Pleased, Ye Cang nodded. “As the team leader, I’m glad that you have such a realization.”

“Lele also thinks highly of you too~” Lin Le gave two thumbs-up. 

Xie Yu’er smiled bitterly and was speechless at the same time. I can confirm that I can’t win against them in a battle. I couldn’t even block that Karate chop just now. It seems like he was just swinging his hand casually but it was too fast to be dodged. Indeed, this white-haired’s strength is scary. Awkwardly, she turned her back against them and quickly changed.

Ye Cang then took out two electric current grenades. Instantly, Xie Yu’er was soaked in cold sweat. “Where did you get that?!”

“From the officer just now.” Ye Cang tossed one to Lin Le casually.

“Do know that Brother Lil’White is very good at picking pockets. Just like Lele’s cruel flying knife and emotional f*ck. Strong and impressive.” Xie Yu’er did not know how to answer him. What the heck is cruel flying knife and emotional f*ck? I can roughly guess what’s cruel flying knife…but emotional f*ck?! What’s that?!

Xie Yu’er sighed. To be honest, I’m afraid of these two fellas. I felt like they do things without using their brains and they have no bottom line too. My throat and butt still hurt… “Well, team leader and asst. Leader, the helicopter is about to take off.”

“Go, go, go!” Ye Cang tied his hair and put the sunglasses on as if he was some kind of special soldier. Meanwhile, Lin Le acted like Zhang Zhengxiong, holding his chest up as if he was muscular. Xie Yu’er was following behind them speechlessly.

The three-men team then boarded the helicopter. Approximately ten teams stared at them with curiosity and among them, some were hostile stares.

“Hey, those from Lin Hai, our college isn’t some second graded city college in Lin Hai. Be aware that you can’t catch up to us.” A guy with a short-cut taunted them with his arms crossed.

Ye Cang calmly walked towards him. The guy unfolded his arms and stared at Ye Cang. 

“Lele.” Ye Cang sighed and Lin Le immediately took out a pepper spray and started spraying. It still got into his eyes even though the short-cut guy blocked it. Covering his eyes, he shouted. “Damn it!”

Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Ye Cang reached out his hands and pushed. “Oops, I’m sorry. My hands slipped.” 


“Hey, you guys went overboard! Things are not going to end here!” The other two teammates were furious but did not dare to make a move because Xie Yu’er, Ye Cang, and Lin Le wore the same team uniform. With a ‘hmph’, they jumped off the helicopter. 

Xie Yu’er was soaked in cold sweat. Just how evil can this person be?

Ye Cang glanced at his surroundings and found that everyone was staring at him angrily. He shrugged his shoulders. “I really didn’t do that on purpose. My hands slipped.”

Upon finished saying, he sat down casually.

Lin Le kept the pepper spray, crossed his arms and raised his chin. “What are you looking at?! I’ll throw you out one by one if I find you staring at me again!”

“Hmph!” Instantly, Lin Le’s expression changed after saying it. “Lil’Xiexie, help Brother Le to guard the surroundings. I need to pee.” 

“Just wait for a while. We are going to jump off soon.” Xie Yu’er smiled bitterly.

Ye Cang then recalled Lin Le peeing calmly at the school’s garden as he saw Lin Le facing the door and pee. He sighed. Xie Yu’er had no choice but to help to block the view. 

Lin Le shook his body, zipped his pants and sat back to his seat calmly.

“We’re in the area! Jump! One team every ten seconds!”

Ye Cang and the other two were the first to jump. Just when Xie Yu’er jumped, she felt something was not right. At her chest, she then saw Ye Cang hugging her like a koala bear and the second koala - Lin Le was hugging her butt. “You guys…”

“Actually I have suspension trauma. *sigh*” Ye Cang said as if he was right and hugged even tighter. 

“I forgot how to open a parachute.” Lin Le smiled embarrassedly.

“......” Xie Yu’er could not describe how her sorrow. Why was I so stupid and went to welcome them in the first place?! Upon thinking about it, she wished that time could be reversed. She then opened the parachute speechlessly. Not long after, the three of them landed in the valley area.

“Brother Lil’White, let’s run! Let’s run! It has been a long time since we played the combat test! Let’s find a team and poke at them. There’s a cloud peacock nest!” Lin Le was excited like a kid while Ye Cang sighed as he brushed his messy hair. “Okay. I got it.”

Xie Yu’er was doubting the meaning of poking.

Swiftly, they hid on high ground. Coincidentally, there was a team that just landed. 

“Lil’Xiexie, go! Knock them out.” Ye Cang shouted in low voice.

“About that, aren’t you guys following?” Xie Yu’er was stunned even though she could do it all by herself.

“Karate…” Ye Cang gradually raised his hand and Lin Le put his palms together. Quickly, Xie Yu’er rushed over and knocked them out. 

Ye Cang was observing Xie Yu’er’s impressive kicks. This girl’s strength is not bad. Slightly better than Lil’Dino’s.

Satisfied, Lin Le and Ye Cang dragged those people to the cloud peacock nest. With Xie YU’er’s help, they tied them on the peacocks and also the peacock’s legs. Seeing that the three members cried and shouted after waking up to such a scene, Xie Yu’er turned to look at Lin Le. She sweated coldly. Do you guys play this in Lin Hai’s combat test too? Yet, what she did not know was that this was just a small matter to them. 

Xie Yu’er acted as Ye Cang’s and Lin Le’s assistant, following them everywhere to play. There were teams being tied on big rats. Ye Cang’s traps were tricky as hell. A few officers got tricked too. The two of them had then gotten themselves almost tens of electric current grenade and resonance bomb. Combat test? Test my ass!

“Xie Yu’er, these two are the guests from Lin Hai right?” A heroic voice came from nowhere. 

Ye Cang and Lin Le turned around to see a man who was approximately 190 cm, short-haired. His eyes showed that he was arrogant. 

“Zheng Aoran.” Xie Yu’er was alert. “Be careful. This guy is not easy to fight with.”

“Hmm...I think I should give you guys a good welcome.” Zheng Aoran squinted his eyes and dropped low.

Ye Cang and Lin Le were stunned and looked at each other. Immediately, they threw all the grenades and bombs they had in madness.

Staring at a sky full of grenades and bombs, Zheng Aoran’s heart sank. This…

Xie Yu’er sighed as she saw Zheng Aoran did not even have the chance to make a move until he was bombarded with grenades and bombs. I almost forgot that these two fellas have a lot of grenades in hand. Worst still, it is a wet place here.

“Idiot.” The two of them rolled their eyes against Zheng Aoran who was lying on the floor. They then took off his shirt and put him on the self-made log raft. They also put the last few grenades at his butt, making him a human explosive trap. 

Staring at Zheng Aoran’s situation, Xie Yu’er could not describe how she felt but it was more like she was glad.

On the screen, Sun Zhengping saw everything, tying the rats, the peacocks, tricking the officers into rescuing and the ‘dead’ Zheng Aoran who did not even have the chance to perform. He facepalmed. Test my ass! Staring at Ye Cang’s calm face, he ground his teeth. There must be some reasons for Xie Yu’er to be afraid of him. The information given by Lin Hai’s side is not reliable. 

Lin Hai. The ninth campus. 

Zhang Shaofeng and Li Lijia were eating nuts while watching the live stream from the spied satellite.

“Well, hate to admit but it is quite fun watching them creating trouble at other schools. That Zheng Aoran… Hehe.” Zhang Shaofeng smiled.

“It is just temporarily.” Li Lijia smiled bitterly. “I think it is more realistic to figure out what kind of trouble they will make when they come back.”

Zhang Shaofeng smiled bitterly at Li Lijia’s words. The one that won the Great Christmas War, the most famous person in the east district. Upon thinking about it, his head started to ache. Can't that family have someone that we can be less worried about?