Ye Cang calmly ate it as he saw Lin Le took a bite. Then, Lin Le was thinking of how to describe the dish. At last, he said. “Tastes like masturbating.”

*Pfft* Xie Yu’er almost spilled the fruit juice out. Tastes like masturbating? What kind of taste is that? This fella’s words are really hard to understand.

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. “Not too much but yeah. It is more or less that taste.”

Xie Yu’er and Little Jade were hesitating whether to eat or not. But this is a 20 million federal coins dish. As they ate it, their faces turned red and screamed. Ye Cang sighed. People nowadays are really shameless. Softly, he said. “In these nine changes, there are clear frozen water and extreme flame dragon bile wine. The contradiction between these two flavors is explosive. Together with the bloody deer’s horn. It can instantly awake ‘the sleeping giant dragon’ and ‘the sealed abalone’.” 

“Well, can you be more disgusting?” Xie Yu’er came back to her senses and was speechless. What is ‘the sleeping giant dragon’ and ‘the sealed abalone’?

“Brother Lil’White, they don’t seem to understand. Let me explain. It basically means the boy’s d*ck would…” Little Jade immediately stopped Lin Le from talking with a bitter smile. “Brother Le, is okay. We understand what it means. You don’t have to explain anymore.”

“I see you guys look idiotic so I was scared y’all don’t understand. Come on.” Lin Le pouted. 

With a worried mind and a broken heart, they finished dinner. Ye Cang assigned a room for Little Jade and OldWang while Lin Le, Xie Yu’er and himself shared a president suite room.

Now, it was Xie Yu’er’s turn to be worried. She sighed as she was dragged by the two of them to watch some B ranked drama. But these two fellas give me an indescribable feeling. I would want to pay attention to them. 

Upon thinking about it, she looked down and saw Lin Le casually place his head on her knees. “Lil’Xiexie, help me to clear my ears.”

She turned around to see Ye Cang’s face sticking at her breast and his hands were also on it. 

In the other room, Little Jade laid on the floor when she saw OldWang fell on the floor.

“What sins have I done in the past to get this?”

“I know right.”

“So we are couples now?”

“Don’t force me. I just don’t dare to go against team leader. But if it was you, I would tear you apart.” 

“Well…do you still have money left in your card?”

“I don’t dare to check.”


The doorbell rang and OldWang went to open the door.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! To the hot spring! And the sauna!” Lin Le urged them. Little Jade quickly got up. Sounds great. I can relax my nerves.

Ye Cang then stared at the signboard outside the hot spring. To his right was female. To his left was male. Further left was mixed. “Let’s go mixed.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Just when Xie Yu’er finished the sentence, Ye Cang slowly raised his hand. She immediately changed her words. “’s alright too.”

The changing rooms in the mixed hot spring were separated. As everyone finished changing, they then got to the open-air hot spring. 

The five of them gradually got into the water. Except for Ye Cang and Lin Le who felt casual, the remaining people felt awkward.

“Senior Yu’er, how did you get to know team leader?” Xie Yu’er did not know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing OldWang’s question. If time could be reversed, how I wish I wasn’t a busybody in the first place. “I just happened to meet them and then toured them around Imperial City College.”

Seeing Xie Yu’er speechless expression, OldWang guessed that she was also tricked by Ye Cang and Lin Le horribly. He then turned around to look at Ye Cang obediently. “Team leader, the Chinese New Year is around the corner, the prize, salary, and festival fees and so on…is it time to…”

“Don’t worry. Little Tian has it planned.” OldWang heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing what Ye Cang said. However, his relief did not last long and Lin Le craned his neck over. “Lil’Wang, don’t forget to give me some pocket money. You are dead if you give a lesser amount.”

“And you too!” Lin Le turned over to stare at Little Jade as if he was a beast that was going to swallow her up. Not to mention, he then looked at Xie Yu’er. “You also have to send it to me by post!”

Xie Yu’er facepalmed. Oh come on, you are already 20+ years old. “I need go to the toilet for a second.”

Little Jade sighed, staring at the boundless starry sky. I bet this new year is going to be tough. “Boss, I heard that they might invite you to the stage during the Chinese New Year Gala.”

“Oh really?” Ye Cang was interested. 

“I bet so since you guys are the legendary players who entitled the emperors. It is just that we need to discuss the fees and event agenda. Well, it is alright if you don’t go. FlameEmperor and CloudDragon are invited every year but they never even attended once.” Little Jade nodded.

“We’ll see how it goes.” Ye Cang shrugged and leaned against the rock to rest, putting a towel on his face. As usually, his left hand’s pinky pierced into the ring which he wore as a necklace. However, the ring was different from before as there was a black diamond-like fragment on it. 

The four of them gradually rested. Just then, a scream was heard. Ye Cang frowned as he pulled the towel away. Xie Yu’er barged in, knocking down the curtains and got into the spring. The bloody hole on her left shoulder was frightening.

“Be careful, there are mutants! Very strong!” Xie Yu’er quickly used a towel to cover the wound.

“It has been a long time since I come out for food. Never thought that I would find such good food.” A man with a spider-like lower body and a bug shell crawled out. His tail was a long dark huge sting.

Everyone was alert and Little Jade shouted. “Security!”

All of a sudden, a bolt of white lightning flashed and everyone was stunned. The bug fluid was splattered everywhere. The mutant which was perfectly fine a second ago had now turned into numerous pieces. Ye Cang wiped the blood on his body with his towel and casually walked back to his seat naked. He pulled Xie Yu’er over and healed her wound. However, Xie Yu’er’s scream was scary. After that, he took Little Jade’s towel and continued his rest while Little Jade was dumbfounded. Lin Le blinked and also continued to rest as if nothing had ever happened. “Damn it, stop disturbing my rest.”

The three of them were stunned. They looked at Ye Cang and Lin Le who felt like nothing had happened and then stared at the limbs and blood on the other side. They were more than shocked especially Xie Yu’er. If it was to say that she was afraid of Ye Cang’s strength previously, now it was more like respect and fear. Just now, that level of creature isn’t what I can handle alone and yet he killed it at an instant. No, wait. He slashed it into pieces. He doesn’t even hesitate nor feel pity about it. To him, it was so casual as if it was drinking or eating.

Not long after, the members of Dragon Group came. One of them was Ye Cang’s old friend, Qing Yun. Upon seeing the corpse of the mutant, Qing Yun felt something was not right. Why does this look familiar? The killing technique… She then saw a white-haired guy leaning against the edge. Her heart sank for a moment. Why do I always see this insane person wherever I go?

Just when Xie Yu’er was about to explain to the Dragon Group, Qing Yun waved her hands. “It’s okay, you guys can continue to have fun in the hot spring. We will go once we settle the corpse here. Please, keep tonight’s incident as a secret.”

Xie Yu’er, Imperial city’s Xie family’s second daughter. Great talent and her appearance is top class. But why? Just why? *Sigh* Can’t she take care of her image? 3 boys 2 girls. With a weird look, Qing Yun stared at Ye Cang and quickly left after ordering her people to take away the corpse. 

Xie Yu’er noticed Qing Yun’s doubtful and yet respectful look at Ye Cang. She pondered. Indeed, that Ye Cang isn’t just part of an ordinary college. There is a high possibility that he is a member of the Dragon Group. She then chased after Qing Yun and Qing Yun looked at her in confusion. 

“About that, team leader Ye Cang, he is very impressive. He must be a member of the Dragon Group, am I right? If so, why does he still participate in the Five Schools Competition?” Xie Yu’er asked.

WTF, impressive? He’s insane alright?! Wait. Qing Yun was shocked. “He’s participating in the Five Schools Competition?”

Xie Yu’er nodded.

Qing Yun did not say anything but smiled bitterly and left.