“Oh Little Jade, out of courtesy, you have to give a like to Lil’Wang’s picture. And give some comments too…” Ye Cang put the straw into the cup.

“I don’t think it is good though... these kinds of photos…” Little Jade felt like rejecting.

“Hah, take a look at your clothes.” Ye Cang sighed. When Little Jade looked, the buttons of her coat were already unbuttoned. When did this happen?! Her heart sank as she stared at Ye Cang who was drinking the milk with a straw. She felt like crying. Team leader, if you want to play, go find Sister Rose. Please, let go of me. *Cries* *Cries*

Even though that was what she thought, she still liked the photo. When the waiter went over and saw the picture, the waiter blushed and said softly. “Beloved customer, about that...can you be a little more low profile?”

“Oh my, Little Jade, how can you look at these kinds of photos in public. It’s okay, waiter, I’ll talk to her. You can go busy with your stuff.” Ye Cang shouted and chased the waiter away. Little Jade felt like dying when she saw the waiter looked at her with a what-a-pity-such-good-woman-is-actually-a-pervert expression.

“Okay, next. Comment.” 

“I don’t know what to comment…”

“It’s simple. For example, compliment him for having a hairy leg, the birthmark on his butt looks romantic and what a man who wears contact lens and etc.” 

“Oh. Well, the last sentence isn’t a compliment, is it.” 

“Oh really? Whatever. I’m just helping you to add some sentences.”

The scene jumped to Lin Le’s side.

“Here it is! Here it is! Little Jade gave you a like! There are comments too! She said your leg is hairy and sexy. She also said the birthmark on your butt is super romantic. Oh wait, there’s still more. Let me see. Your pubic hair at your d*ck looks like black hair gently swinging in the spring. It is poetic.” Lin Le laughed as he looked at the screen. OldWang looked at Lin Le in a weird way. It is confirmed that those comments were from team leader. This isn’t something a normal person would say. Just then, he thought of Little Jade’s feelings and felt pity for her. He turned over to see Lin Le’s smile. *Cries* *Cries* Why do I still have the mood to worry about others…

Ye Cang then saw Little Jade's phone received a message from the other side. “Can we go watch a movie together?” 

Ye Cang nodded. “Sure. What movie are we going to watch? I’m so excited, Brother Lil’Wang.”

Sitting at the side, Little Jade was soaked in cold sweat. “......”

“How about Working Girl’s and Her Boss’ Teenage Love Story, adult version at the mini cinema?” OldWang facepalmed as he saw what Lin Le replied.

“Wow! I wanted to watch that long ago! Hehe! It is going to be so romantic~ You’re a badass~ Badass~ Badass~ (a hitting at loved one’s chest emoji)” 

Little Jade was hitting herself against the handle on the sofa. Let me die. Let me die.

“Awww, as long as you like it.”

“Okay, let’s meet at the mini cinema in 30 minutes.”

“Okay. Love you~ Oh yeah, for the sake of our love, we share it in our moments[1] to make our friends jealous.”

“No!” OldWang and Little Jade shouted at the same time.

“Okay, I’ve shared it already~ Let’s go to the cinema.” Ye Cang instantly shared.


Not long after, Ye Cang the dragged Little Jade who wanted to die to the cinema.

Queen’s Street.

Xie Yu’er was still sighing about yesterday’s encounter with her head looking down. Just then, she saw a white-haired guy standing in front of her when she looked up.

“Yo! What a coincidence! Let’s go watch a movie together!”

“I’m busy.” 

“You are not. Let’s go.”


“I’m really…”


“Okay. I’ll go.”

“That’s right.”

Xie Yu’er who was helpless saw another helpless person. Who is she? I remember that the friend of his is a guy. But judging from her look, I bet it isn’t something good either. *Sigh*

Imperial capital.

ThornyRose scrolled through her moments as she was bored from arranging the club’s documents. God damn it. The conversation is so disgusting. Worst still, it is from Little Jade and OldWang. Since when are these two together? She pouted but still commented some congratulations phrases. “As long as you are happy Little Jade. OldWang is a good person though. Hehe.”

As the king of gossips, ElegantFragrance was sad that Lin Le could not remember who she was, when she saw the shameless conversation. Her eyes were filled with hatred. “FFFFFFFFFFFFF, Oops I accidentally pressed FFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Die! Die! Burn to death!”

“What a touching story.” FrozenBlood replied. Then, she messaged OldWang privately. “Little Jade is a white tiger[2]~” 

As she finished texting OldWang, she immediately went to text Little Jade. “OldWang is a virgin. Remember to look after his feelings when having sex.”

Facing all the comments, the two of them could only stare at the sky and sigh. 

“Oh Little Jade, when you meet Lil’Wang later, remember to compliment him for his look. You must say something like ‘You’re very handsome today.’, okay?”

“Lil’Wang, when you meet Little Jade later, remember to compliment her for her appearance. For example, you’re very pretty today, you’re so badass etc.”

“Well...boss, badass is not a compliment.”

“Whatever, this is not the main thing. You just have to praise her.”

Xie Yu’er broke out in a cold sweat as she heard how Ye Cang brainwashed Little Jade with suggestions and threatened her at the same time. So, this is how you help settling other’s life matter?

Outside of the mini cinema.

When the two sides met each other, Little Jade stared at OldWang for a very long time. After much preparation, she finally uttered the words as she looked at the mohawk. “You’re very handsome today.”

OldWang touched his mohawk and said awkwardly. “You’re so badass today… Urgh.. sorry my bad. You’re very beautiful today.”

Xie Yu’er felt something was not right. Why do they look like two burglars and two hostages? She was then shocked as she turned to look at the cinema. Motherf*cker! This is a… How can you bring them to watch a perverted movie?!

As they went in, they chose to sit in the middle row. It was Little Jade’s first time to enter such a cinema. She scanned around in the darkness and roughly saw a few people sitting separately. Most of them looked like some perverted guy. In the past, she would think that these people were pitiful. However, when she turned to look at Ye Cang, out of the blue, she felt that these people were actually quite cute.

Ye Cang arranged Little Jade and OldWang to sit in front of Lin Le and himself. Meanwhile, Xie Yu’er was ordered to sit in between Ye Cang and Lin Le. She was awkward. 

When the boss touched the working girl’s body, Ye Cang reminded Little Jade to shout.

Blushing, Little Jade got close to OldWang and said weakly. “Ah, so scary.”

Lin Le then kicked OldWang’s chair. 

“Is alright. I’m here.” OldWang reached out his arms and put around Little Jade’s shoulder. The two of them looked at each other and felt pity. Both of them sighed. 

At the same time where Xie Yu’er was soaked in cold sweat, she saw Ye Cang put his face against her breast and Lin Le rested his head on her thighs, staring at the ceiling. 

“It is really scary. I’m not lying.”

“Lele is a bit sleepy. Hmm...when was the last time you washed your panties?”



  1. ^ it is talking about Wechat's moments. In China, they used Wechat more often than other apps.
  2. ^ it is used describe girls who born to have no pubic hair at their private part.