s performance in the laboratory. In the Dragon group with such behavior?!