Sun Zhengping had no choice but to get those two out from the test. Yet, Lin Le let go of Zheng Aoran who was used to make a trap reluctantly. Ye Cang shrugged as he thought it was meaningless to stay, pulling Lin Le out from the testing zone.

Staring at the two of them, Sun Zhengping sighed. “Why did you guy have to play it in such a way?”

“Oh OldSun, here is more strict. We are crazier at Lin Hai’s.” Ye Cang glanced at the commanding center. This place should be slightly more fun than the ninth campus. Lin Le pouted. “That’s right. That’s right. Here, we didn’t even get to play at the commanding center and knock out the main commander.”

“......” Sun Zhengping kept silent. Just how much information did that bastard Zhang Shaofeng hide?!

“It is getting late. We should be on our way to our friend and settle his stuff. OldSun, Lil’Xiexie, thanks for today. We had fun playing. Gotta go!” Pulling Lin Le, Ye Cang swifty left the commanding center. Staring at their backs, Xie Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief. God damn it, I’ve finally escaped from their torture.

“How’s their strength?” Sun Zhengping looked at Xie Yu’er who was relieved.

“Not sure. But one thing I can confirm is that I would completely lose to the white-haired. Not just instant kill but also no chance of counterattacking. His actions are clean and fast. Well, how should I say that? It is like you know where he wants to attack but you just can't dodge it. As for that Lele, I’m not sure. But I think he isn’t some easy fella. Tricky and cold-hearted are not enough to describe him. His awareness is insane.” Upon talking about it, Xie Yu’er recalled the violence used by those two in the changing room and smiled bitterly.

Sun Zhengping frowned. Someone that can instant kill Xie Yu’er? Looks like his strength is on par with Ji Xiuyuan, slightly stronger than Ji Xue’er.

Staring at the painting, OldWang was satisfied. Upon thinking about the meeting tomorrow, he was excited and smiled slightly pervertedly.

“Ding dong. Ding dong.” The doorbell rang. OldWang came back to his senses and then he sneezed. With much curiosity, he went to open the door, shaking his head. When he opened, there was no one. 


OldWang was shocked as Ye Cang and Lin Le popped out of nowhere. 

Staring at the two of them, OldWang was soaked in cold sweat. What’s meant to come, will come. But I’m not prepared for this. “Team leader, boss, why are you guys here today?”

“To give you a surprise of course!” Ye Cang went into the house, took off his sunglasses and came to the portrait drawn by OldWang just now. Meanwhile, Lin Le also casually hopped into the house. He hung his coat and turned to look at the portrait. “What a bad drawing. Not artistic at all.”

OldWang rolled his eyes against him as he remembered that Lin Le was also in the art stream. 

“Lele is right. This drawing needs to be fixed. Usually, girls in those artistic drawing don’t wear clothes. Only then, it can show the beauty of originality.” Ye Cang commented professionally, pinching his chin. 

“Yeap yeap. Also, it must be realistic. Do you know, girls have leg hair too. That day, I saw Song Xin having an evil ritual of removing the leg hair without me knowing.” OldWang’s bad feelings were getting stronger when he heard what Lin Le said. “It looks alright in this way. It is alright. There’s no need to make changes.”

“Cannot! We must give it our all when it comes to chasing a girl! We can’t be so easy-going. Even though it is just a drawing, we must show her your effort and creativity!” With a glare, Ye Cnag shouted.

“That’s right! Little Jade also wants to see the real her! No worries, Lil’Wang, we will help you to change the drawing.” Upon finish saying, Lin Le took the pen and Ye Cang also started to help out. 

Swiftly, OldWang stood in front of the drawing, trying to protect it. Ye Cang then put on a faint smile. “It is either you step aside or you hanging on the window naked. Choose one.” 

Lin Le also smiled. Knowing that these two fellas could do anything, OldWang swallowed and stepped aside. Depressed, he stood beside the window and stared outside. I better keep quiet when I meet with online friends next time. *Cries* Cries*

Staring at the portrait, Lin Le slowly closed his eyes. “Ahh!! Brother Lil’White, I feel that my creativity is overflowing!”

“Me too! Lele, I’ll help her to take off the clothes and you’ll add the hair.” Ye Cang looked enlightened.

The two of them then started to swing the pens as if they were fighting bosses in games. 

“Little Jade’s breast isn’t that big! Reduce one size!”

“Girls have beards too! It’s just not so thick!”

“Little Jade’s left butt is slightly smaller than the right one!”

“Leg hair! Leg hair!”

“Little Jade’s jaw isn’t that sharp!”

“Brother Lil’White! I don’t know how to draw the hair at the private part!”

“Just draw a piece of leaf to block it! Ez! So, there’s some natural sense in it!”

“That’s my Brother Lil’White! Why didn’t I think of that! Little leaf~ Little leaf~”

“Brother Lil’White, why did you chop off Little Jade’s hand?”

“This is called the beauty of imperfection! It is the same as Venus! Damn it, I thought you study arts?”

“Oh yeah. Come on, I just forgot about it. Since the hand is chopped off, there should be blood bursting out, right?”

“True though. Draw out the scene where the blood splattered everywhere from the veins.”

“Brother Lil’White, why don’t we chop off her legs too? In this case, the beauty of imperfection would stand out more.”

“That’s a good idea. Good idea. If so, how can she stand at such height?”

“There’s blood bursting out from below. Just like there is fire bursting out below a rocket.”

“Not bad, Lele. Looks like you didn’t waste your time learning. Alright then.”

Staring at the completely ruined drawing, OldWang mentally broke down. He could not even look at what they were drawing directly anymore. It gave him goosebumps. God damn it! Are you sure this isn’t a death threat when we give it to her?!

The two of them gradually stopped and Lin Le wiped away his sweat. “It is finally done. Perfect.”

“It is completely marvelous.” Ye Cang saw that there is a light but obvious beard, leg hair, and the four streams of blood bursting in mid-air. He felt that Little Jade’s portrait was drawn by Picasso. He exclaimed that Lin Le’s and his drawing skills were impressive. With sorrow, he sighed deeply. “Why didn’t I think of signing up the art stream. It is a total loss to the world. *sigh*”

“Of course.” Lin Le was satisfied with the weird drawing in front of him, the creepy but ‘real’ Little Jade. He then asked. “Brother Lil’White, what do you think we should name this drawing as?”

With his arms crossed, Ye Cang looked at the drawing and gave it a thought. He gradually raised his head while being lost into his deep thoughts. Yet, he clapped within a second. “Imperfect but beautiful Little Jade who was waiting for her blood to be stopped.”

“Alright! Brother Lil’White is still the best! This name is stylish. Indeed, philosophy students are not the same. It is filled with the aura of philosophy.” Lin Le nodded as if he was some master.

OldWang recalled the look of the drawing 30 minutes ago. He was crying inside. Tomorrow… *Cries* *Cries* Why was I so stupid to mention about this in front of them?! *Cries* *Cries* 

Yet, he did not know that a year later, this drawing had turned into the treasure of art. Anyone that learns about arts had to study and understand the modern style of the drawing.