“What are they doing there?” Lin Le asked when he saw a few people staying in a building that seemed to be a commanding center. 

“There is a trial of combat test.” Xie Yu’er smiled.

“I feel like going there to play too. Lil’Xiexie, can you bring us to go participate?” Lin Le pouted.

“I don’t think it is a good idea since you guys are not from the school.” Xie Yu’er got goosebumps when she heard the form of address - Lil’Xiexie. 

“Because we are outsiders, it would even make them feel more fired up! You and us, one team.” Upon finishing his sentence, Ye Cang pulled Xie Yu’er and Lin Le over and headed over there.

“About that...seriously…” Not waiting for Xie Yu’er to finish her sentence, Ye Cang smiled. “Alright. Alright. It’s a deal. You don’t have to be that polite with friends.”

Xie Yu’er smiled bitterly. We just know each other for 30 minutes. Bringing you guys to the trial of combat test is as if bringing kids to a playground. Oh well, I can use this chance to get more information about them.

As the receptionist at registration counter saw Xie Yu’er walking in, the member nodded. “Senior Yu’er.”

Xie Yu’er then started to register their names, pointing at Ye Cang and Lin Le. “Little Zhang, these two are guests from Lin Hai. They are also members of the Five Schools Competition. Ye Cang and Lin Le.”

The receptionist, Little Zhang screamed as Ye Cang took off his sunglasses. “It’s Sir Gentleman and King of Voice-over! Can I have your autograph?! Please!”

“We really can’t help it.” The two of them sighed and took a pen to sign on the t-shirt on her chest, one at each side, ignoring the signature board. One of the signatures was messy and unrecognizable while the other was crooked as if it was a wrong word.

Hey, hey, hey. How can you guys sign that way?! Whether the signatures are nice doesn’t matter but are you sure that this doesn’t count as sexual harassment?! Turning around to see Little Zhang had a I-am-not-going-to-wash-it-forever expression, Xie Yu’er could not help but facepalm.

Despite being excited, Little Zhang asked softly. “Allowing the outsiders to participate isn’t that good, is it?”

“About that, I’ll talk to Officer Sun.” Xie Yu’er’s words cleared Little Zhang’s worries and she was thinking of how to show off the signatures.

As Xie Yu’er brought them to the preparation area, there was a man whose eyes looked fierce standing outside. Ye Cang noticed the man was wearing a tan officer’s uniform so he kept quiet.

This man was the Officer Sun that Xie Yu’er mentioned, Sun Zhengping.

“The kings from the Great Christmas War in Lin Hai.” Sun Zhengping raised his eyebrows as he saw Ye Cang and Lin Le. “I’m R-4’s operational commander and also the head of officers for the test today, Sun Zhengping. I welcome you two, the guests from Lin Hai.”

“Ye Cang.” Ye Cang yawned.

“Lin Le.” Lin Le nodded.

“Since you guys want to participate, I’ll show you how good our college is. Do know that, even though it is just a trial test, we give it our all.” Sun Zhengping smiled.

“Whatever. Quickly give us the equipment. Damn it.” Lin Le pouted.

“OldSun, don’t be bothered about it. Lele is a little childish.” Ye Cang talked as if they were very close. Sun Zhengping trembled. OldSun?! Are we that close for you to use that form of address?!

“Okay, since that is so, you guys can go in.” Sun Zhengping made way for them but deep down inside, he smiled coldly. This time, in the trial combat test, Zhong Xiaoxun, Shang Guantian, Ji Xue’er, these core members are all here. Even though a few main members are not here, there is still a Zheng Aoran. Upon thinking about it, he sighed. Too bad that their Zhang Zhengxiong didn’t come. 

Lin Le’s ahoge stood upright, pointing at Sun Zhengping as he saw Xie Yu’er and Officer Sun had some eye contact. “I saw you guys had some dirty mental communication. You must have told Lil’Xiexie to sabotage us!”

“Lele, how can you speak in this way?! Is OldSun that kind of men?! OldSun, don’t be bothered about it.” Ye Cang shouted.

“Indeed, they are the same as rumors said. Annoying. But that white-haired is mysterious. He keeps his emotions well and is too calm.” Sun Zhengping turned around to stare at Ye Cang’s and the other two’s back.

As Xie Yu’er got dragged into the same room as those two, she said speechlessly. “My changing room is at the next door.”

“I’m the leader of this small team, is it alright?” Ye Cang smiled.

“Okay.” Xie Yu’er sighed.

“As a member of the team, what’s the first rule when it comes to the team leader?” Ye Cang continued to smile.

“Obey.” Xie Yu’er regretted.

“It is obeying? Brother Lil’White?” Lin Le was shocked as if he did not know that at all.

“I think so. They have mentioned it once during the test or something.” Ye Cang was not sure too. On the other side, Xie Yu’er wanted to bang her head into the wall. Why did I agree on letting him be the leader?!

“Okay, I’m not going to joke with you anymore. Since we have participated, I don’t want to lose horribly. So, we must close the gap between us due to the different schools we attended. As we are on the same team, we are all brothers! At least before it ends! We must be honest with each other!” Ye Cang said with much spirit.

“I’ll go first!” Suddenly, Lin Le got himself naked and quickly wore the bulletproof vest and the army uniform. Ye Cang also changed in front of them without being shy. The two of them then stared at the stunned Xie Yu’er. “It’s your turn now.”

“.....” Xie Yu’er was stunned.

“Alright. Considering that there is a slight difference in our gender, I will allow you to turn around and change.” Ye Cang sighed.

“What do you mean by a slight difference in gender?!” Xie Yu’er shouted.

“I can’t guarantee that you’re a female until I see there’s no penis at your part. Because I have a friend who is something like that.” Ye Cang then recalled NalanPureSoul. 

“You motherf*cker!” Xie Yu’er was so angry that she was shaking.

“She scolds us! Oh Lil’Xiexie, let me tell you something. Scolding people isn’t a good thing to do. *Sigh* Be careful! Karate chop!” Instantly, Ye Cang’s chop landed at Xie Yu’er’s throat.

“A Thousand Years of Death!” Knowing that she was stunned, Lin Le got to her back and pierced.

“Ahh!” A horrible scream was heard.

“Oh Lil’Xie, as a member of the team, you must obey. Do you get it?” 


“Karate chop!”

“A Thousand Years of Death!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Karate chop!”

“A Thousand Years of Death!”


“Karate chop!”

“A Thousand Years of Death!”

“*Cries* *Cries*”


“Okay, I’ll take it off!”

“As a team leader, I’m glad.”

“As the assistant team leader, I’m glad too.”

Xie Yu’er took off her clothes with her back against them. She only had her bra on. 

“Brother Lil’White, I give this butt 95 marks.”

“Indeed, it deserves this mark. Her back is also around 95 marks but it is just that there are a few pimples. As for the front, I’ll give a 60.”

“Pimples?! Where?! Where?!” Xie Yu’er immediately turned around and her breasts swung.

“93! A little below teacher Hongye.”


“You two bastards! I’ll kill...” Xie Yu’er covered her breasts. Not waiting for her to finish the sentence, Ye Cang put on a faint smile and gradually raised his right hand for Karate chop. “Kill what?”

Lin Le also put his palms together.

“Kill those bastards that go against our team! Team leader! Assistant team…”