“Alright. Alright. Don’t be so sad already. I know you are feeling nervous for tomorrow so I’ve decided to cook…” Not waiting for Ye Cang to finish his sentence, OldWang immediately gasped and said. “No! No! Team leader, you’re guest. So, I’ll cook for you. Please, I beg you.”

“Brother Lil’White, I think Lil’Wang has a point there. Since we are guests, there is no reason for guests to cook.” Lin Le said in a serious manner, wiping his cold sweat.

“It’s alright. Don’t be too polite.” Ye Cang rolled up his sleeves and smiled. Yet, OldWang and Lin Le quickly blocked him.

“Oh come on. We don’t need to differentiate who is guests and who is the host. It sounds like we are not close at all. But since you insist… *sigh*” Seeing the two of them were determined, Ye Cang sighed and shrugged his shoulders as he sat down to watch TV.

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief. OldWang felt emptied like he was the leftover after a major disaster. He then quickly rushed to the kitchen and started cooking. Not long after, he came out with four dishes and one soup.

Ye Cang grabbed some of the dishes. 

“The meat is too hard. My teeth hurt.”

“The vegetable is overcooked. Not crunchy enough.”

“The taste of the cold dish is too over. Nice to see but not nice to eat.”

“This egg soup is tasteless. Same as water.”

“Hah, but it is okay. I’ll just bear with it.”

OldWang sighed deeply as he heard Ye Cang’s words. He was not resigned. Well, at least my cooking is edible. Unlike old mom’s buttercream with jelly.

“Team leader, boss, actually tomorrow you guys don’t…” OldWang wanted to say that ‘actually you guys don’t have to come, I can settle it alone.’ but Ye Cang interrupted him, swinging his hand. “No worries. There will be no mistakes since we are there. Tomorrow, I’ll be the spy beside Little Jade, texting you and helping you to get the chance to have sex with her.”

“......” OldWang put his lips together. Why does it sound so wrong coming out from his mouth? He did not bother about the phrase ‘have sex’ and asked. “You’re going to Little Jade’s side...What if she doesn’t like it?”

“Hmm...I think there shouldn’t be a problem. She seems to respect me.” Ye Cang drank the soup.

“Little Jade always obeys Brother Lil’White but she seems to be scared of him too. Last time, when Brother Lil’White threatened her that he was about to hang her at the college’s door naked for 100 days, she really believed it.” Lin Le laughed.

OldWang was soaked in cold sweat. No! No! No! If it was me, I would think it is real too. Team leader would definitely do such a thing.

“I didn’t threaten her though.” Ye Cang said in a serious manner. 

“......” OldWang was speechless.

At night, OldWang accompanied those two to watch the ending of the limited B ranked drama series. After that, Ye Cang sat upright and put his hands on the table, fingers crossed. He said in a deep voice. “Okay. Since we are here, we must fight for the best for you. The meeting starts now.”

Lin Le then sat at the other side of the table, nodding non-stop.

OldWang reluctantly sighed.

“Everyone can give their own opinions.” Ye Cang remained in his pose. (Commander’s signature pose)

“Brother Lil’White, in order to express sincerity, I think that we can ask Lil’Wang to take a selfie of his naked body tomorrow morning.” OldWang gasped upon hearing what Lin Le said. “No…”

“What a good idea. It is accepted. I’ll find a good spot for it.” Ye Cang nodded, ignoring OldWang.

“Can I object?” OldWang felt like dying. 

“Sure. But your objection is rejected because you aren’t professional.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

“Besides, let me think. Oh yeah, Lil’Wang’s hairstyle.” Lin Le continued to think.

“Oh, that’s easy. Lil’Wang, do you have a pair of barber scissors?” Ye Cang smiled.

OldWang shook his head without thinking. 

“Nevermind, it is the same using a cooking knife.” Ye Cang’s casual tone sent chills to OldWang’s spine. He trembled. Using a cooking knife to cut hair?!

“Well, we’ll depend on the situation for the rest of the stuff. The meeting ends here.” Ye Cang gradually raised his hands and made the hand sign for qi to flow into himself. Meanwhile, with another hand. he was controlling the cooking knife with telekinesis. 

OldWang’s heart sank and he wanted to run away. 

“Lele, restrain him.” As Ye Cang reached out his hand, the cooking knife on the chopping board started to shake. *Shoo* It then flew into Ye Cang’s hand. With both hands, Lin Le pressed on OldWang’s shoulders to keep him sitting on the chair. 

Ye Cang reversed his grab and swung the knife at OldWang’s head. Flashes were everywhere to be seen and his hair was falling. OldWang was very worried and did not dare to move. God damn it! If there is one mistake, it’s either my brain or my skull that would be flying!

As the knife swung past OldWang’s ear, Ye Cang threw the knife away. The knife accurately stabbed back at the chopping board.

Moments later, OldWang only came back to his senses. Seeing the other two were watching some homo drama, he walked to the mirror. He could not describe how he felt. This hairstyle is too new-fashioned, isn’t it?! Staring at the black mohawk, he could not help but smile bitterly in regret.

“Tonight, we will open the sleeping bags…” Ye Cang’s words gave OldWang a little reassurance. 

“For you. And then, we will sleep on the bed. Lil’Wang, you’ll sleep on the floor since we are guests.” As Ye Cang finished his sentence, OldWang facepalmed and kept thinking. Why on earth did I mention about meeting online friends in front of them?! *Cries* *Cries*

Next day.

Little Jade (Wang Lu) boarded the train with a worried mind early in the morning. She was worried not because she was going to meet OldWang but because of Ye Cang’s message.

“Little Jade, I know you are going to meet Lil’Wang today. So, I’m coming to give you some support.”

“Can I say no?” 

“Make a guess.”

“...... Yes?”

“Hehe, I give you one more chance. Choose wisely. If you choose the wrong one, I’ll get angry~”


Anxiously, Little Jade stepped out of the train. Not long after, she then scanned the surroundings and noticed Ye Cang’s super obvious white hair, white eyebrows, and white eyelashes. She walked towards him reluctantly. “Team leader…”

Ye Cang then put his arms around her shoulders. “Since you have me today, I guarantee that everything will go smoothly.”

Little Jade turned around to see Ye Cang’s arms around her shoulders, feeling scared. She then recalled the three goddesses from the Goddess city. To players, they are gods. But to this man who was smiling in front of me, they are just three puppets. He plays them however he likes. They are controlled by this pair of evil arms. Upon thinking about it, she swallowed. This man is the real demon.

Ye Cang brought Little Jade to J-bucks and ordered two cups of milk. 

The two of them were not sitting oppositely but side by side. Seeing the cup milk given by Ye Cang and his kind smile, she felt like there was a voice ringing at her ears. It is either you drink it or I’ll take off all your clothes. She then shook her head, received the milk and started drinking. At the moment, a text notification rang. Little Jade took out her phone and opened the message to see a picture of OldWang’s naked photo with his mohawk. She immediately drank the milk and gave back the cup. “I think I don’t want to meet OldWang anymore. I want to go home…”

Ye Cang then interrupted her sentence with a smile. “Give him a chance, okay? Pretend it never happened before.”

“About that...the house is a little…”

“It is either you give me a new chance and pretend amnesia or I’ll take off all your clothes and hang you at the door of the shop as decoration. Choose one.” Ye Cang said calmly without changing his smile.

“......” Little Jade was crying inside. Do you think that you’re playing a GalGame?! And you still want to me choose again?! Am I the target?! *Cries* *Cries* Boss Rose, save me! I’m scared! How did you get along with this demon?!